IDP Week 3 NFL Fantasy Football 2009 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

"Upon Further Review" Updates and additions made (9/26). 

(I also encourage you to read the comments that people post below. I answer all comments and you may find they'll help you get an edge going into week 3.)

I'm getting a lot of questions about DJ or Andra Davis(Den). I'm going with D.J. Williams(Den)  because he's facing Oakland, their division rival, who D.J. has always done very well against. He's playing from the exact same ILB position that Steven Cooper played from week 1 vs. OAK where Cooper got 13 tackles. We all know what DJ is made of. I think Andra will do well this week too, but  DJ once got me 35 points on MNF and very few IDPers have the potential to single handedly score as many points as a Peyton Manning. I hope you all have a monster IDP week 3!

Gary Brackett(IND) it does not look good for week 3  Freddie Keiaho (sleeper alert) takes his place and he was an old IDP stud so don't be surprised if you see huge numbers out of Keiaho this week. If you're desperate and need a last minute fill in, plug him in and he should be solid. By the way Clint Session is also nicked up this week and might be slowed.


Timmons(Pit) is fully practicing now. Grab him if he's on the wire & you can make the room on your roster.  We haven't seen him play yet but he's highest on my WATCH list

Shanle(NO) if you can get him and trade him to someone in your league for a guy like Keith Rivers who will be much better later this season than Shanle

SS Pollard(Hou) last years KC stud SS just signed with Houston and has a lot of potential

Monk's IDP WEEK 3 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

DBs (Defensive Backs)
Danieal Manning(CHI) 6 solos 1 sack 1 safety, week 2 he got 6-2  PLUS for those of you who get return points, they use him occasionally for that purpose.
B. McDonald(CLE) 7 solos 1pd week 2 and has quietly been very solid in both games. Cleveland will find themselves on Dfenz quite a bit this season    

I'm continuing to highly recommend Tyvon Branch(OAK), Delmas(DET), A. Henry(DET) & Mike Brown(KC) this year. All will be on defense PLENTY.

Sabby Piscitelli(TB) Tanard Jackson and Jermaine Philips are injured and Aqib Talib is facing a suspension time. It's a good time to get Piscitelli if your looking for a big reward with fairly low risk now that he's the only big play guy left standing. I LIKE HIM A LOT!!!

SS A. Elam(CLE)  if you can get him 8-1 1 sack week 1 and 6 solos week 2 against a Denver team that didn't throw much.  Again, the Cleveland rule. They will be on defense often.

Antoine Bethea(IND) is the DB PICK UP of the WEEK and IS the safety I would target for the Colts if he's available on your wire.  He put up some very big numbers last year with 101 total tackles and he always steps up more when Bob Sanders is out.  His week 2 MNF performance of 8 solos 1 pd and 1 INT was not a fluke. He put up monster numbers like that for a 5 game stretch last year. Next week they get Arizona. Personally, I'm debating if I want to use him over ILB Guyton next week who plays ATL.

LBs  (LineBackers)
It's Akeem Jordan(PHI) time.  Pick this guy up and sleep well at night. I've seen enough over the last couple weeks to feel like he's a solid 4th LB with #3 upside.

S. Nicholas(ATL) had a second solid week and is one to watch. Add him if you have the room, but just watch for now.

B. Cushing(HOU) is another one to watch. The reason I say to just watch on both Nicholas and Cushing is they both play the less tackle heavy SLB position and they are riskier than a WLB and especially an MLB.

G. Guyton(NE) is the replacement for Jerod Mayo so you certainly can't expect Mayo numbers, but he'll still gets enough tackles to very serviceable.

Clint Session(IND) had 8 solos and 1 assist on MNF, leading the Colts in tackles. I put him about a notch lower than Akeem Jordan, but very close. It's time to go get him.

K. Ellison(BUF) is the replacement for Posluszny and looks to be the real deal and will definitely help solidify your team.

