Between Seasons - The 2008 Fantasy Football Dilemma

This is the time of year where us true lovers of fantasy football go into detox. I don't know about you guys, but I just can't get into fantasy baseball, basketball or Nascar. I'm NFL fantasy football all the way. There's just nothing else like it for me.

I am the owner of, EyeSharpen Websites here in Muncy, Pennsylvania (PA). It's a website design and advertising agency so I'm on the computer a lot. Fantasy football has always been my hobby between projects. It's something I truly enjoy as a break. I guess some look at the on-line weather, e-trade account, CNN, play bingo or possibly solitaire, but none of those breaks compare to the excitement I get when I start studying draft strategies and stats. It's just a great combination of my love for football and newly found love of statistical 'geekdom'.

So if you find this article. Tell me what sites you visit in the off-season. Are there other true blue fantasy football enthusiasts thirsting for articles this time of year.

Hope I hear from you!

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