IDP Week 7 NFL Fantasy Football 2009 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

byes: Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, Titans

DBs (Defensive Backs)

SS M. Brown(KC) vs. SD is a nice matchup. He's been getting stronger and stronger over the last few weeks and finished with 7 solos week 6. The inconsistent play of the KC linebackers has opened up a lot of opportunities for him.

SS Bernard Pollard(HOU) is again a solid play this week vs. SF, who get's Gore back and is working harder at drawing up plays for TE V. Davis.

SS R. Doughty(WAS) is a nice pick up this week against the Eagles. He picked up 7 solos week 6. They'll also be on D a lot!

TB Safety Piscitelli has a GREAT matchup vs. NE. He's been a super stud and I don't expect him to be on your wire, but if he is, he's the first one I would target off this list.

SS C. Ndukwe(CIN) has been very solid for 3 weeks in a row now and they get CHI who will work his part of the field. He finished with 6 solos and 4 assists.

CB Cedric Griffin(MIN) went off against Baltimore last week and Big Ben has been putting up a ton of passes this year. If Griffin is on your wire, he has the potential to give you the biggest homerun out of anyone on this list. But he's definitely a boom or bust play.

FS Brandon McGowan(NE) has quietly put up constistently strong #'s all season. Week 6, he put up 6 solos vs. TEN and Brady will be way ahead of TB, so TB will have to pass most of the game to play catch up. That bodes well for McGowan.

Free Safety CC Brown(NYG) is my DB PICKUP OF THE WEEK vs. Arizona. Last week he got 13 tackles and a pass deflection vs. Brees and now he gets Warner in Week 7. Remind me again, does Warner throw much?

LBs (Linebackers)

Seatle's Lofa T. is OUT FOR THE SEASON. Remember what LB Hawthorne(SEA) did when he took his place last time? 15 solos vs. the Giants.  Well you'll have to wait a week because the Seahawks are on bye week 7, but a look ahead shows that Seattle takes on Dallas week 8. A good matchup. I wanted to give you the early "heads up" about this so you can get the jump on your league. Especially the guy that owns Lofa.

MLB Will Witherspoon(PHI) may or may not start week 7 for Philly. Either way, stay away from Omar Gaither, who tweaked his ankle anyway.  I can't recommend starting him this week, but I do recommend picking him up if he's available. He'll be the new MLB for the Eagles the rest of the year and will probably switch to WLB next year for them.

Keith Ellison(BUF) Uhg!. This guy killed me week 6. I picked him up and was excited to have him and then he gets the "doubtful" tag Friday and I dropped him. Of course he plays and has a great game, 6 solos, 6 assists and a pass deflection. Unfortunately, I really like him week 7 vs. Carolina so now I need to decide if I'm going to pick him up again to replace D.J. Williams, who's on bye this week. I'm going to watch him closely.

LB C. Blackburn(NYG) has been pretty good in Boley's place. Boley is out for the season and Blackburn has easily been out performing Antonio Pierce. He has a good matchup against Arizona. Over the past few week, I see more and more linebacker tackles in the box scores for opposing teams facing Arizona. Blackburn is a nice sleeper to get you 5 or more tackles.

If you can get LB Shanle(NO) vs. Miami, do it! Miami give the biggest boost the opposing LB #'s than any other team in the league.

My "BIG IFs" LB PICK UPS OF THE WEEK are Kamerion Wimbley(CLE) (if he's healthy) or whichever Chicago MLB starts. Weird pick ups of the week, I know, but there is a lot of big opportunity here.

Starting with the Chicago MLB situation. Demeco Ryans had 12 tackles vs. Cin week 6 and either Roach or Hillenmeyer will face Cedric Benson week 7. Both are very capable and will get a boost facing the Bengals run game.

Kamerion Wimbley(CLE) is my higher recommendation for pick up of the week as he faces Green Bay week 7 has been on a rampage with sacks from his LB spot. Unfortunately, he was my pick up of the week last week, but ended up not playing due to injury. So check his status later in the week and scoop him up.

DLs (Defensive Line)

It's time to go get DE L. Castillo(SD) vs. KC for week 7. It's a great matchup for him.

