Week 2 2008 Fantasy weekly Rankings - Eddie Royal talk and more

When choosing a fantasy ranking or weekly start/bench site, look at their archived articles. Every expert gets the picks wrong and that's OK. However, it's the sleeper picks that make the difference between a bad source and a good source. Not a single FF expert could have told you that Tory Holt would have 1 catch or that Eddie Royal would have 9 for 146 & a TD. However, the good ones express that they have a hunch due to the matchup. Over my years of scouring the web for the best sources, I have never found the "major" sites to be as accurate. "Off the radar" blogs like Bruno Boys, FFLibrarian, Rotoworld are the gems. MSN Fox Sports & CBS are the ABSOLUTE WORST sources and are very wrong every time. Their strategy is to go with the biggest names that everyone knows and ride the "bandwagon" express. After you get past the first 10 big names on their chart, it looks like they used a program to randomly scramble and assign stats to the rest of the players on the list. This does not win you your league championship. My wife could tell you that LT, Brady, Moss, Owens and Romo are good.

Espn & Yahoo occasionally give decent tidbits. Brad Evan takes some gamble with his sleepers and I like to see that. Matthew Berry for ESPN swings for the fences and I respect that. When he whiffs, he whiffs huge, but he's not afraid to tell you to pick up a no name like James Jones from GB (when he comes back from his injury) and then tells you the reason. It's because James Jones and Aaron Rodgers were on the practice squad together for years and have a great chemistry. That is good sound football advice. A sweet little podcast called Fantasy Freakin' Football was very high on snagging Eddie Royal late in all your drafts. WOW! Great Call! Watching him, you can tell that he is here to stay. He reminds me of Gary Clark, a short 1980's Redskins WR, who just flat out knew how to get open and what to do with it after he caught it.

My best advice when searching Google is to type in 2 names of players that you're trying to decide between and then add the words 2008 and Fantasy to narrow the search (IDP search example: Lofton Brooking Fantasy 2008) Maybe add the search term "IDP" in there to narrow more. Another thing to do is go into Google's "advanced search" and choose the "dates" option to narrow articles posted within the last week. It's amazing how much knowledge "true" football fans have out there. So travel off the beaten path and get away from those "commercial" sites.

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