IDP Week 5 NFL Fantasy Football 2009 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

I want to give special thanks and credit to the Fantasy Football Librarian . She does so much for the FF world scouring the web and bringing the best FF info to you each and every day.  Her research covers every angle of FF that you need to know about to win each and every week. Thank you Ms. Colorado!

week 5 byes: Bears, Packers, Saints, Chargers

DBs (Defensive Backs)

SS B. Pollard(HOU) vs. Arizona next week. KC stud last year is now with the Texans, was solid in week 4 with 4 solos and an assist. He will get plenty of tackle opportunities vs. Arizona in week 5. I can see him with 6 total tackles. He won't get you huge #'s, but he is a solid bye week fill in.

Still really liking SS L. Delmas(DET). Someone just dropped him in my league and I'm hoping I get him. He gets Pittsburg this week. He's another one of those solid guys you can depend on for right around 10-15 points every week, depending on your scoring system. Last week, he registered his first sack, but he almost always gets a pass deflection or a little something extra for you besides just tackles.

SS C. Ndukwe(CIN) got 7 solos 1 assist and 1 sack week 4, but keep in mind that it was an OT game and he only had 1 tackle in each game before this. So why is he listed on here? Well, besides the fact that he just had BIG scoring week, he plays Baltimore next week that consistently inflates all SS numbers. Even, dissapointing Merriweather got a boost week 4 with 4 solos, 5 assists and a pass deflection. The #'s haven't lied so far this year with SS's vs. Baltimore. Taking the leap of faith on Ndukwe continuing the trend is on you. ;^D Just kidding, I wouldn't leave you hanging on this decision. Yup, I'd feel OK about using him for a bye week fill week 5. My lowest guess is 4 solos 1 assist and 1 pd. So I feel he won't get you less than 10 points. (Better than #1 DB Atogwe has been doing for me)

SS T. Branch would easily be my DB PICKUP OF THE WEEK vs. NYG for week 5, but I'm severely doubting that guy is on many people's wire. If he is, bite, scratch and kick to get him against NYG. Mike Brown looked GREAT against the Giants week 4 and, prior to that, Mike Brown had done NOTHING. It's NYG who makes strong safeties look good, just like Baltimore does. I can't whole heartedly recommend Mike Brown for week 5 vs. Dallas. He might get you 3 solos or he might get you 6, but too many other solid FA's out there to risk it.

Speaking of guys who are probably not on your wire, if you're a Michael Griffin(TEN) owner, this is the week to use him. I'm feeling a 20 point week from him.

DB PICKUP OF THE WEEK is SS R. Doughty(WAS). He got 10 solos 1 assist last week vs. TB. The Skins get Carolina next week where strong safeties have been above average. Other SS's have done well vs. TB so don't expect 10 tackles in week 5. On a side note, Philly get's TB next week so let's give a big "I hope he sucks for you" to the Quinton Mikell owners out there. Just kidding. That's not how we roll on the IDP front. We leave that kind of childish behavior to the #$#@^$% who still play "team defenses" in their leagues. Let's all give the Q. Mikell owners a congratulatory golf clap and hope none of them are playing us in week 5. Anyway, back to Doughty. He's playing for the recently benched Chris Horton. The risk here is if Doughty plays again next week, which he should after this performance, I would give it a 90% chance he starts again week 5. The good news is Carolina looks lost at times on O and the Skins look the same at times so he might be on the field a lot against Delhomme.

You know Fox wants to get his running game back on track and keep it out of Jake "INT" Delhomme's hands. That gives Doughty some potential. He's a boom or bust guy. You pick him up, he might get you 25 points, but he also might get you 5. My guess says he meets you in the middle with about 15. But I do recall another guy coming out of nowhere with these same numbers last year. His name was Chris Horton from the same position and same team. He followed up a week like this with about 8 tackles and a sack. This is your potential swing for the fenses guy. And that's why he's here.

