Patriot's Mayo MCL Knee Injury Update - IDP Week 2 NFL Fantasy Football

Mayo has a sprained MCL. One source says that the sprain is 'Grade 3', which is the worst possible result and would keep Mayo out 6-8 weeks. The other source claims that the injury is not that bad'. The linebacker is likely somewhere in between, but will definitely avoid the IR. Find a part-time replacement in IDP leagues.

YOU CAN'T DROP THIS GUY. PERIOD! What if it's only 2 weeks. You just never know with Belichick.

I bet their regretting cutting Paris Lenon right about now. Ironic that the Rams just signed Lenon yesterday so the Patriots can't go back and get him.

So, it's speculation time. Reportedly, Patriots are considering old (and I do mean old) Tampa Bay Linebacker Derrick Brooks. We'll see.

Currently, Eric Alexander is listed as the backup to Mayo on the depth chart. So if they don't pick up a free agent, my guess is they move Pierre Woods into Mayo's spot and Derrick Burgess starts on the outside. Anyone think Teddy Bruschi comes out of retirement? Afterall, he was with them all of training camp. hmmm

But all we can do is wait and see. Regardless, if you have Mayo, like I do, you gotta go pick someone up for Week 2. Personally, I just watched a guy in my league drop Miami MLB Channing Crowder last night so I'm going to wait for him to clear waivers and see if I can get him this Saturday. He's got Indy this week on MNF. If he's gone, than I'm grabbing Detroit's rookie SS Delmas against MIN.


travis said...

Monk, what do you think about Tatupu? I picked him up late in my draft but I'm thinking of letting him go. He's had better years and he's a little banged up. Will he produce this year? Worth keeping on the bench for awhile?

Michael Monk said...

@ travis - He's too high of a caliber player to quit on yet. He should come through against SF this weekend. If I were to give him a ranking, I would say above Clint Session & just above Farrior and just below Channing Crowder of Miami. So that equals out to a safe LB3. I don't know that you could find
anyone safer on the wire. It depends though on how tired you are of him. Sometimes when I just don't like a guy, I remember this is my team and I need to enjoy cheering for my guys. So I'll drop a guy like you're talking about and take gamble with my "hunches". For instance, I don't think I would be gutsy enough to drop Tatupu for Gary Guyton this week, but I would gamble on Philly's Akeem Jordan if he's there. It really depends on how stable and strong the rest of your team is. If you have the wiggle room to play with this one position, swing for the fences. I did it it with a lesser known guy named David Harris a couple years ago and let's just say watching him out score Tom Brady one week was quite rewarding to say the least!

travis said...

thanks for your thoughts. I guess I will hold on to him a few more weeks to see if he turns on. Teams in my league dropped both Mayo and Crowder this week, so I have waiver claims for both coming this Saturday. I'm 7th in priority this week so hopefully nobody will be headhunting. Meanwhile, I've got Gibril Wilson, Kerry Rhodes at DBs and D'Qwell Jackson at my other LB (our league does 5 IDPs -- 2 DB, 2 LB and one DP flex). Per your advice, if I can manage to use the bench position for awhile, I'm going to try and "hold the Mayo" until he heals and hope for some extra points on the home stretch of the season.

Thanks for all the good looks at IDP, I'm happy to have found this column - one of the very few quality IDP blogs on the Internet.

Before I go, what are your thoughts on Kerry Rhodes under Rex Ryan? Does Ryan's scheme have the potential to unleash Rhodes as the next Ed Reed?

Michael Monk said...

@ travis Thank you. I like your team a lot. I did the same as you just now. I picked up Channing Crowder and dropped Delmas. Although Delmas is my best recommendation this week for off the wire, I don't think Channing Crowder has any business being on the wire. Time will tell, but I like his chances to be very solid vs. Indy this week. Of course, I'll be pissed at myself if Channing ends up with a mediocre 6-1 and Delmas goes off with 9-1 & 2 PDs. haha

As far as Rhodes. He's a great player no who he's under so he'll get his no matter one. He is a guy that I would play the matchups with though and I'd have no regrets dropping him to try a Tyvon Branch this week instead. But I'd feel equally comfortable with either guy this week and even the year. Again, just too early to tell what the ceiling is for a guy like Branch.