Andra Davis(DEN) is my  LB PICK UP OF THE WEEK. Just in case the message was not made clear last week, Andra Davis puts an exclamation point on week 1's performance by getting 9 solos and an assist in week 2. It would be incredibly ballsy of me to go out on a limb and say Andra will have a better year than D.J. Williams this year, but I'm extremely tempted to drop D.J. for Andra.  D.J. has been my worst scorer 2 weeks in a row. For now I dropped my backup QB to snatch Andra, but very soon I have to decide whether I'm going to drop D.J. because I'm not dropping Otogwe, Laurinitas or Curtis Lofton. But I am using Andra against OAK next week. I may or may not bench D.J. Sometimes even us veteran FFers have trouble looking past the "big name", despite all the warnings I heard about DJ switching positions in pre-season.

DLs  (Defensive Linemen)
DE Ray Edwards(MIN) Are you kidding me? 7 tackles 1asst and 1 sack this week! Not too shabby week 1 either with 3 solos 3 assts and .5 sack. So who is he? The guy who plays opposite of Jared Allen, that's who. He plays SF next week and I suggest using him!

Sticking with guys who play opposite of studs, DE Antonio Smith(Hou) faces a very week O-line at JAC week 3. They will focus so hard at trying to stop Mario the Beast, they will forget about Antonio Smith. He's been matched up against 2 good linemen vs. NYJ  and TEN so far, but gets a much easier matchup this week. He's worth a shot.

Tank Tyler(KC) 14 total tackles in 2 weeks is someone to try if you're not happy with your current DLs.

A. Carter (WAS) takes on the Lions Week 3. Enough said. Good matchup play with a good chance of 3-4 tackles and a sack. 

Antwan Odom(CIN) The Cincy DE is about all the Bengals have on D and he is one heck of an athlete.BUT. was it really Odom or just how bad that tackle for GB  Chris Long has them week 3 Let's watch and see how he does.

Elvis Dumervil(DEN) If by chance he's on your wire, get him. Denver is blitzing a lot more than I expected this year and their stunts are getting Dumervil free. I'm high on him for week 3.

DL PICK UP of the Week is Greg Ellis(OAK) 8 tackles 3 sacks and a FF in 2 games! With the addition of Richard Seymour, who I also like, the whole Raiders D-line benefits. Temper expectations a tad next week against Denver, who has a really good O-line. But he's on fire so far this year and may be the exception to the rule vs. the Broncos.

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Anonymous said...

What's your thoughts on Quintin Mikell this year? He's on the waiver wire in my IDP league.

Michael Monk said...

I've got a large non-sexual man crush on Quintin Mikell this year. Especially with Stewart Bradley injured. He's a top 5 SS in my book with the potential to put up Weddle "like" numbers.

Renny said...

Do you think it's better to have Mikell or Cedric Griffin? Mikell is a FA, and I have Griffin. I also have Weddle and McKelvin at DB. My other players are Andra Davis, Mario Williams, Beason, and Willis. Our league starts 6 players.

10 IDP starter league said...

This is the first time I've seen your blog. Thanks, it's awesome. Anyway, would you start Andra Davis over James Harrison v. Cincy, Johnathan Vilma v. Buffalo, or London Fletcher v. Detroit? He is available in my league. Hope he's still there after waivers clear.

Michael Monk said...

Renny, those are nice problems to have because you really can't make a mistake.

Cedric Griffin is the one I'd want over Mikell. I love Mikell, but the Vikings have the best defensive line in football so teams will consistently choose to throw. And, because he plays opposite of superstar Winfield, he'll be the one seeing the most opportunities. It also helps that he's a great athlete in his own right. Logic says go Griffin.

So let's see who's left: Willis(1), Beason(2), Andra Davis(3), Weddle(4), Griffin(5) & McKelvin(6)

Unless your team counts return yards, I would definitely want Mikell over McKelvin. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Renny said...

Yea, 50 return yds per point.
Poz and Bob Sanders are FA, so I'll probably snatch them when the time is right. Had Poz and Urlacher on my team week1 lol.
Anyway, thanks for the advice, I think your blog is very useful, and your knowledge is a big help!

Kyle said...

I am trying to decide who to pickup out of andra davis, stephen cooper, akeem jordan, and keith ellison. Who would you suggest?

Michael Monk said...

