Week 3 IDP & PPR Fantasy Football 2008 Waiver Rankings - Korean Robinson Dhani Jones

Week 3 IDP Waiver Pickups (Week 3 Offense PPR is below this article)

Seems like the year of the 'Corner and Safety'. They are leading in tackles and points so far. This trend may be here to stay. It makes sense since it is also the year of the 'Wide Receiver' rather that workhorse running backs. And since teams are passing more than that means more sacks as well. I have always been a Middle Linebacker guy, but maybe it's time to adapt with the times. There are still a handful of MLBs worth picking up from the wire.

If you get in a jam this year. Here is a weekly strategy. Start, by looking at a team with 2 strong WRs. Arizona, Detroit, etc. Then look at their matchup. Detroit went against Atlanta week 1. A first year CB named Brent Grimes from Division II Shippensburg University was matched up with Calvin Johnson. Brent Grimes led his team in tackles that week. Why? A good offensive coordinator will always try to exploit that CB and that CB will end up with a lot of work. More work, more chances = more tackles. Another example came this week. Rookie CB Tracy Porter was toasted by Santana Moss all day. As a result, they threw at him a ton and Porter finished with 8 tackles and 1 assist. If he continues to start at CB, expect other teams to follow this pattern.


I'm loving my Channing Crowder pick-up. It took guts for me to drop Keith Brooking for Crowder prior to the first game, but he's the best on my team. See if this MLB for Miami is still available on your wire.

Dhani Jones: Time for Cincinnati's MLB. We all shyed away because he does not have a proven past. However, Cincinatti will be on defense a lot and he's proven to have 2 consistent weeks in a row.

C. Session: LB for the Indianapolis Colts is a good guy to scoop of if you have the room.

E. Barton: LB for the Jets had 6 tackles & 2 assists. D. Harris hasn't even come close to living up to his 10 tackle average of last year. You can't drop him, but I took him with my 1st pick. (ouch)

* Wilhelm: LB for the Chargers has always been solid. See if he's available on your wire.

Keep an eye on Pat Thomas, the KC MLB. He could be an OK bench fill-in.

Week 3 PPR Waiver Pickups

Breaking News: WR Korean Robinson was picked up by Seattle for Week 3. Monitor closely. He's got talent.

WR Justin Gage Titans: With Kerry Collins slinging it, a good Titans D to get the offense back on the field, he's got #3 WR potential.

WR Brandon Lloyd Bears: is one to keep an eye on

WR James Jones Packers: Rodgers go to guy when he was running the second string O behind Farve. Very comfortable with him.

RB W. Dunn in Tampa Bay. He continues to get the reps and the catches. Might be a nice pick up.

RB Pierre Thomas: Decent Bye week fill in. Maybe more.

RB Chris Perry may have been dropped by some people in your league week 1, scoop him up if you have room on your bench. This team can go nowhere but up and he's their #1 RB. I'm as puzzled as everyone else why Watson is NOT the #1, but we don't make the rules in FF, we just try to take advantage of them.

RB Keep an eye on Michael Bush of the Raiders


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