2 IDP Guys You Want to Target in Every Draft, 2 Guys You Want to Avoid in Every Draft

TWO GUYS TO GET in your Draft
Due to their value and where they're going in every draft I've done, compared to where I believe they'll end up at the end of the year, I want to come away from every draft with Rey Maualuga (Cin) & Daryl Washington (Ari) with the exception to this rule being David Hawthorne (Sea). If you're leaguemates don't know who Hawthorne is and you can grab him after 10 guys are already off the board, then he's the first one you want to grab, but I feel pretty confident that both Rey & Daryl will slip WAY lower than they are actually worth.

Don't get me wrong, if your draft is going perfect and you have every guy you wanted to get by the 6th or 7th round and you feel comfortable grabbing Patrick Willis, then definitely go for it. I've done that already, but I already had 2 stud RBs, Romo and Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne & Wes Welker as my team at that point.  But, if you started behind because you took Aaron Rodgers and a tight end early or something, waiting on IDPs while you scramble to gather up Reggie Bush & Austin Collie is a nice strategy and both Ray & Daryl are the one's to target. If you miss Daryl, then a poor man's version of him this year is Sean Weatherspoon (Atl).

TWO GUYS TO AVOID (due to ADP value & injury risk)
Jon Beason (Car) and DJ Williams (Den) are both too risky for their draft value. Their names are simply too popular and 2 screws holding together Beason's achillis & no practice does not allow me to sleep well at night with him being my first IDP draft pick. And neither does a dislocated elbow for Williams who's being shuffled on that defense who has Joe Mays in the middle and it's trying to feature the Dumervill/Von Miller show on the other side.  I'd much, much rather have Desmond Bishop or Derrick Johnson over either one of these guys at that elite level.

Bottom line though is I think you can get Rey around the 14th or 15th in mixed drafts and Daryl closer to 18-20 range and they have the potential to put up top 10 LB numbers this year. Especially Rey. So that's a piece of the old Monk strategy for ya and I hope I'm not too late with this advice for many of you.

I know I still have 4 more drafts to go myself so I'm hoping many of you are still needing draft advice as well at this point.  Good luck!
P.S. As a bonus if you want to know my offensive guys I'm targeting this year that I feel meet or exceed their value, here they are (remember, this is coming from a defensive guy so take that for what its worth)

OFFENSIVE VALUE TARGETS (added 2 new guys in red recently)
Miles Austin (love what he & Romo have & think Bryant only makes it better. Their defensive backs are awful so Tony will be throwing every game to keep up)
Phillip Rivers (a value in the 3rd if you ask me)
Peyton Hillis (Dropping too far in drafts & I'm Christian. I don't believe in goofy video game curses. By the way, Hillis is Christian too so neither does he)
Mark Ingram (usually I avoid rookies, but this guy could have 15 TDs if preseason has told us anything)
L. Blount (getting no respect yet he shares the backfield with no one and I see them handing the ball off to this guy 25 times a game with the schedule they have coming up)
Mario Manningham (Nicks is going to be double teamed and who else is Eli going to throw it too. Seriously, think about it. Manningham has incredible run after catch skills too. Think of him as Jeremy Maclin last year finishing with more catches than DeSean Jackson. That's the situation.)
Beanie Wells (you can get a starting back who shares the backfield with no one very cheap. oh, and this guy is one of the top 5 athletes in the league when he's actually motivated. he has to know this is his very last chance to be a starter in this league.)
Tim Hightower (4.7 yards a carry last year with that terrible line in Arizona and the Redskins line is MUCH better with Shannahan coaching. great value here, especially if you can get Helu a bit later in the draft)
Matthew Stafford (why do I have this feeling we'll be talking about him next year at this time as a guy we will take over Matt Shaub and maybe even before Tony Romo?)
Lee Evans (He has the connection with Flacco and he's the only downfield threat that team has. Flacco will play with his new toy a lot!)
Jimmy Graham (I'm all in. He looks incredible. Jermichael Finley lite with less injury risk. Did you know he's 6'6" and burning guys on the seam route? That's just unfair)
Lance Moore (I like that he was injured here in pre-season. It's not serious and lowered his value even more for me to get him at an even better value)
Jordy Nelson (Because it's been cloudy and downplayed and people have put more stock than they should into the resigning of James Jones, we forget about the connection Aaron has with Jordy. It might be because they both have somewhat girly first names. Seriously, Nelson is the #3 on that team behind Finley & Jennings and Jennings will be double teamed. Jordy can be had at a great value in your drafts.)
Willis McGahee (don't ever forget how incredible this guy was in college before that brutally disgusting leg injury. He entered the league as a "hope & a pray" by the Bills and was used sparingly. He's still got relatively low mileage and now he's got a real opportunity in Denver. He could get 45% of the carries & all the goaline touches and you can have him in the 11 or 12th round. Give me some of that!)
Brandon Jacobs (take everything I just said about McGahee, but add the fact that 45% of the carries on a running team like the Giants is even more carries and even more goaline chances for Jacobs)
Jared Cook (It's no secret that Hasselback likes to use his TEs and he has been their top receiver through pre-season. Kenny Britt is sporadic to say the least both on and off the field so I'll take Cook around the 15th or 16th or even the 18th round and have a potential top 10 TE. Absolutely!)
Ben Tate (he's starting to shoot up charts, but if you can get him late, he has some SERIOUS upside. Remember, this is the guy every one though would be the guy in Houston last year before he got injured.)
(PPR ONLY) Danny Woodhead  (34 catches for 400 yards & 97 rushes for 547 & 5 TDs with a 5.6 yards per rush average. You've got a 1000 yard guy with 5 TDs sitting here at the very end of a deep draft. That is VALUE!)
Lastly & this is a deep reach at TE, but Evan Moore of Cleveland looks to be Colt McCoy's favorite target. He's fast with great hands and you can't get a better value than the waiver wire which is where he's going in many leagues. I guarantee by week 2 or 3, you'll see people dropping guys like Tony Gonzalas for this guy)


