2008 Fantasy Football Week 15 IDP Waiver Pickups Akeem Jordan Is it Bishop or Chillar? Is David Harris Back? Michael Lewis Again or Pollard?

Week 15 IDP Waiver Pickups

Starting with DB Waiver Wire pickups:

FS Jarred Page for the Chiefs vs. San Diego
Raiders Free Safety had a big game vs. San Diego week 15
KC FS Jarrad Page (had 8-1 vs. Den last week) and gets San Diego this week

SS J. Phillips for the Bucs has been on fire since he's been on back with multiple INTs and tackle opportunities. He'll be playing hard once against division foe Atlanta.

SS Michael Lewis vs. Miami
Bryan Scott went off vs. Miami last week with 9 solos & an assist and nothing needs to be said about one of the most elite Strong Safeties (he's on my waiver wire so that's why I list him here on waiver pick-ups)

SS Pollard for KC vs. SD
A strong rivalry, SD trend all years gives up a lot of tackles to the SS and Pollard has been very solid all year.

DB Sleeper of the Week: SS Bryan Scott He has another great start vs NYJ where every SS all year has done well. Scott had 9 tackles last week. (warning: Scott only had 3 tackles last time he played the Jets so he's a boom or bust guy this week) The good news is Buffalo will probably be behind with Losman or an injured Edwards at the helm. So the Jets will be running T. Jones and doing quick passes over the middle. Lots of opportunities for Scott here.

Linebacker Pickups for Week 15:

Paris Lenon this week? At first glance against the Colts, I would say "No". However, Dhani Jones had 9 total tackles against Indy last week and the Lions defense will be on the field a lot. Lenon had his best game of the year last week with 10 total tackles a half sack and 2 forced fumbles against the Vikings. Whether it's Dominic Rhodes or Addai, every team runs on Detroit.

LB R. Jeanty vs. Washinton Redskins should do very well. He has been quietly solid for weeks now and everyone knows the Skins run the ball and despite the Skins latest losing streak, they should be good enough against Cincy not fall behind enough to desert the run game.

Akeem Jordan vs. Cleveland on MNF
This is a bit of a boom or bust play because they may blow out the Browns so badly that Cleveland will abandon the run. However, if you're like me, you love to have players in the MNF game. It makes you feel like you still have a chance if you're behind when the Sunday night games end.

P. Tinoisamoa
had 9 solos vs. Arizona last week. He get's Seattle next week and is a nice option as Seattle will be able to stay in the game and run a lot against St. Louis.

Keith Brooking vs Tampa Bay
he's been rolling the last couple weeks and has a great matchup against TB in week 15

Linebackers Sleeper of the week: Shanle with 7tkls 2 assist vs. Falcons & 8 tackles the week before gets run first Chicago on Thursday night

Week 15 DTs:
Nose Tackle vs. Jags last week A Adam for Chicago lead the team in tackles from NT with 6-2

DT Richard Seymour gets the Oakland this week. Did you know that Seymour has 6.5 sacks in the last 8 games he's played in. You don't get more consistent production from this position than that. And with the Raiders guaranteed to be trailing this one, Seymour will get sack opportunities in this one.

Week 14 IDP Waiver Pickups

Starting with Sneaky DB pickups:

SS Michael Lewis vs. NYJ
He's available on my waiver wire and will be very solid vs. the Jets between Thomas Jones and Keller, Leon Washington and Coles quick slants.

SS Pollard for KC vs. Den
This is a strong rivalry and Pollard has been quietly solid with 69 tackles on the year.

DB Sleeper of the Week: SS Bryan Scott (Buf)

Linebacker Pickups for Week 14:

Paris Lenon is once again useful going against Minnesota this week. He doesn't put up big numbers, but he'll be a solid anchor with a guaranteed 10 points or so. You need at least 3 strong anchors on your team so that you can take some chances with boom or bust guys in a couple of your slots.

Winborn or Woodyard for Denver? (I asked this question 2 weeks ago)
And the answer is still the same. How about both!!! This is 3 weeks in a row that both hit double digits in tackles. So who do you want going forward? The answer is still Winborn. Woodyard is filling in for DJ Williams who is expected back this week. It has recently been announced that Winborn has earned a starting roll even if Boss Bailey comes back. Nate Webster is also expected back soon and will resume his middle linebacker spot.

Akeem Jordan OLB for Philly faces the Giants this week
He has looked solid since taking over for Omar Gaither 2 weeks ago. The only thing that makes me the slightest bit leary about this call is that I thought Washington OLB Rocky McIntoch would go nuts against the Giants last week and he dropped a big ole stinker getting me only 4 points and causing me to lose this week by a half point. Ouch! (Not to worry, I already clinched a playoff spot as all of you have as well or else you wouldn't be reading a week 14 artcle.) Jordan is a solid sleeper with upside potential this week.