@ Kyle - Cooper without a doubt. I can't believe he's on your wire. They are all good players and I'm high on Andra Davis, but Cooper's the only one to prove himself to be an elite IDP stud last year. Did you see his week 1 game this year where he lead ALL IDP players in points with 13 solos.

Grab him and smile your butt off!

Kyle said...

Ok thanks. I have one more question. I now need to know who to start because I have so many great players. First I should let you know that our league gives you 1 point for solo tackles, 2 points for int's and sacks and 6 points for TD's. Those are the only ways to score points with IDP's. I can only start 3 players but I have Ware, Atogwe, cooper, winfield, Gibril wilson, and weddle. Who should I start this week?

Michael Monk said...

@ Kyle haha You are insanely loaded. I've never seen anything like that.

Atogwe is definite because he is the BEST and going against pass heavy GB. He's simply too good to sit.

Cooper has a very hot hand right now & faces run heavy Miami where the Colts were on D all night and their linebackers racked up the tackles.

You last position is extremely tough. For me, it would be between Wilson or Weddle because your league doesn't give as much for sacks as most leagues so Ware is out in my book and I don't see Singletary wanting Shaun Hill to test playmaker Winfield too much. They'll lose a game in a hurry that way. Lots of dinks & dunks to Gore or V. Davis in that one.

I think I'd go Weddle over Wilson this week. I see plenty of tackles for the whole SD team against Miami. But it's very close. Wilson will definitely get his numbers against SD as well. Literally flip a coin and you'll be fine with either guy. I wouldn't stress too much about it.

It's only FF after all, but Weddle did finish last year with high numbers than Wilson and now Wilson share tackles with Y. Bell.

I apologize ahead of time if Ware goes off against Carolina or if Winfield has an INT for a TD, but their simply not as safe as your other guys.

Bperiod said...

Need a lil assistance...
My league plays 3db's 3lb's and 3dl's, right now my lineup looks like this"
Q. Mikell
Adrian Wilson
Michael Griffin (maybe here?)

London Fletcher
Thomas Davis
Andra Davis (just dropped K. Bullock)
Stashing J. Mayo on my bench.

Terrell Suggs
Richard Seymour
Albert Haynesworth (for sure here!)

Play in a 12 team league, so most of the obvious cats are gone. Looking to replace Haynesworth, and any other suggestions you may have..

alex said...

Hey man,

Love the blog cuz i am new to this IDP stuff. question, i am in 2 leagues with the same settings. they start 1 of each (db, dl, lb) scoring is set as tack solo is 1, assist is .5, sack is 3, int is 4, ff is 2, pd is 2.

In one league i have used the same 3 players for both weeks. they are, Gabril wilson, mario williams, and patrick willis.

In the other league i have been messing with the matchups. last week i started Delmas, david harris, and ogunlye.

Now my question is, should i just leave the first league alone, and start those guys every week? or should i let them hit the wire so i can play matchups?

and second with scoring set the way it is, how should i set up the 2nd team for this week? there are ALOT of big names left on the wire!!!

mayor. said...

Ok, so this week I've got to choose two DB's from this group, your help would be much appreciated:

Antoine Bethea
Cedric Griffin
Michael Lewis
Eric Coleman
Louis Delmas

I assume Griffin is a definite start but I'm not sure on the second one.

Also, as long as we are talking DB's, I'm looking to make a trade for someone and was wondering who you thought the top 3 best DB's in all of IDP Fantasy Football were? Thanks and keep up the great work!

mayor. said...

oh, and one more thing, what do you think of Bryan Scott of the Bills? He's had 10 and 9 tackles the first two weeks and they play a pass happy New Orleans team this week who I can't imagine will even attempt to run the ball with their injured RB's against a good Bills run D.

James said...

We start 2 LBs and one defesive player of any position. Which 3 should I start?: Stephen Cooper, Andra Davis, London Fletcher, James Harrison, and Jonathan Vilma?

Our Scoring: 0.5 for every total tackle, 1 for every solo, and 1 for every tackle for loss.

James said...

Which 3 should I start out of Stephen Cooper, Andra Davis, London Fletcher, James Harrison, and Jonathan Vilma?