marmstrong said...

Hey Monk -

Here's my question:

My league only allows 4 LBs, and one of them is taken up with Dumervil. I didn't realize the league counts him as a LB first, and then as a DE - I thought the opposite, and so I was convinced I was being clever in drafting him.

Although I think Dumervil will outperform in a DE role due to his ability and sometimes lining up outside the box, I don't expect Dumervil to put up LB numbers - at least not enough to offset the fact that I now am short an LB. Should I cut Dumervil and jump on one of the following FA's?


Have to start:
2 LBs
2 DBs
1 Flex
1 DB
1 DT

My squad:




TheWaffler20 said...


Wanting to know how I did. Waited till round 10 to draft D. IF I was to drop a LB or change a position what would be your recommendation?

1 tackle
.5 assist
2 sack
1 FF
1 PD

D. Ryans
D'Q. Jackson

T. Cole

M. Dareus

Quin (listed as CB in my league)

E. Berry

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk,

Thanks for all your articles, this is clearly one of the best site for IDP. I had my draft about 10 days ago and following one of your article I took a chance on Chancellor as a DB teaming him with Bell and Landry. But he's been invisible during preaseason and I'm wondering if he's really gonna have an impact or if I should replace him with Quinn, Trufant, Moore, Wilson ore Bethea. I would really appreciate your advice on this one. (scoring system is .75 for a solo tackle,
.25 for an assist, 2 pts int or ff, 4 pts for a sack and 1 pt for a PD)

Thanks in advance,


Michael Monk said...


You did AWESOME!!!! I mean really, really AWESOME!!!


@ marmstrong

Get Maulauga now! I have him projected as a top 10 LB this year. In otherwords, the only guy on your team I feel will out produce Maulauga in ff points this year is Desmond Bishop.


@ Tom

Thank you for the very nice compliment:

I'm sorry about the confusion. I really need to qualify those guys when I tell you I'm excited about him. My background is "waiver wire gems" who make the jump to the starting level. That's how I feel about Chancelor.

To put those guys in order that you should have on your team, it would be Moore first, Quinn second, Chancelor third, Bethea 4, Trufant 5, Wilson 6.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very quick answer,

By Wilson I meant George Wilson not Adrian, still the same order?


Michael Monk said...

tom no I'm sorry I had josh wilson on the brain for some reason george wilson is first on that list

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk, I have to start 3 LB's. Which one's woulod you start week 1?
D. Johnson
D. Bishop
T. Davis
L. Briggs
R. Maulauga
Point system is Solo 2,Asst. 1,Sack 4,Int. 5,FF 3,FR 3.

Dr. Greenspeed

Anonymous said...