This is the week to play DE Justin Smith(SF). He has a decent chance at a sack against the Texans.

DE Marques Douglas(NYJ) has been a tackle machine for the Jets this year, but week 6 he finally got to the QB. I could see him doing it again vs. Oak in week 7. Either way, he'll get you a lot of tackles for a DL.

DL Pick up of the week is Andre Carter(WAS) vs. the Eagles. He has 11 tackles and 4.5 sacks in the last 2 games. McNabb was relentlessly sacked by the Raiders in week 6 and the Skins will look to exploit that.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff as always!!
Whats going on with Vilma, should I drop him?
Also, what do you think of Gaines Adams? I missed the Bears game, did he get time, how did he look? I saw he had a zero in the boxscore

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great info. I need to pick up one of these corners due to byes: Will Allen, Tim Jennings, Zach Bowman?

Anonymous said...

Calvin Pace is a top 5, top 10, or top 15 DE the rest of the season? Would you start him over guys like Osi, Mario Williams, Schobel, Peppers?

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous
Vilma is so frustrating! I would love to say that because he didn't get it done against the Giants, cut him, but the Giants had to abandon their run first game plan early.
It would be impossible for me to bench Vilma against the Dolphins week 7. They are easily the best cure for a linebacker core in the whole league.
I would view him like Clinton Portis on the offensive side. Let him go off this week and then sell him for as high as you can get.
You're right though, at this point, I'd rather have guys like Andra Davis or Nicholas for Atlanta.

Gaines Adams just got there and I think he's more of a "next year" though for the Bears because their other 2 ends are at the end of their contracts. He's just a wait and watch at this point.

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous Allen is your man vs. New Orleans. He had 7 solos vs. SD and Brees will throw twice as much!

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous You gotta love Calvin Pace even more now. Sanchez is showing his rookie stripes and the Jets D are logging more and more time on the field. Pace is almost guaranteed to get you 5 tackles or so a game and you throw the bonus sack on there every once in a while and you have the most consistent DE around. That's hard to find. Guys like Osi, Mario Williams, Schobel, Peppers are bound to have bigger weeks then him here and there, but it's difficult to tell when and where. Calvin is as solid as they come since he's an LB with the DE tag in your league. I would be very happy to have Pace as my DL.

Anonymous said...

Back to Vilma, which 3 out of 4 do i start?
Vilma, Henderson, Laurinitis or Timmons? I think EJ and son of Animal are must starts

Anthony said...

Well I just lost DQ, but Morrison is on the wire...Do you think I can roll with Morrison, Woodson, and J. Peppers this week, or do you recommend using some of your waiver pickups instead?

Thanks for all the invaluable advice. (Do you also give advice on offence?)

SootedSloots said...

Hi Monk, so how much do you like Kamerion VS. GB? My other option is Posluszny VS. Car

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous
Absolutely on Laurinitis & Henderson and I think you have to give Vilma one more try this week. Against the Dolphins, I'd start my Mom at MLB.

This is the week why you drafted. As I said, think of him exactly like you would Clinton Portis vs. TB & KC these past weeks. After Vilma performs big this week, trade him for whatever you can get!

Michael Monk said...

@ Anthony Hats off to DQ, best IDPer this year. But guess what!? Morrison isn't far behind and I love his matchup against NYJ. They will not want Sanchez throwing in this one. They will run until their blue (or green) in the face vs. Oak.

Michael Monk said...

@ SootedSloots
That's a great question!
Wimbley is healthy and has a terrific matchup as the primary pass rusher vs. GB.

Yet Pos faces a team that knows they must run in order to win and with Stewart getting healthier, they're going to do it even more.

Here's my gut instinct and the question you have to ask yourself. I think Wimbley will have more points than Pos this week. However, I feel Pos is the keeper of the 2 going forward after this week. There points will probably be close. I would think Wimbley goes around 20 & Pos about 15. But it's completely hinging on Wimbley getting a sack or 2 (which he has a good chance of doing). The other factor her is how much does the lost of DQ effect Wimbley's game. That's an unknown. Will he get more tackles now or less? So you have to have to know if you're looking to pick up a guy for just this weeks matchup or a guy you can keep for awhile.