We score 0.5 pts for every total tackle, 1 pt for every solo, and 1 for every tackle for loss.

Michael Monk said...

@ BPeriod I like your team, overall. DLs are so hard to predict. I'd stay right were you are with them though. Haynesworth is a super stud and he's going against Detroit. I like those chances.

I can't say I'm siked about Michael Griffin, but he's been fairly solid and you said the usual cats are gone so you could definitely do worse. The guys on my week 3 list are my wire guys and if they're not available than hold tight.

Michael Monk said...

@ alex The first team of Willis Wilson & mario williams is very solid and too good to mess with

You are correct about the second team. I would play the "matchups game" with Delmas. I think Delmas will always get a solid 5 tackles or so. I still like T. Branch for Oakland better than him, but guys like Elam and, especially the Colts Bethea this week are who I'd target over him. You'll have to know your opponents team as you enter each week. If they have a mediocre team, go conservative with a solid guy like Delmas, but if you know you're going to have to swing for the fences to beat a guy, I'd go for Safeties facing Indy or Arizona or on teams that are going to get crushed and will be on defense all day.

Michael Monk said...

@ Mayor Out of those guys, I really like Griffin & Coleman. Coleman going against New England is too tasty to pass up.

Michael Monk said...

Mayor, I forgot to mention the top 3 FF DBs in Football. For me, it's Otogwe, Winfield & Weddle/Gibril Wilson tied for 3rd. We'll see where it ends up at the end of the year. It could be Otogwe, Roman Harper & Q. Mikell. We'll just have to see.

I'm glad you brought up Bryan Scott. He does this type of thing and then disappears for a few games. Maybe he won't this year, but he's done it to me 2 years in a row so I haven't dared mention his name this year.

Michael Monk said...

@ James I'd go Cooper, James Harrison and Fletcher. If you feel like taking a risk, I'd use Andra Davis over Fletcher but in Vilma's case, I think Buffalo will be throwing a lot to catch up and Vilma might be left out of the action. I worry a little bit about Det/Washington, but Detroit might actually stay in this game against the skins and keep their running game going. Dump offs to K. Jones will get Fletcher tackles as well. Not to mention, it's London Fletcher and he's just too good to leave on your bench.

Pinto said...

I play in a 2DL, 2 DB, 2LB Dynasty League. Just wondering who you think I should start this week.

James Harrison
Andra Davis
David Harris
D'Qwell Jackson
Thomas Davis

John Abraham
Greg Ellis
Elvis Dumervil (LB eligible)
LaMar Woodley (LB eligible)

OJ Atogwe
Tyvon Branch
Brandon Meriweather

1 point per tackle, 5 points for INT, 5 points per sack, 1 point per pass deflected, 3 points for forced fumble and any return yards are counted

Michael Monk said...

@ Pinto
5 points per INT & 5 per sack! Wow!

Your LB's need to be
James Harrison
Thomas Davis
Your DL's are tougher, but I'd go:

John Abraham as one
LaMar Woodley if he is a DL (how is Woodley a DL?) I like him against Cincy and he can put up LB numbers in a DL position

Ellis goes against that tough Denver o-line & Jamarcus R. is difficult to sack so I'm a little lower on Dumervil.

OJ Atogwe
Brandon Meriweather

Meriweather is going to get a lot more tackles with Jerod Mayo out and he's got a nose for INTs & Sacks (good for your league)

Kate said...

I am playing in a league that starts 3 LBs My LBs are:
James Harrison
EJ Henderson
Stephen Tulloch
Andra Davis
Akeem Jordan

I can pick up Lawrence Timmons as a free agent. Should I pick up Timmons and drop one of my other guys?

Bperiod said...

Aiight, so you would drop M. Griffin for A. Elam?

Benji said...

Hey Monk!

Just recently stumbled upon your blog and love it!!

starting i need help deciding my LB's this week. I could start only 2...

EJ Henderson
Brian Cushing
Andra Davis
DJ Williams


Michael Monk said...

@ Kate That's a tough call because there's been a lot of hype on Timmons, but we haven't seen him yet. He does have huge upside though playing at ILB for the Steelers.