How goes it Monk?
Would definitely appreciate some input regarding my IDP lineup before the season starts on Thursday.
@ DE: Matt Shaughnessy (w/ Osi Umenyiora on my IR).
CB: Glover Quin.
S: Tyvon Branch.
LB1: David Hawthorne.
LB2: DeMeco Ryans.
DP: Ray Maualuga.
Bench: Nick Barnett.

Notable Free Agents Safeties:
Nate Allen, Quintin Mikell.

Notable FA Cornerbacks:
Antoine Cason, Ronde Barber.

Notable FA Linebackers:
James Anderson, Daryl Washington, Karlos Dansby, Rolando McClain, David Harris, and D'Qwell Jackson.

Notable FA Defensive Ends:
Calais Campbell, Jason Pierre-Paul

Please let me know if you think I should be starting and/or swap any of these FAs for Nick Barnett, and whether or not I'm correct in assuming that a "healthy" Umenyiora should be started in place of Shaughnessy.

Love your blog, thanks Monk!

Anonymous said...

Hi monk. Wondering how I drafted. I have hawthorne, bishop, posluszny, and derrick johnson. Both Daryl washington and rey maualuga went undrafted. Should I just roll with the 4 that I drafted?

Jon said...

Hi Monk:

First time posting and would appreciate any help. My league starts 5 IDPs: 3D flex, 1DB, 1DL.
Scoring is as follows:

6pts= 1 Def TD
3pts= 1sack or 1INT
2pts= 1 fumble cause or recovery
2pts= 1 blocked kick
1pt= 1 solo tackle
0.5 pt= 1 tackle assist
1pt= 1 pd (pass defended)
1pt= 25 return yds

My team:

D flex= LB C Greenway- MIN
D flex= LB R Maualaga- CIN
D flex= LB D Hawthorne- SEA
DB= CB A Verner- TEN
DL= DE T Cole- PHI


SS G Wilson- BUF
FS J Byrd- BUF
SS A Bethea- IND
SS B Dawkins- DEN
SS C Hope- TEN
CB J Wilson- WAS
SS- J Leonhard- NYJ

DE J Pierre-Paul- NYG
LB,DE M Kiwanuka- NYG
DE C Johnson- CAR
DE D Freeney- IND

MLB C Matthews- PHI
WLB T Davis- CAR
MLB R McClain- OAK
WLB D Washington ARI
WLB Angerer- IND
MLB G Brackett- IND
MLB M Foster- TBB
MLB B Spikes- NEP
MLB D Connor- CAR
ILB K Dansby- MIA
ILB K Burnett- MIA
ILB D Ryans- HOU
ILB B Cushing- HOU
ILB N Barnett- BUF
ILB K Morrison- BUF
ILB B James- DAL

Sorry for the long list, but wanted to be thorough. What are your thoughts for week 1? or for the season? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Xander said...

Monk. I enjoy your site. I have a couple of questions.

Solo = 1.75
Assist = 1
Sack = 5
PD = 4
INT = 6
FF = 4
FR = 3
IDP TD = 8
Kick Block = 6

1. I have to play 2 CBs per week. I currently am starting Kareem Jackson (v. IND [Kerry Collins]) and Patrick Peterson (v. CAR). However, I have Cedric Griffin (@ SD) on my bench. Also, Malcom Jenkins (@ GB) is available. We do get some points for kick returns, but, not much. Am I making the right move? What are your thoughts long-term (I know you don't know everyone on my wire).

2. Play only 1 LB. Am starting Bishop now and have Hawthorn on the bench. Right move?

I appreciate your input. Thanks.


Michael Monk said...

@Dr. Greenspeed



Your all set with the lineup you have. You're good to go


Outstanding draft. yes, those 4

@ Jon
Verner did not win the starting job and is benched so if your DB can be a safety, I'd go with George Wilson


As of 2 hours ago, I read that Kareem Jackson still had not officially won the starting CB job yet.I would definitely go Malcolm Jenkins vs. GB and even though Peterson seems like a sneaky start vs. Car, Newton threw 4 passes to his WR all preseason. He throws to his TEs or runs it, but mainly their going to hand off every chance they get. It's a clever start, but again I'd go Griffin & Jenkins this first game and wait for things to shake out with your other 2 guys.

LB, I like Bishop vs. the Saints newly found running game, yes.