IDP Fan said...

I have Vilma and just picked up Shanle. Which would you say would be the better start this week?

Javier said...

I'm thinking of starting David Harris & Patrick Willis this week. I have James Harrison & Kamerion Wimbley on the bench. Should I roll with who I'm starting or do you think I should switch things up? Thanks

Michael Monk said...

@ IDP Fan You have to go Shanle. They'll both see a lot of action, but Vilma hasn't shown near as much potential to put up points as Shanle. If you were asking Fujita or Vilma, I'd go Vilma, but Shanle seems to get his nose in there more than Vilma.

Michael Monk said...

@ Javier
Definitely roll with Willis and Harris out that crew

Michael Monk said...

@ Perry
QUESTION: I recently asked you a question about DBs. I have a similar question about LBs.

IDPs - Sack 3pts.; Solo Tackle 1 pt.; Forced fumble 3pts.; INT 4pts; no pts. for assists

I can start two defensive guys (DL / DE - I prefer LBs, one who gets consistent tackles) each week and only keep two on my roster. I presently have J. Beason and Posluszny. Should I keep these two and play them each week or should I try to play matchups and pick up LBs each week with a good matchup?

Here is a list of the guys that are already taken and thus not available.

P. Willis; J. Harrison; J. Allen; E. Dumervil; K. Morrison; C. Lofton; B. Rudd; J. Tuck; J. Peppers; E. J. Henderson; K. Ellison; L. Fletcher; A. Pierce; J. Durant; K. Dansby; D. Ware; B. Scott
Thank you, Perry

Here's a list of current solo tackle leaders starting with first guy available. I left a couple guys on there that are on your "NOT" list to give you an idea of where the available guys in your league rank. Given that Pos can do what Ellison has done, he's a keeper and his matchup vs. Carolina is nice this week.

I don't like that Beason matchup at all and his solos are not as impressive as some of the guys on this list. So I'm fine with Pos, but lets replace Beason. I would sooner go Thomas Davis over him if I used anyone vs. Buffalo. I just don't like the LB matchup here though because I think Carolina will ball control the clock and the Carolina D won't be on the field as much. I could be completely wrong so feel free to overule this decision. I do like T. Davis better though between the 2 LBs.

For me, this week, it's either David Harris - He's got Oak and he'll get a ton of tackles on Z. Miller, maybe a sack and Oakland has no choice, but to run most of the time. They just can't trust Russell.

Or, on the other side of the ball, I love Thomas Howard vs. NYJ. Both LBs have potentials for sacks. I think Howard will be on the field a bit more than Harris, but Harris will be in coverage on Z. Miller so it's very close for me.

One guy off this LB radar is DL Andre Carter vs. Philly this week. He's averaging 1.5 sacks & 4 solos a game. I agree with you on the risks of a DL, but Philly gets sacked a ton and Carter is the man lately. Something to consider.

But I would feel very good about Pos vs. Car & T. Howard vs. NYJ (you know they won't let Sanchez throw much in this one so more tackle opportunities for Howard) It's so close between D. Harris and him, I think you can't go wrong.

I know you don't want to hear one more guy thrown at you, but Lance Briggs vs. Cincy is another hunch I was looking at. He has 30 solos and 1 sack on the year, but I was also "feeling" an INT from him this week vs. C. Palmer. I'm picturing a short slant to Caldwell or Coles and Briggs is off to the races. It means nothing, but I just wanted to say it out loud so at least one other person knows I "called it" if it comes true. haha

I know I glanced over Henderson & Laurinitis, but those can be nightmare matchups where the QB throws most of the day and you see very low tackle #s from the LBs. I'd just steer clear to be safe this week.

Byes Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, Titans

Ray Lewis 41 solos (bye this week)
Keith Bulluck 39 (bye this week)
Stephen Tulloch 39 (bye this week)
Thomas Davis 39
E.J. Henderson 36
James Laurinaitis 36
D.J. Williams 36 2 sacks (bye this week)
David Harris 35 2.5 sacks
Patrick Willis 35
London Fletcher 35
Thomas Howard 35 1.5 sacks
Keith Ellison 35
Aaron Curry 33 (2 sacks) (bye this week)
Larry Foote (bye this week)
Chad Greenway
Daryl Smith (bye this week)
Stephen Cooper

New guys for your WATCH LIST Brian Cushing HOU or DeAndre Levy for Detroit (bye this week) & Calvin Pace for NYJ (lots of sack opportunities)

Anonymous said...