Let's look at your players:

Akeem Jordan could finish the season as a top 15 LB so keep him.

Same with Andra Davis. He has done nothing, but score high everytime he sees the field so far and he's got huge rival Oak this week.

EJ is a solid guy to keep around.

That leaves Harrison, who's been a bit of a bummer this year so far and Tulloch who played outside of himself that first game and more like himself last week.

However, that being said, Tulloch has NYJ this week and they are like a full course meal to ILBs. He could get you 10 or more total tackles this week.

And you can't cut Harrison so the answer is wait and see how they use Timmons this week. Let someone else in your league jump on the hype machine.

So this is who I'd start this week:

Andra Davis
Akeem Jordan

I know that means that too "big names" are left on your bench this week, but don't make the same mistake I made last week. I started MLB Channing Crowder vs. Indy (a pass heavy team) because he had the "bigger name" over WLB Clint Session on my bench. What happened? Crowder got 1 tackle and Clint Session went on for a team high 10 total. That would have won me my matchup Monday night. I just needed 3 lousy solo tackles to tie my opponent and a measily asst to win. For now on, I'm going with my gut and playing the matchups like I advise others to do. Good luck!

Sam said...

Hey Monk.

can you pick my two starting DB's this week:

Chris Horton
Eric Weddle
Quintin Mikell


Jimmy said...


I'm having an incredibly hard time picking which Linebackers to start this week!

is Andra Davis or David Harris worth a start over Laurniatus?

IDP Tim said...


My league start starts the following positions, in which I have the following players:
1 LB (James Laurinaitas);
2 DT (Kevin Williams);
3 DE (Mario Williams);
4 CB (Asante Samuel);
5 S (Louis Delmas, with Polamalu on the bench)

(Sack = 3, Solo Tack = .5, Int, Force Fumble or Recover = 2, Pass deflection = 1, TD = 6)

I've asked you already about Mario over Osi, and will sit on Mario as you advise, but was wondering whether you could give me a bit of advice on whether or not you'd swap out anyone with the following people available for the positions on the wire:
LB – Keith Wilson, Shawne Merriman, Thomas Davis, Jon Beason, Kroy Biermann, DJ Williams, Akeem Jordan, Greg Ellis
S – Danieal Manning, Quintin Mikell, Brandon Meriweather, Yeremiah Bell
DT – Craig Terrill, Ogemdi Nwagbuo, Marcus Stroud
CB – Leodis McKelvin, Terrence McGee, Cedric Griffin

Finally I've been hit pretty hard by my Hasselbeck/McNabb combo, and could do with picking up, say, Sanchez as a replacement. With Bench at a premium, is Polamalu worth sitting on?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Michael Monk said...

@ bperiod I thinks so. Its very close though. Elam has a better chance of being consistent,

Instead of those choices, why don't you play the matchups this week. Can u get a guy from this list for week 3?

1). Yeremiah Bell - MIA at SD
2). Oshiomogho Atogwe - STL vs GB
3). Antoine Winfield - MIN vs SF
4). Eric Weddle - SD vs MIA
5). Roman Harper - NO at BUF
6). Adrian Wilson - ARI vs IND
7). Sabby Piscitelli - TB vs NYG
8). Brian Dawkins - DEN at OAK
9). Erik Coleman - ATL at NE
10). Kerry Rhodes - NYJ vs TEN
11). Quintin Mikell - PHI vs KC
12). Tyvon Branch - OAK vs DEN
13). Gibril Wilson - MIA at SD
14). Michael Lewis - SF at MIN
15). Charles Tillman - CHI at SEA
16). Cedric Griffin - MIN vs SF
17). Kenny Phillips – NYG at TB
18). Bryan Scott - BUF vs NO
19). Mike Brown - KC at PHI
20). Richard Marshall - CAR at DAL
21). Charles Woodson - GB at STL
22). Chris Horton - WAS at DET
23). Rashean Mathis - JAX at HOU
24). Louis Delmas - DET vs WAS
25). Cortland Finnegan - TEN at NYJ
26). Melvin Bullitt - IND at ARI
27). Nate Clements - SF at MIN
28). Roy Williams - CIN vs PIT
29). Nick Collins - GB at STL
30). Chris Hope - TEN at NYJ

Michael Monk said...