Linebackers Sleeper of the week: Na'il Diggs of Carolina goes up against TB. He had 9 tackles last time he played them and last week both NO OLBs has stronger games than MLB Vilma when they played the Bucs.

Week 13 IDP Waiver Pickups Thanksgiving Special Game by Game Edition

Go to Paris this Thanksgiving!
If there is anything that you can count on this season, it's that Detroit will be on Defense a lot and in all probability they'll be losing. This recipe always bodes well for Linebackers because once teams get ahead, they tend to turn to the run game to grind out the clock.
Thursday, they face a Tennessee team that needs to get their run game confidence and back on track. Although Ernie Sims would usually be the more likely LB in Detroit, he has been injured for over a month now and hasn't had any more than 4 solos during that stretch.
So Paris Lenon is the one you want Thursday in this game.

Seattle at Dallas
FS Ken Hamlin for Dal will be busy as Seattle plays catch up the whole game. They'll be lucky if they're not down by 30 at halftime in this one. (I probably just jinxed Romo. Sorry, Cowboys fans)

Turkey Day night game - Arizona at Philadelphia
Too hard to call, stay away from these players on the Waiver Wire
Philadelphia just got very, very embarassed and are desperate. They could be a dangerous team which makes this game difficult to predict. What will they do against Arizona? There is a ton of pressure on McNabb, on Reid, and people are losing their jobs like Omar Gaither. Akeem Jordan had a nice game in his place against Baltimore, but Arizona is not a running team so stay away this week.

Sunday games (unofficial xmas decoration day)

San Francisco at Buffalo
Another nice one for Takeo Spikes is in store
Michael Lewis would be a great start, but check injury report.

FS Ko Simpson
for Buffalo is a sleeper in this one with Shaun Hill throwing a lot to stay in games P.S. I'd think hard and way your options if you have Posluszny. He hasn't exacly been a no brainer these days.

Baltimore at Cincinnati
I'd stay away, even from Dhani Jones. He's had plenty of chances against running teams over the last month. He just seems like he's quit. If you're desperate, a sleeper might be OLB Johnson for the Bengals. He took over for rookie Rivers after his broken jaw and has put up passable numbers. Baltimore does run.

Indianapolis at Cleveland
No definitive waiver wire pickups here. Check your waiver wire for frustrated Bob Sanders owners. If he's there, grab him and stash him, even if he doesn't play this week. Ditto for Keiaho owners. I doubt anyone dropped him while he was injured, but he's back.

Carolina at Green Bay
A.J. Hawk &
Chillar for GB could both be on your wire. They're both on mine. I'm leaning toward Chillar for his pass coverage abilities and because DeAngelo is more of an outside runner. Carolina may try a lot of passes in the middle in front of those GB LBs. They have been soft there all year. This gives Chillar more opportunities. (I'm watching AJ Hawk as I write this and he looks slow and confused. He's looking like more of a risk than a reward. We'll see how he finishes tonight. I didn't expect many tackles at MLB vs. the Saints, but he can't even cover the Saint's backup tight ends. )

Miami at St. Louis
Same theory as I used for Detroit above. Another good matchup for OLB Pisa Tinoisamoa
This has nothing to do with waiver wire pickups, but on a personal note, I'm benching Channing Crowder unless Steven Jackson plays. St. Louis will be passing because their always behind so Miami CBs should be looked at if you're desperate for a DB, but I'd stay away if possible.

New Orleans at Tampa Bay
You'd have to be very lucky, but see if any hot-headed owners dropped Vilma over the past couple weeks. Vilma will have another big day.

NY Giants at Washington Redskins will both be playing hard
Definitely Antonio Pierce. He was on my wire last week, but I missed him.
Kiwanuka, Tuck and even Robbins is worth a shot.

See if McIntosh on the wire and Chris Horton too

Atlanta at San Diego
might be the only one you can find on the wire. He will be solid.

siting against Car. Expect another. Give him a try if you're in a pinch.

Pittsburgh at New England
WOW! How jealous we all are of Mayo owners

Ike Taylor & William Gay & Troy Polamalu
(Polamalu on my wire, that's why I mention him here)

Denver at NY Jets
Winborn, Larsen & Woodyard Oh my! Start em, but first choice is Winborn.