LBs (Linebackers)

Kamerion Wimbley(CLE) is very close to being my LB pick up of the week. But many guys are this week. I like the LB meat left on the "matchups" bone this week. Wimbley got 5 solos, 2 assists and 1 sack vs. Cincy last week. What's that you say? It was an OT game so he got an extra 15 minutes. I would agree, but this is the THIRD week in a row with the exact same stats. He has had 5 solos and a sack for 3 games in a row. Kinda freaky, huh? Hmmm.. who does he have week 5. Buffalo. Any unusual IDP happenings in that Buffalo/Miami game week 4? How about a total of 12 sacks in that game split evenly down the middle, 6 for each D. WOW! And Wimbley has 1 sack in each game for 3 weeks in a row. Combine that with 5 solos in each game and you won't find a more consistent fill-in LB this week. Oh yeah, Cleveland is known for having a bad offense, in case you haven't heard. Another good recipe. Now let's hope Wimbley brings the spice!

Speaking of that Buffalo/Miami game, who was getting those sacks that might be on the wire? A young LB named Cameron Wake(MIA got 6 solos 3 sacks THREE SACKS!) He gets' NYJ next week and I want to recommend him, but I'm afraid Porter will be back from injury so I can't. We have to pass on Wake. Besides, Porter has a bad temper and I understand he tracks down bloggers, ties them up with their mouse cords and kicks them repeatedly when you recommend someone else to play in his spot.(good thing I have a cordless mouse, huh)

MLB Buggs(BUF) with 9 solos last week BENCHED this week for Kawika Mitchell. Thank you to one of our observant readers for seeing this and letting us all know not to use Buggs this week.

Other noteable guys who are on my wire that might be on yours are Freddy Keiaho(IND 5s 1sack 1FF filling in for G. Brackett(INJ), Andra Davis(DEN 7-2 can we trust him in competition with DJ to get tackles?),Keith Rivers(CIN 7-3). I'm close to grabbing Rivers, but don't like his matchup vs. BAL. It appears strong safeties do well vs. BAL, but not LBs. That's the trend so far this year, anyway.

SLB Ricky Brown(OAK) I'm going to let his stats speak for themselves
week 1 vs. SD  7solos
week 2 vs. KC  5-1
week 3 vs. DEN 4-3 1FF
week 4 vs. OAK 5-2 2pd

This week, he gets the Giants who will be on offense a lot. Here's my best guess on Ricky's stats week 5 vs. NYG 6solos 2assists.  If you think those stats are better than an LB you currently have, than use him.

D. Levy(DET), in for Ernie Sims(INJ), was solid vs. Chicago week 4 with 7 solos, 1 assist & a 1 FF. He's got Pittsburgh next week and I like it. Anyone seeing flashbacks of Paris Lenon from last year? The guy everyone kept watching put up high box score #'s, but kept waiting to see if he could do it again. Well don't wait! Do keep track of E. Sims shoulder injury this week though. Levy is a rookie stud, playing ILB on a team with a fairly bad offense. Last week, I threw an obscure name at you in a similar situation, Demorrio Williams. He is also on a bad offense playing ILB and had a great week 4 matchup vs NYG. What was the result? Let's see...

My LB PICK UP OF THE WEEK is Demorrio Williams(KC) Wait!? Can I have the same LB pick up of the week 2 times in a row. Yup, when ESPN and YAHOO IDP leagues are telling me that he is still only owned on 7% of the teams, I can. Last week he put up 7 solos 2assts and 1PD. Week 5, he gets Dallas who allowed ILBs DJ Williams and Andra Davis a combined 19 tackles 1 sack, 1 FF & 1 PD. They even let Woodyard and Dumervil get in on the action. It was like a linebacker party and KC's defense will be on the field a lot more than Denver's was.

DLs (Defensive Linemen)
Elvis Dumervil is a silly super star stud (and any other words that start with 'S')! Probably not on your wire anymore though. If he is, "click it and forget it!" (I'm not sure I understood that either, but it rhymed. In summary, you want him.)

DT T. Kelly(OAK 9solos 4assts) What the fudge? How do you go from a 3 solo effort to a 1 solo week 4 to a 9 solo 4asst game??? He's got the Giants next week, but their line is one of the best in football. However, the Oakland defense will be out there a WHOLE lot. He will get his opportunities, but he won't repeat this performance all year. Hey, I've got an idea. Let's see who plays tackle vs. Houston next week. Hmmm, I can't recommend Arizona's NT B. Robinson, no matter how much I want to make a connection, but I can recommend...

C. Campbell(ARI) vs. HOU. He got 6 solos vs. SF a couple weeks ago and this would be the game to plug him in again. He's the DE playing on the left side. The same side that T. Kelly (and Seymour) were coming from vs. Houston. Don't expect 13 total tackles, but 3 solos an assist and a 1/2 sack isn't too much to ask from him.