You said to start Laurinitis and Henderson but later you said they could have off weeks, here are my options to start 3
Henderson, Vilma, Timmons, Laurinitis, Pace, Mathews or Wimbley.
Also which DL do you like this week to replace Odom on my roster: Kevin Williams, Michael Johnson or Luis Castillo? thanks in advance

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous Sorry to confuse. For you Laurinitis and Henderson are your best options.
And it's too hard to bench Vilma

Luis Castillo has too good of a matchup to pass up

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your column. I need your advice due to the matchups this week since I'm going against a person with a very strong defense.

LB choices: Lofton (playing @ Dallas), Henderson, Ruud, Pos (available on my league's wire), Andra Davis, Durant (may be inactive again)

DL choices: A. Carter (a likely starter this week), Schobel, Stroud, Clay Matthews

DB choices: R. Harper, T. Branch, Polamalu (playing Vikings this week), D. Manning, A. Elam

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monk, just found your column last week and I have been loving it so far keep up the great work. I have two questions: 1) Would you pick up Eric Barton (surprisingly D'Qwell's owner hasn't yet) if you had to drop Laurinaitis, Beason, Cooper, or Posluszny to do it? (1/pt TT, 3pt/Sack, 3pt/INT, 4pt/FF). 2) Which three DB's this week? Tyvon Branch, C.C. Brown, Tanard Jackson, Bernard Pollard, Chris Harris.


Michael Monk said...

@ anonymous No I could't pick up Eric Barton if it meant dropping Laurinaitis, Beason, Cooper, or Posluszny

Tyvon Branch, C.C. Brown, Tanard Jackson (love the matchups)

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous

I'm sorry, you didn't mention how many guys you need so I'm just putting the guys in order

Lofton vs. Dallas, Pos vs. Carolina, EJ vs. Pitt, Ruud vs. NE
Andra Davis is on bye this week

DL choices: A. Carter. Schobel, Stroud, Clay Matthews (yup that's the order)

DB choices: R. Harper, T. Branch, D. Manning, Polamalu (playing Vikings this week), A. Elam

Todd said...

Hi Monk! Love the blog!

Would like your thoughts: I have a win this week already, with Will Witherspoon left to play. I'm thinking of dropping him for a LB or DB who is on bye this week.

Would you rank any from the list below over Witherspoon for the rest of the season (esp. the post season, weeks 15-17)? Here are some that are available in my league:
- Larry Foote
- Aaron Curry
- Daryl Smith
- Andra Davis
- Terrell Suggs
- Louis Delmas
- Brian Dawkins

Michael Monk said...

@ Todd
You have it in the exact order I'd keep it in for the year. You even have in in the same order I'd keep it in for week 8.
- Larry Foote
- Aaron Curry
- Daryl Smith
- Andra Davis
- Terrell Suggs
- Louis Delmas
- Brian Dawkins

Michael Monk said...

@ Tom Definitely drop CC Brown for Eric Coleman for week 8. Brown's FF run is over and he may be benched soon

Pro Bowl vet Colemen faces Drew Brees this week. I just dropped Gary Brackett for him if that tells you anything.

Michael Monk said...

@ Alex
No need for nervous feet on gameday. Trent Cole is your man. He has a great chance of getting you your 6 or more points tonight. MNF and he'll be pumped. He'll have his sack & tackle opportunities tonight

Michael Monk said...

@ highlander
Osi will bounce back week 8

Bob Sanders is fantasy gold if he's healthy. Unfortunately, if you're asking me who to use week 8, it's Ed Reed vs. Kyle Orton.

We have to see Bob on the field for an entire game first. If you have room to store him on your bench, do it, but he can't be trusted for week 8 yet.

Anonymous said...

Boley's not out for the season. He practiced yesterday and the day before. Will be back earliest on Sunday, latest the Sunday after.