@ benji I'm in the same boat as you.

I'm not ready to fully trust Cushing yet. But watch VERY closely.

I think you have to go DJ one more week. It's Oakland and Cooper put up 13 solos for that same spot.

Lastly, you gotta go EJ Henderson, but I wouldn't blink twice if you started both Denver guys. Your fine either way.
EJ Henderson
Brian Cushing
Andra Davis
DJ Williams

Michael Monk said...

@ Sam
Eric Weddle
Quintin Mikell

(love Horton, but not vs. Detroit this week)

Michael Monk said...

@ jimmy

Yes, actually. I'd go David Harris vs Tenn over Laurniatus vs GB

Michael Monk said...

@ IDP Tim
YES on almost ALL

LB – Thomas Davis,*until Beason gets back on track, then get JB

S – Yeremiah Bell

CB – Cedric Griffin

Your DE & DT are strong

Renny said...

Yo Monk - Should I start McKelvin or Cedric Griffin this week? They are saying McKelvin will play now, but not sure about the return yards. My lge is 50 ret yds per point. Thx!

Michael Monk said...

@ Renny out of those 2, I'd go Ced Griffin, but I have to say I like T. Branch from Oakland a lot this week & the rest of the year if you can get him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk - Should I start Farrior or Durant at LB this week?

Also, how do you project Schobel the rest of the year?

Thanks for all your help!

Michael Monk said...

@ anonymous I'd actually go Farrior over Durant this week, but it's extremely close. I know the Bengals preference would be to give it to Benson 25 times. Whether that happens or not is TBD. On the other side of the coin, the Texans are losing faith in Slaton and I don't know that Chris Brown is healthy so they may just throw the whole game and Durant will be left out of the equation. So that's why I say Farrior.

As far as Aaron Schobel, he's a top 15, top 20 guy so he be fine for the year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering the questions...i'm glad i found your blog and i'll definitely be checking this question is if you could rank these 5 safeties for the rest of the year: Adrian Wilson, MIkell, Horton, Piscatelli, Delmas?

League only starts 1 safety so is it worth owning 2 of those guys or is it like TE where you just pick a guy up during a bye week?

Michael Monk said...

@ anonymous Thank you!

The first 2 weeks are always so tough to stay patient with our "so called" studs. But, afterall we are Americans and want success now. ;^)

So the irony of your list: (Adrian Wilson, MIkell, Horton, Piscatelli, Delmas) is the least likely guy coming into the season is the points leader and the biggest, most consistent stud on the list is dead last in points. I'm speaking of Piscatelli "with Alfredo sause" and Adrian "I have a girls name" Wilson.

So if you're going to put a gun to my head and have me rank these guys for the entire season, my gut says Delmas first. I know that sounds nutty, but looking at his schedule for the rest of the year, he's just going to be so busy and be on the field so much. Detroit's d-line and linebackers are injured right now and looking at last year they were injured a ton also. That just leaves so many tackle opportunities for Delmas. And Delmas is known for being very aggressive and looks for contact.

The reason Wilson is last in points out of your list and will continue to be last is Arizona's defensive line is stopping the run for the first time in years. Thus less tackles for him. Mikell is great and I like him a lot, but Philly's offense is pretty good (or will be good again when McNabb gets back). Plus Philly's defensive line is decent so again slightly less tackle opportunities for Mikell.

Horton is terrific and really should be ranked first ahead of Delmas if you're not a risk taker like myself. Him, Delmas & Mikell will be grouped very close together in points all year. All extremely solid and you'll be fine with any of them. They are your safest.

Lastly Piscatelli is going to be very inconsistent. He'll get a ton of opportunities and make some huge plays, but he'll have some games where he'll completely disappear. Bottom line is he is not an NFL starter and not meant to on the field. So I can't give him the nod.

My order would be:
Delmas/Horton (tied for first), Mikell (a fraction of a point behind), A. Wilson, Piscatelli

Bottom line is you're extremely safe going with any of the first 3 safeties. I wouldn't blink twice if you chose Mikell.