2008 Week 11 Fantasy Football IDP and replacing injuries Woodyard or Winborn, Bentley, Hawk for Barnett, Mike Peterson, Thomas Davis Waiver Rankings

Week 11 IDP Waiver Pickups

Starting with Sneaky DB pickups:
Staying with any Free Safety vs. New England. This week it's Kerry Rhodes of NYJ. If my last weeks hunch of no name K0 Simpson can get 7 tackles and 4 assists then let's hit the Rhode this week!
Add Ko Simpson to the list of no names like Bethea, Atogwe and Renaldo Hill vs NE. Need some #s R. Hill put up 7 tackles, Atogwe 7 tackles 1 INT & Colts FS Bethea who put up 2 solos the week prior put up 10 solos week 9 against the Pats. Pencil Rhodes in for a guaranteed minimum of 7 tackles. That's 14 points in my league and I'll take it.

Same NE game: Revis
It seems that all left CBs who line up over Welker collect big tackle numbers as well. The only issue here is: Will the Jets put Revis on Moss all day, which leaves Lowery on Welker or will they play their respective sides? This is why Rhodes is safest of the NYJ secondary.

Speaking of Safe DB to play this week: Erik Coleman of the Atlanta Falcons is putting together big IDP year. And this week he faces a Denver offense that has no choice but to put up the ball at least 40 times. They have 1 running back left on their roster named Hillis and I think he's a backup fullback. So Coleman will see a ton of passes whether he's on Royal, Marshall or even picks up Stokely in the zone.

FS Madieu Williams vs TB: I know what you're thinking. Does TB pass a lot? Everyone must pass against Minnesota thanks to that strong run defense. In his 2 games, he is currently averaging 16 points a game. Very solid.

Sneaky Linebacker Pickups for Week 11:

Green Bay LB Nick Barnett OUT FOR THE SEASON:
And it is A.J. Hawk, not Desmond Bishop who will replace Barnett. Barnett ended the game with 5 solo tackles. Desmond Bishop stepped in on the second series of the second half. If he played the whole game, he would have finished with approximately 10 solos and a forced fumble. That's better than any of my 5 "regular" starters did this week. Heck, his score would have more than doubled 2 of my guys. Now A.J. Hawk starts at MLB against a run heavy Chicago Bears team next week. But will this stay at starting linebacker? He is week against the pass so he will probably come out on 3rd downs. He's worth a roster spot.

What's up with Mike Peterson and Del Rio?
As of today (Thursday) it doesn't look like he's starting against the run first Titans. All indications are that Daryl Smith will go at MLB this weekend. Keep an eye on this one because Daryl Smith did a nice job in his place last weekend vs. Detroit finishing with 7 total tackles and 1.5 sacks.

Winborn or Woodyard for Denver?
With injuries to Boss Bailey and D.J. Williams, both Winborn and Woodyard stepped up against Cleveland. Winborn with 12 tackles and Woodyard with 10. Much of this was because of short passes, but I believe Atlanta will run the ball to slow down the pace of this game and keep the ball out of Jay Cutler's hands. Cutler and Royal proved last week that they can go 90 yards for a TD in less than 12 seconds. So which guy do you take? I say go for the guy who's replacing DJ Williams and that is the rookie Woodyard. My reasoning for this is because NO LB Fujita had his best game by a long shot last week against Atlanta (12 tackles) from the same position that Woodyard is now playing. I still think Winborn will have a least 6-8 tackles so he's solid as well.

CAR LB Thomas Davis vs. Det: The guy has quietly been building his numbers and been very consistent with 7-8 tackles most of the season finishing last week with 10 total tackles.

Diles fill-in Bentley for Houston: Fantasy superstar Zack Diles injury has meant 2 things. The first is that his injury gave a huge boost to Demeco Ryans numbers. But the second was it gave IDP players another chance for a good waiver option. Bentley finished with 7 total tackles and a sack last week and goes against the Colts this week who love to run screens and run plays off the edge.

My Pickup of the week if he's available : Bradie James of the Cowboys. Personally, I'm very upset I missed this claim this week in my league. This week James goes up against the Redskins where inside linebackers are averaging an insane 18 tackles a game, highest in the league. (think Portis runs up the middle much?) Keep an eye on the status on Portis though. He's currently 50/50, but I can't imagine him missing a cowboys game

P.S. Paris Lenon should be solid again. Ernie Sims shoulder is hurting and Lenon is helping him finish tackles while racking up extra assists. Keep an eye on the injury status of Dizon. They may try to get him more work to see what he can do since this is a lost season.

DT suggestion of the Week:
NYJ DE Ellis vs. the Patriots. Last week Buffalo DE Ryan Denney had 11 total tackles and 2 pass deflections. I'm not good at math, but that's a lot of FF points. Especially considering Denney was averaging 2.75 tackles a game prior to last week. And, yes, he started and played ever snap of every game this year. Ellis has 7 sacks this year you if he's available, you have to give him a try in this matchup. Don't be the guy who leaves 25 woulda, coulda, shoulda points on the wire. DE's have been very solid against NE all year. I'm half tempted to grab him myself, but my league is geared mores toward LBs and does not require CBs or DEs.

DE Dewayne White is injured and out this week

DE John Abraham is awesome and good to go against a week Denver O-line who will be pass protecting rather than rush blocking most of the day. Lot so passes equals lots of opportunities for Abraham

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