IDP Week 6 NFL Fantasy Football 2009 - Posluszny Update

byes: Cowboys, Colts, Dolphins, 49ers

DBs (Defensive Backs)

SS Tyrell Johnson(MIN) is the next lucky candidate facing Baltimore. He's obviously not a top tier strong safety, but I can almost guarantee he's on your waiver wire unless you're in a very large & deep IDP league. Every single SS that has faced Baltimore this year finished with 6 tackles or more. This makes Tyrell a solid sleeper this week. He has little upside to out-perform 6 tackles, but he's pretty safe.

I like SS Bernard Pollard against Cincinnati next week. Benson is running alot and getting to the second level quite often. The Bengals run short slants across the middle and I could foresee Pollard getting those tackles too.

Look for Free Safety CC Brown(NYG) to have a very solid game against New Orleans week 6. He will be a busy man facing Brees. The only concern is if the Giants clock manage with their running game, he won't be on the field as much. However, the Saints D has vastly improved this year so this one may turn into a shoot out.

DB PICKUP OF THE WEEK is FS Jordan Babineaux(SEA) going up against Arizona in week 6. He should lead his team in tackles next week.

LBs (Linebackers)

Once again ILB Demmorio Williams stays solid for the 4th week in a row and has another good matchup against the run first Redskins in week 6. Look for him to get around 6 solos 2 assists at the minimum. .

If you can get a hold of Tampa Bay WLB Geno Hayes, he's been really productive and has a good matchup at Carolina.

I like Houston's LB matchup against Cincinnati week 6 and WLB Brian Cushing(HOU) is the wire LB you'll want to target.

Posluszny WILL PLAY & Ellison questionable???:
The injury report from the Bills after Today's practice: Starting linebacker Keith Ellison did not practice due to a sore knee and is questionable. Rookie Nic Harris would start in his place if Ellison can't play. That's expected to be a game-time decision. Safety Bryan Scott also is out. Linebacker Paul Posluszny and safety Donte Whitner both practiced fully again and should play. Cornerback Terrence McGee (knee) practiced fully and is probable.

Uhg! I don't like any of this now. Oh, how quickly things change in the NFL. I can't say I fully trust Poz yet. And now we can't even trust in Ellison???  I'm staying away from this guys. If you're Poz owner, I'd be leary. It's very hard not to start him because the potential is through the roof.

To make it up to you guys for anyone I screwed up (like myself) who still has Keith Ellison in my lineup, I'm recommending LB Calvin Pace(NYJ) if he's on anyone's waiver wire. Only the Green Bay line has allowed more sacks than Buffalo. And Pace should get a sack this week.

My LB PICK UP OF THE WEEK is Kamerion Wimbley(CLE) He has 1 sack in 4 out of the 5 games he's played this year and 5 or more tackles in each. Week 5, he got 5 solos 5 assists and a sack. VERY NICE #'s. You gotta like his chances against the Big Sack Attack Ben who averages about 3 sacks again. Look for Wimbley to continue his streak. He's a great bye week sub for those of you losing Patrick Willis.

DLs (Defensive Linemen)

DE T. Cole(PHI) is probably not on your wire, but he just went OFF against KC and gets Oakland in week 6. It's a toss up whether I like Avril or Cole better in week 6. But you'll do well with either one.

Speaking of guys who are probably not on your wire, DE J. Peppers(CAR) got 2 sacks against Washington and gets Tampa Bay next week. He's an amazing athlete and after being called out by teammate Jon Beason to start earning his paycheck, he did. Look for him to continue that in this division rivalry.

It's finally Shaun Ellis(NYJ) time. He's facing Buffalo in week 6 and we all saw what Miami did to them week 4 racking up sack after sack.He has a good chance of picking up a sack in this one as Trent Edwards will be behind and trying to throw slow developing deep balls to Evans & TO to catch up.

My DL PICKUP OF THE WEEK IS C.Avril(DET) vs. Green "Swiss Cheese" Bay. Jared Allen got 4.5 sacks against them, Alex Smith got 2 a few weeks ago and countless others that have contributed to GB's league leading 20+ sacks.

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Seth said...

I read ur blog every week so let me first say thank you... u have helped alot.. but i just wnated to say that i have noticed u recommend cliff avril every week.. but wat u may have not noticed is that he has been replaced by turk mcbride in the starting lineup so u may want to stop advising us to pick him up especially since he hasnt produced other than that thank you!

Michael Monk said...

@ Seth Thank you. I've kept up with that. McBride's in on early downs while Avril came in for passing situations. It's making Avril fresher than he's every been. He got a sack and forced fumble week 4 vs. Chicago and 4 solos 1 assist and a 1/2 sack week 5 at Pitt. He's the playmaker at DE and I could see him doing well week 6. Good for a waiver wire guy, of course.

David said...

Monk love the blog. You think Tyrell Johnson is a better play than Abram Elam against Pittsburg? Grateful for any help and keep up the good work.

AK Assassin said...

