Week 11, 2008 PPR Fantasy Gold found in Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals game? Watching Hasselbeck, Engram and even Robinson

Now is the time to strategize for your playoff run. I'm in a ppr league that rewards QBs 6 points for TDs so I'm keeping my eye keenly on 1 game this weekend for fantasy waiver wire gold. Specifically, I'm watching Bobby Engram (94 catches last year with Hasselbeck throwing him the ball) and Matt Hasselbeck. And I'd like to see if Hasselbeck has the same chemistry with Koren Robinson that Seneca Wallace had. This is Holmgren's retirement year and he has had one bad break after another. Hasselbeck will play this week vs. Arizona and he will be throwing to Branch, Engram, KoRo, and Carlson while J. Jones (coming off good game & Morris are healthy) Seattle has a nice schedule to finish the season and it's very hard to believe, but somehow they still have a small (albeit very, very small) shot of making the playoffs. Everything hinges on beating Arizona this week. If Seattle's defense can finally come together and play like they were supposed to play this year, they have a decent chance. Their special teams have also stepped up lately. And guess where this game is going to be played. The place they call the "12th man" where Seattle fans know what is at stake and should be emotionally charged with all the starters returning and knowing that this is Holmgren's last chance to salvage this nightmare of a season. Call me an optimist, a sucker for the underdog and a sap to want to see a coaching legend have one last well deserved day in the sun, but I'm hoping against hope that Seattle gets this one. I love Kurt Warner and I think he will take his team to the playoffs if he can stay healthy. I even hope he gets MVP this year. I just don't want to see Arizona win this particular game. Can't believe I'm saying go Hawks after they knocked my beloved Redskins out of the playoffs last year, but what the heck, Go HAWKS!

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