K_x said...

Hey Monk!

Excited for another season. Thanks again for keeping this blog going strong.

I've heard very little in Brian Cushing this year. What kinda year do you project for him?

Can you rank the following:

Brian Cushing
Daryl Washington
David Hawthorne
Karlos Dansby


Long.Live.The.Fade said...

Hi Monk,

Hope all is well. Wondering who are some IDP players you drafted in your leagues or main league. Also, who would you rather have on your team.. LB Curry or LB Butler (SD).. and also what are your thoughts of Jason McCourty starting over Verner there in Tenny.


Anonymous said...

Monk, who would you bench for week 1 Pat Angerer or Gary Brackett

2 tackle
1 assist
3 sack
3 FF
2 PD



Anonymous said...

Hey Monk man,

Any LB's listed as DL? The only one I've found is Mathias Kiwi (CBS league). Who do u like better-Avril or Dockett?

Anonymous said...


I just saw a report that Sean Weatherspoon will be switched to the WLB position. Will this up his value or decrease it? The report says he should not likely come off the field. Would you start him over EJ Henderson or Lance Briggs?

Mr Cool said...

Who are your top 5 DBs this year (or at least this week)? We only start one DB so right now I can get Polamalu, R Harper, K Rhodes, Q Mikell, and a bunch of other top guys. I have L Landry, but am going to drop him (we have a shallow bench, which i save entirely for offensive players).

Anonymous said...

Mr. Monk,

Website is awesome with great info. Hands down the best IDP website out there, in my opinion!

Which three LB's would you start from these five? I have a couple oldies but goodies and some youngsters.
Ray Lewis, London Fletcher, Daryl Washington, Barrett Ruud, Donald Butler.
Point system is Solo 2, Asst 1, Int 5, Sack 4

Appreciate it!
Bigg Nate

Michael Monk said...

@K_x said...
Hey Monk!

I think Cushing has a lot of upside, but we have to see how they use him as an ILB. If they blitz him Timmons, then I think he'll be an IDP stud, but for now he's 3rd on that list you want me to rank.
David Hawthorne
Daryl Washington
Brian Cushing
Karlos Dansby



I think I got Nick Barnett on all my teams, but that's just because I'm a "value" drafter and like to wait on my IDPs while I continue to fill out my offensive side of the ball. I also got Daryl Washington & Rey Mauluga (sp?) in a bunch of leagues.

I like Butler better than Curry this year simply because Butler is an ILB taking Kevin Burnett's role from last year. He's got a better chance of putting up tackles then Curry.

It's disappointing that McCourty's starting over Verner, but it may not mean much. Verner's a playmaker and they know it so he'll still be the more valuable IDP player. He'll be one of the top guys I'll be watching.

This may be the last week that I'm saying this, but I trust Brackett over Angerer, but I'm excited to see what Angerer does.

You can't go too wrong with Brackett as Houston should run a lot in this one.


Any LB's listed as DL? The only one I've found is Mathias Kiwi (CBS league). Who do u like better-Avril or Dockett?

Other LB/DEs are:
- Aldon Smith SF (could be a superstar if they use him right)
- Andre Carter NE (should rack up some sacks now that they switched back to a 4-3
- Mario Williams HOU - I'm very curious to see how he does from playing from the OLB

Dockett is generally the better start, but I have high hopes for Avril with so many other guys around him that draw double teams.


It will increase Weatherspoon's value and I have a feeling that he will out produce both Henderson and Briggs many weeks, but this week Briggs facing Atlanta's running game and I like him better than Weatherspoon or EJ Henderson. I would start Weatherspoon over Henderson this week.

I don't do weekly projections as it's just too time consuming for a full time dad with 2 jobs like myself. I just take your questions on 1 at time and when i'm asked to look at certain players matchups, i do. If this was a full time subscription price, I'd have a tool that allowed you to put in your point system and it would spit out the best guys for your team according to my weekly projections. It would be a dream to do that, but not there yet.

Too late for harper as he played, but he would have been the one. Next would be Mikell on that list as he's facing the Eagle's on his first game as starter and I think he'll see a ton of action and be really fired up for this one.

@Bigg Nate

This week Fletcher & Ray Lewis will go off as they're both facing big-time running teams. After that, I'd go Barrett Ruud next as i also think they run a ton and he's also going to get a TON of tackles.