Hi Monk. Thanks again for all of your help. You've helped me out quite a bit this season. I have Antoine Bethea on bye this week so I need to pick up a DB. I see your DB pickup of the week is Jordan Babineaux. He is available in my league, but I was wondering if you'd pick up any of these guys over him:

Josh Wilson
T. McGee
E. Weddle
D. Rogers-Cromartie
Polamanu (if he's healthy this week)
Delmas is still available in my league too and I know you like him a lot.

Thanks again for all you do!

Michael Monk said...

If you can get Weddle,who I believe to be the #1 DB in FF, HURRY!
If he's gone, Delmas is definitely the next one to target.

Michael Monk said...

@ David That's a tough one. I can't recommend Elam over Tyrell Johnson because Johnson is more of a "sure thing" to be safe. But only safe. No upside to Johnson. Elam has been off & on and Pitt isn't showing any strong trends that increase Strong Safety #'s. If you're looking to swing for the fences, I think Elam has more potential to score big, but he could also get you 3 tackles and an assist.

Maybe you can learn from my failure last week.
Here's an example of where I played my "swing for the fences guy this week" (and struck out)
I had these solid guys:
C. Lofton
D.J. Williams

These are my "foundation" guys that I know will perform and gave me the opportunity to throw in a "swing for the fences guy". That guy this week was Michael Griffin, Free Safety for the Titans against the Colts. I liked both his and Chris Hope's matchup a lot. Both got 2 tackles each. Who knew? Strange night. But the potential was there for 10 tackles facing Manning and Tennessee has a strong run defense, so I figured Griffin was a sure bet. Nope. Very Wring! Gotta love FF! haha

If I would have gone with my SS vs. Baltimore theory in week 5, which would have been SS C. Ndukwe(CIN), he would have got me 6 solos and a safety. As safety in my league is worth 4 points. He would have given me 16 points and since I lost to my opponent by 3 points this week, he would have been the difference and I would have won this week. So it's always the question every week. Go conservative or swing for the homerun? I try to mix it up myself, but it does lead to some losses along the way when I strike out.

Anthony said...

Thank you for such a good guide. Most of the other idp rankings are way off. Should I go with DQwell, Demorrio, or Morrison for LB?

Also, should I keep in Schobel and Woodson?


Michael Monk said...

@ Anthony Thank you. So far so good. I'll keep doing my best studying the matchups for you guys. Helps that my Dad was a football coach for 36 years and I was a Free Safety in college.

Definitely DQ vs. Pitt in week 6. He's playing out of his mind!!!

vincent said...

Hello Monk,
I want to thank you for this blog as well as introducing me to FF Librarian.

Here's my situation. I have David Harris (NYJ) who has been strong. How do you think Calvin Pace will affect his numbers?

And what do you think of Ellison? He's all over the place and Paul P. is coming back, I'm thinking about moving him because he isn't working out as a "home run" guy. Thanks a lot!

Highlander said...

Great stuff !!!
Great stuff!!!! I have Vilma, Henderson, Laurinitis and Timmons, who should I bench (can start 3). I also picked up Ed Reed and dropped Cris Hope ( I kept Mikell), what are your thoughts? Thanks in advance

Michael Monk said...

@ vincent Thank you for talking about Ellison. Sometimes I forget that everyone has a different waiver wire and he might be on many peoples. He just happened to clear waivers on my wire this morning and I was able to get him.

So your David Harris question is interesting. Calvin Pace had an unusual effect his first night back. Bart Scott went off, David Harris did fine and Calvin Pace got his 5 solos. My first instinct is to say, "yes" he will cut into his numbers a little, but I'm afraid it's still a wait and see situation. We all know what a healthy David Harris is capable of and he's getting stronger throughout the season. Perhaps learn from my mistake. I was all worried about Andra Davis cutting into DJ Williams #'s and it did for a little while until Williams adjusted his game and then went back into being the stud that he always has been. I think it's the same for Harris. He'll still get his numbers. Maybe not against Buffalo next week, but overall, he will.

If you can trade Ellison and get something in return for him, that's great! But it's a lot like that Guyton/Jerod Mayo situation if you are a Poz owner. I would feel more comfortable playing Ellison this week than Poz, but let's get closer to game time and see.

Michael Monk said...

@ Highlander Thank you!!!

I'm going to start with Chris Hope on that list. His matchups are sooo tasty and I thought he'd be amazing over these next couple weeks, but he completely crapped out against the Colts. That game just didn't make sense to me how Hope and Griffin didn't get tackles. The matchups still say that Hope will go off over the rest of the season, but I think you're right for now. How could you keep him?

Ed Reed is a fun guy to own as he has a chance to return an INT for a TD at any moment. Unfortunately, he's also frustrating because he goes for the FF or INT on many plays instead of the tackle and that results in someone else getting credit for the tackle. Good luck with him. As an owner, I was pulling my hair out with him ever other week. Mikell is a great keep.

Linebackers: Vilma, Henderson, Laurinitis and Timmons. Yup, you got them in the right order. Bench Timmons.

Anonymous said...

I need to start one of these 3 LBs this week: Durant, Ellison, or Tulloch? Who is going to help me pick up a much needed win this week?