Tuck is back, but Kiwanuka(NYG) didn't completely fall back down to Earth vs. KC week 4. He got 2 solos and a sack. They've got Oakland next week and, in case you haven't heard, they're not good. However, that means the Giants D won't be on the field as much. Still, it's Oakland and if you're in a pinch, I could think of worse options.

DE A. Smith(HOU) has Arizona week 5 and I think my Grandma can chase down Kurt Warner. He reminds me of a scene I once saw on the National Geographic channel when a duck was trying to run in the snow. By the way, please don't try to pick up my Grandma. She's old and has a poor matchup next week.

My DL PICKUP OF THE WEEK IS DL C.Avril(DET) vs. Pit. It's too tasty to lay off BIG MAC SACK ATTACK BEN. CHEERS to Ben! Taking a sack is as good as a throw away to him and we in the IDP world love his philosophy. Here's to you "Ball Security Ben"! You hold onto the ball and we'll gladly accept your gracious IDP gift.

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Bperiod said...

Aiight man..I played A. Henry, Elam AND Branch..and got nothin. So I'll try again...
I need a DL out of:

Ray McDonald
Robert Geathers
Marcus Stroud
Calais Campbell
Tamba Hali
James Hall

Hook me up this week!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the help! You are the first website I check on Tuesday mornings. I have two questions:

Cushing is available on waivers and I have Durant as my LB3...which guy would you rather have for the rest of the year?

What can we expect from Calvin Pace now that he's eligible to join the Jets D? Is he a top 10 option as a DE?

Michael Monk said...

@ B period You are right. Although I wouldn't say "nothin" out of Henry & Elam week 4, who I recommended for last week, but below expectations, yes.

So we need to make it up to you this week. First I got your list narrowed down to 3 and then used logic to go with Calais Campbell(BUF) vs. Houston. Houston's giving up a lot of sacks. Schaub should be throwing a lot so more chances for sacks and Campbell up against that right side of the Texans line that has been very week all year.

Shroud is very consistent, but Cleveland has a pretty good O-line.

Tamba Hali was close vs Dal, but Tamba is known for putting up zeros also so you can't trust him.

Hopefully I narrowed down your decision for week 5. Any one of those 3 are your best bet.

Michael Monk said...

@ anonymous Thank you! Definitely Durant between Cushing & Durant. No contest in my book.

Is Calvin Pace a DE in your league? He's listed as an LB in mine. If he is a DE in yours than definitely grab him. Good thinking!

Anonymous said...

So I took Ray Edwards over Mathis on week 4 an we all know what happened. Here's a suggestion for your next article, post a complete rank of all defensive players. I'm saying this because the players who are free in each leagues are different. e.g. Roman Harper and Antoine Winfield are free agents in my league. Thanks

Anonymous said...

My league plays with CB and S. I'm considering makimng a trade for an "elite" corner so who are your top 5 CB eligible players for the rest of the season?

Tim said...

Looking like Jerod Mayo may possibly play this week, should I pick him up now?

Kate said...

Love your blog. It's been really helpful. I'm looking to add a DL out of the following free agents: Will Smith, Tamba Hali, Kroy Bierman, and Brian Orakpo. Who do you think has the most upside?

Michael Monk said...

@ kate
Thank you so much Kate. I'm glad.

Out of that group, Will Smith is the one and here is why: He's on the weakside of most teams. They're going to put they're tight end the other side, on Grant, and they're going to try to run counters to Smith's side. So Smith will see more tackle opportunities. Part II is Brees is a machine and I just can picture New Orleans getting slowed down this year so I feel they'll be ahead in a lot of games. Thus, the opposing teams QB will need to pass to catch up. More drop backs equals more opportunities for sacks. If they focus on Grant, that leaves a talented Smith more sack opportunities.

Michael Monk said...

@ Tim I never dropped him or Gary Brackett if that answers your question. Make room, drop an extra WR or whatever it takes to get Mayo on your team. Whether he plays this week or not.

Krys said...

Hey Monk.
Thanks to the Librarian, I've been following your IDP advice for a few weeks now.