NYJ Pace
will be a solid pickup for you

Kansas City at Oakland *Strong Rivarly
Boimen has been great,
but is he for real? He's been filling in and he'll get another week against a run first team who runs at the OLB. This is his 4th solid game in a row with 9 tackles 3 assists and a forced fumble. I'd say he's one of the better options of the week.
Pollard has also done well from the SS for KC

Chicago at Minnesota
SS Mike Brown
got injured early in the game last week so keep an eye on him, but he could be very solid in this one if he plays

Monday night football

Jacksonville at Houston
did not have 14 tackles again, but did the most with the opportunities he had. He could have a big game against the Jacsksonville run game, but he's a gamble

Justin Durant
should be very active Ahman Green is hurt so Houston will not run up the gut as much so avoid MLB Daryl Smith
Hayward might be a sneaky start
Start Mathis and Nelson against Sage "Turnover" Rosenfels

Week 12 IDP Waiver Pickups

Starting with Sneaky DB pickups:
This week free safety Renaldo Hill for Miami gets to play against New England for the second time this year and he's known to put up big tackle numbers. The Patriots changed their gameplan for the first half against the Jets last week. They went with a run attack gameplan. So Free Safety Kerry Rhodes of NYJ had lower numbers than expected. He still finished with 4 tackles and a fumble recovery. If no name K0 Simpson can get 7 tackles and 4 assists vs. NE then let's see what Renaldo Hill can do after already seeing this offense once this year. Need some #s R. Hill put up 7 tackles, Atogwe 7 tackles 1 INT & Colts FS Bethea posted 10 solos week 9 against the Pats.

DB Sleeper of the Week: Chris Johnson of Oakland goes against the pass happy Broncos and no one is throwing against Nnamdi Asomugha. He has shutdown everyone this year, including Steve Smith. He'll be on Brandon Marshall this week, but Eddie Royal is a strong second WR and remember that Royal broke onto the scene vs. Oakland the first game of this year. So expect Chris Johnson to be thrown to as much as DeAngelo Hall was. Last week he had 9 solo tackles against Miami.

Speaking of a Safe DB to play this week: SS Mike Brown of the Bears is a very solid player. In the last 3 weeks, has 5 tackles & an INT, then 8 tackles and then 9 tackles. This week he gets the Rams and an INT is a good possibility.

Jonathan Joseph is on Fire! Week 9 he had 15 Total tackles and 2 pass deflections. And last week he had 5 tackles an interception and 3 pass deflections.

Sneaky Linebacker Pickups for Week 12:

Green Bay LB Nick Barnett OUT FOR THE SEASON:
And A.J. Hawk stepped in to have 6 tackles in the first quarter. It looked like it was going to be a monster day, but Green Bay started blowing out Chicago so quickly that the Bears had to switch to the pass. So Hawk ended up only adding 1 assist onto his total for the rest of the day. Hawk gets New Orleans next week who will run just enough to get Hawk at least 10 FF points.

Winborn or Woodyard for Denver?
How about both!!! This is 2 weeks in a row that both hit double digits in tackles. Don't expect the same thing against Oakland next week. That doesn't mean don't play them, but it does mean not to expect double digit numbers. It looks like Winborn is the one you want thus far.

CAR LB Thomas Davis: This wasn't too bad of a call for me last week, huh. How about 10 tackles, 1 assist, .5 sack, 1 Int and 1 pass deflection. That's 27.5 points in my league! How bout an LB who gets the same amount of points as Marion Barber in my PPR league. Heck, he doubled my QBs points (Cutler) this past week.

What is in the water with these Houston LBs this year? Xavier Adibi with 14 tackles and 1 assist. The worst part is he is just filling in for Morlon Greenwood. So unless Greenwood is out again next week, we won't even know if Adibi will play against Cleveland in week 12 where outside LBs go off! Ouch, monitor closely. I scooped him up. Another Diles?

Other Linebackers I've scooped up: Justin Durant of Jacksonville is the most athletic of the bunch and reaping the most benefits of Mike Peterson's supposed benching. I say "supposed" because although Daryl Smith started, Peterson finished with 5 tackles. So the question is, will Daryl Smith roll back over to his OLB spot putting Durant on the bench when Peterson comes in or does Smith stay on the bench and Durant stay in? Durant finished with 8 solos this week.

Lastly: Clint Session of Indy had 18 FF points. I've been watching him all year and next week he gets San Diego where he came alive with 2 INTs last year.

Week 12 DT sleeper of the Week:
Vonnie Holliday for Miami is quietly having a good year and goes into a game against the very sacked Matt Cassel with 3 sacks/8 tackles in the last 2 weeks.

Robert Geathers for the Bengals gets the Pittsburgh Steelers this week fresh off a 3 tackle 1 sack 1 pass deflection game

Ogunleye gets the Rams this week and his tackles have been high. Add a sack to those tackle numbers and this should be a solid week for him.

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