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous I'm feeling Tulloch at NE! NE will be ahead and running Sammy Morris over and over on them. Tulloch with his 9 solos & 2 assists last week against the Colts, who aren't even a running team. And NE are known for giving a major boost to all ILBs who face them. Definitely loving Tulloch. I'm jealous if that gives you any indication.

Bperiod said...

Great blog Monk.

LB's this week, I need 2:

Demorrio Williams
Jerod Mayo
Thomas Davis

cml9076 said...

Hey, thanks again for all your help. I was wondering what your thoughts were on Donte Whitner this week, assuming he's healthy? I've got to choose two out of Whitner, Delmas, and Cedric Griffin.

Also, I need to pick one Linebacker out of the following three: Vilma, Dansby, and Demorrio Williams?

Thanks again.

MAZE said...

Should I consider Finnegan or Bryant McFadden over Leon Hall at this point? I get 4 points per pass defense, 1.75 per solo, 1 per assist, 6 per INT. McFadden is looking beastly at this point. Remember, it's his first opportunity at starter and he's making the most at it. He plays for the Cards, so teans will have to thriw against them. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

hey Monk, great blog! I've followed for a couple weeks now.
They have reported that Posluszny practiced Wednesday and is looking to return against the Jets. My LBs are Lofton, Tulloch, and Timmons. I actually drafted Pos and had to drop him when he was injured. Is it time to drop Timmons and pick up Pos again? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog.

Is A. Jordan LB start able? I read he had a fumble return for a TD called back last week but I don't know if he's an every down guy. He's just my bye week guy, or Geno Hayes could be picked up in his place?

Thanks pal.

david said...

You're doing a great job here and would appreciate your opinion on which 2 of these guys I should start for next week.

Quintin Mikell - PHI at OAK
Antoine Winfield - MIN vs BAL
Roman Harper - NO vs NYG
Chris Hope - TEN at NE

Dustin said...

Hey Monk,

Not only is Kamerion Wimbley of the Dawg Pound facing Big Ben, he gets Aaron Rodgers the week after. KW might be a guy to try and sell high after his clash with GB, but then again, Cleveland will be on the field a ton.

Exactly like you've said all along.. We might as well benefit from the Browns' horrible play

Thanks for helping me dominate my league!

Anonymous said...

hey man,

please help! i dont know which LB to start!!!

D'quell jackson
dj williams
ray lewis

Michael Monk said...

@ Anon Go with DQ man. He's got a good matchup and he's been on fire!

Michael Monk said...

@ BPeriod
I'd go with your Studs Mayo And T. Davis. Demorrio is just a waiver wire fill in.

Michael Monk said...

@ cml9076 I like Whitner this week actually. Believe it or not I'd go Whitner and Delmas

Michael Monk said...

@ cml9076 Out of Vilma, Dansby, and Demorrio Williams? You gotta go Dansby & Vilma. I think Vilma comes through this week even though he's been letting owners down lately.

Michael Monk said...

@ Maze As long as Finnegan's health isn't an issue, I would go Finnegan, but he didn't play last week so to be safe, I might go or Bryant McFadden. But yes, it's time to sit Hall until he shows us more.

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous Absolutely time to drop Timmons & pick up Poz again. That would be an amazing lineup with Lofton, Tulloch & Poz. You might take a little bit of a hit because I still don't think they're going to let Poz out there full-time yet, but he's a much better option thatn Timmons at this point and an unhealthy Poz might still get you more points than a healthy Timmons this week.

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous I would go A. Jordan this week over Geno Hayes, yes. It sorta close because of matchup, but Jordan does have more upside.

Michael Monk said...

@ david That is a great question!

I think you have to go Roman Harper. Great matchup, great player.

Second, I would go with Quinton Mikell. The Eagles have been terrible against TE's this year and Zack Miller is the Raiders only legit receiving weapon. The Raiders will have to through and they know that Philly has a weakness so they will pick on that area in front of Mikell. Between that, Russell's crappy accuracy and screens to Michael Bush, I see Mikell getting opportunities here.

Anonymous said...

hi monk - your blog is great; love your analysis.

i'm getting tired of waiting for mario williams, and he's apparently not 100% right now. do you suggest i stay patient, or drop him for another option?

league is shallow, so among others i could pick up: aaron schobel, aaron kampman, andre carter, antwan odom. or maybe you have other suggestions?

thank you for the help, and keep it up!

Michael Monk said...

@ anonymous Definitely not kampman or carter over Mario.

The other two are just as inconsistent for the long haul. This week, with those three, and Mario cleared hampered by injur, my ranking would look like this:
8). Antwan Odom - CIN vs HOU
9). Aaron Schobel - BUF at NYJ
10). Mario Williams - HOU at CIN

I actually really like Odom as as a sleeper this week. It's worth the risk at this point. Afterall, you have to win now and worry about later when you get there.

Anonymous said...

I know it's off your list, but would you know if DQ Jackson is playing tomorrow? My team's fate hangs on the balance and DQ be the only one could throw it off...!

Michael Monk said...

I think DQ plays. They said he was not going to last week and he got 9 solos.