2008 Fantasy Footbally Week 10 IDP Waiver Pickups Injuries to DJ Williams, Whitner, David Harris, Shaun Rogers and Rankings

Week 10 IDP Waiver Pickups

Starting with Sneaky DB pickups:
Go Ko this week! That's right K0 Simpson. Wait a minute, who???
If you don't recognize that name, how about Bethea, Atogwe or Renaldo Hill?? What do all of these guys have in common? These are all basically no name free safeties who all put up monster numbers when playing the New England Patriots. And guess who the starting free safety is this week against NE. You got it, Go Ko! Need some #s R. Hill put up 7 tackles, Atogwe 7 tackles 1 INT & Colts FS Bethea who put up 2 solos the week prior put up 10 solos week 9 against the Pats. My only small concern is that Buffalo could change up their package vs. the Pats and Bryan Scott who's filling the spot of injured Whitner would become the bread winner. This only happened one other time vs. the Pats this year when the Jets did this and the two SS led the team in tackles that week.

Don't want to take quite so big of a risk?
Staying with that same game and same philosophy, go with an oldy, but goody Terrence McGee who yahoo projects at 14.5 points this week.

Following the DeAngelo Hall Recipe: SF DB Walt Harris is a sneaky play vs. Arizona this week. He should be Larry Fitzgerald's doormat all day and doormats get stepped on a lot in heavy traffic. Translation in Fantasy Football - stepped on = many tackles and opportunities. Let's face it, Kurt Warner is great just as Bret Farve is great (or was and kind of is now). And apparently great QBs through quite a few interceptions. Hey, I didn't label them great, I'm just repeating what I hear. The stats don't lie though, Kurt will through an INT or 2 and why not Walt Harris. He's going to have a lot of balls thrown his way.

FS Madieu Williams vs GB: What a start last week with 22 fantasy points. 10 total tackles and an INT. Free Safeties are hard to predict, but I didn't think Williams would do as well as he did last week so I'd say he's as safe a bet as any FS out there this week.

Sneaky Linebacker Pickups for Week 10:
MLB Pat Thomas vs SD should see plenty of tackle opportunities. LT is almost 100% and will easily get his 100 yards and then some. Heck, I'm going to guess Sproles gets his 100 yard game that he always seems to sneak in once or twice a year. KC will be on Defense a lot and Pat Thomas is the starting middle linebacker. He should get at least 5 tackles just standing still and allowing a guy to trip over his face mask.

WLB Omar Gaither vs Giants: The Giants run a lot. And the Eagles Blitz a lot. The best defense agains the Blitz is draws, screens and short slants. Omar Gaither will get at least 6 tackles. Solid FF stats.

NYJ Linebacker Bowens vs STL: Filling in for injured LB David Harris, Bowens has done well for himself with 1 sack in each of his games (that's 2 total). He has also averaged 4 solos a game. I don't feel that St. Louis will run often or even have their offense on the field often in this game. So my recommendation here is banking on Bowens getting a couple sacks in this game. He will not have very many tackling opportunities, however, due to St. Louis being decimated at RB.

Det MLB Paris Lenon vs. Jacksonville: This will be an average, but solid FF game for Lenon. Jordan Dizon, continues to be injured so Lenon owners don't have to look over his shoulder this week. Jacksonville is a running team and the Detroit D should be on the field a lot. The way things work in the NFL, as you may have noticed, is that when a team is utterly embarrassed like the Jaquers were last week by allowing the Bengals to get their first win over a super soft Jaqs effort is they will come out very hard to erase the terrible fan and press fallout that they received all week leading up to Week 10. Ironically, they play the next team in the league that has not won a game yet. Expect Jacksonville to lay it all on the line this week.

Vikings Napoleon Harris MLB vs GB: This is more of a warm body than anything else, but he is a starting MLB in the National Football League, but he only gets the scraps that the vicious front 4 allow him to have. For some reason, Ryan Grant has always been able to run agains this very good run stopping unit. So Harris could be good for double digit fantasy points this week. Division rivalries are always wacky.

Don't try to pick up a Denver replacement for DJ Williams or Boss Bailey. It's way to muddled between 3 guys right now.

Not much of a DT guy:
However, when researching how free safeties do against the Pats, I continually noticed that DTs do very well against them. Those would be Marcus Stroud & Kyle Williams this week. Each very even with Stroud at 22 tackles and 2 sacks and K. Williams at 24 tackles and 1 sack.

DE Dewayne White for Detroit continues his red hot FF streak picking up an INT of all things this last week. Jacksonville's O line has been terrible and plagued with injuries all year. So. he should be able to continue his FF streak

Speaking of red hot, keep an eye on Cleveland DT Shaun Rogers for week 10. It's a short week with them playing this Thursday and his ribs are really hurting.

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Anonymous said...

All hail Art Monk!! He was my Fav as well.
I was looking for advice on waiver DL to pick up for this week - IDPs are tough to call.
Acquired Paris Lenon per your article. Good call, thank you.

-Skins fan