So, here's my dilemma. I hope it's a bad one. I have to start 2 of these 3 DB's in week 5. I wasn't going to start Mikell, but your comments made me rethink things. So, who would you start?

Q. Mikell (PHI vs. TB)
A. Bethea (IND @ TEN)
Y. Bell (MIA vs. NYJ)


Michael Monk said...

Top 10 DBs for 2009:
(Here's some fearless predicting for you)
#1 Eric Weddle
2)Antoine Winfield
3)Yeremiah Bell
4)Roman Harper
5)Antoine Bethea
6)Tyvon Branch
7)Oshiomogho Atogwe
8)Charles Woodson
9)Chris Hope
10)Louis Delmas

Pinto said...

We start 2 LB in my league. Seriously considering benching James Harrison this week against DET in favor of David Harris vs. MIA. Right now I'm starting D'Qwell Jackson in my other spot. Also have Thomas Davis as an option. Scoring is 5pts per sack/INT, 1 pt per tackle. Just wanted your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Monk, you deserve to be in the hall of fame!!!
Where does Mikell rank, I see he didnt make ure top 10?
Also which LB should I start (I have Vilma on a buy): Timmons, Calvin Pace or Ricky Brown?

Anonymous said...

Monk, I know your post went up after the fact, but I just wanted to throw this out for the benefit of your readers. ROTOWIRE is reporting that Buffalo LB Muggs has been benched in favor of Kavika Mitchell.

Michael Monk said...

@ Krys

Out of that group A. Bethea (IND @ TEN) & Y. Bell (MIA vs. NYJ) are definitely the one's you want this week.

Who know what this new qb for TB is doing and I don't see Mikell being on the field much or getting as many opportunities as Bethea & Bell will get.

Michael Monk said...

@ Pinto Those are nice problems to have. I think you're right about David Harris vs. MIA. Thomas Davis is very tempting vs. WAS, but it's hard to tell if WAS will be in this game and if they'll be running or throwing. MIA will run no matter what happens and it's always more fun to have a guy on your team playing on MNF. It gives you hope if you're behind heading into the game. Good Luck!

Michael Monk said...

Anonymous Mikell could easily be in that top 10. Since I was asked "for the entire year" I needed to put teams in there that have bad offenses right now and look like they will continue to be on defense a lot this year. I know that doesn't apply to some of the very elite guys like Weddle, Winfield and Harper, but it's so hard to predict top 10 this early in the season. So feel free to interchange Mikell or Michael Lewis or maybe D. Sharper. At this point, maybe Mathis or Nelson could come on the scene and average 9 tackles a game and get 6 INTs over the next 10 games. But, yeah, Mikell could easily be in that top 10, but up to a couple weeks ago, I though Chris Horton could too. And who knows, he still might. The person was looking for that elite person to trade for and I believe the top S or CB to target is Weddle.

Michael Monk said...

Thank you for the inside tip about Muggs being benched!

Michael Monk said...

@ anonymous Sorry, I missed your question earlier You asked about Timmons, Calvin Pace or Ricky Brown?

You can't trust Timmons or Calvin Pace yet. So you have to go to the "sure-numbered" Ricky Brown. I'm going to completely jinx you and already mark him down for 12 points this week. ;^) If he gets you 4 points this week, feel free to send me an email virus.

Anonymous said...

Please help me pick the one who will score the most points:

Mathias Kiwanuka, Tommy Kelly, Darryl Tapp, or Antonio Smith?

Stan said...

Do you believe Branch will play against the NYG?
I have Branch and Bell but want to start branch... I guess the safer route is Bell.

And for DE... if Calvin Pace tears it up this week... is Trent Cole droppable?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the advice about Ricky Brown: who would you start between Ricky Brown or DeAndre Levy?

Anonymous said...

Ricky Brown or De Andre Levy?

Michael Monk said...

Kiwanuka out of that group of DEs

Michael Monk said...

Since C. Pace is one of those LBs/DLs, that's money. That makes Trent Cole droppable, but see how Pace is first

Michael Monk said...

Levy over Ricky Brown this week. It was recently announced by the Detroit coaching staff that Levy is too good to go back to the bench when Sims gets healthy so that's how much faith they have in him.

I think Brown has a ceiling this week playing Sam, but Levy has no ceiling as an ILB. So he could potentially give you a 20 point game vs. Pitt, but he could also get you 10