LaRon Landry, Von Miller, Rams, Eagles and Giants Safeties

News and Notes Around the League
-- When I'm wrong, I'm wrong.  I pushed too early on rookie safety J. Jarrett for the Eagles.  He might be on the practice squad soon at this rate. The signing of safety Jarrad Page gives him immediate starter status over Nate Allen still not fully recovered from the ruptured patellar tendon he suffered last December, Page will probably start alongside Kurt Coleman. 

-- Speaking of Kurt Coleman in Philly. I love the box score numbers he puts up and when you have 2 pro-bowl level corners on each side, I see them working the middle of the field between Page & Coleman. I'm feeling high tackle numbers out of Kurt Coleman this year.

-- OLB Von Miller and DE Elvis Dumervil are the real deal as a tag-team pass-rush combination. Remember that scene in Varsity Blues when big Billy Bob went in on punt block and cleared a huge hole for the lightening fast wideout Tweeter to sprint in and get the game saving block? Well that's what I'm reminded of every time I watch this duo work together. Dumervil clears the hole and lightening fast Miller gets the sack. Throw in 4 or 5 tackles and Von Miller is shaping up to be a great LB3 for your team.

-- Giants CB Antrel Rolle will move over to take the spot left behind by Terrell Thomas. Very interesting for IDP. Rolle is a great athlete and we already know he can tackle. Something to watch on the wire for IDP.  

-- Giants S Deon Grant is expected to come in at safety in place of Rolle. I can't help but think back to the crazy IDP numbers CC Brown put up at safety a couple years back simply because he was raw and picked on a lot.

-- Redskins SS LaRon Landry says, "I'll be ready Sept. 11, hopefully. It's been a real long time."

 -- Rams Safety Darian Stewart started against Kansas City and might remain in that role instead of Craig Dahl. After the game, Spagnuolo said, "Again, I would tell you the same thing about him. There were a couple mistakes in there, but I think every time he makes one, it's one less I think we're hopefully going to get down the road. I thought him and (safety) Quintin (Mikell) worked well together. There was one communication problem that I remember vividly, but I think they'll get that ironed out."

--LB Gerald McRath is not starting, but is playing first team in the nickel package for the Titans on defense.


Vince said...

Hello Monk,
Good to be reading your stuff again, even your non-idp related stuff. I have two questions.

1- Was our good old Bryan Scott brought down to LBs again, or did the Bills just stick with their 2nd string D for the majority of the game?

2- Is Bob Sanders looking back to form? I read that his bicep injury last year in week 1 was due to a rushed premature return. He looked aggressive last week against Dallas and I'm debating whether Weddle can keep his share of tackles.

Thanks as always, I hope to someday decode your 6th sense for IDP.

Michael Monk said...

@ Vince
Thanks, I wouldn't call it a 6th sense for IDP. Just been around my Dad, who was a good coach since I started playing football at 6 years old and played a lot of positions including Linebacker, Strong Safety, Free Safety, Wide Receiver, Running Back and Quarterback in High School. So I know when you're on a crappy team, you get a lot of tackles as a safety and a team with good corners gets a lot of coverage sacks or if you're playing a rookie qb or a qb who holds it too long like Big Ben. Or you just look for the QBs who have a definite love connection with one receiver like Ryan does with R. White and go get the cornerback covering Roddy White. Things like that. I'm much better at "in season" waiver wire picks then this pre-season ranking stuff though.

Bryan Scott's preseason performance was just a camio from what I gathered. They really like Andra Davis new to Barnett, but you never know she our old friend Scott will turn back up. When he does, whether it be if Wilson gets injured or a couple LBs, I'm ready to spring. But I doubt it will be at LB. They'd have to get really banged up to get down to him at LB.

As far as Bob Sanders? Don't do it brother. He's that hot ex-girlfriend who only calls you up when she's bored and feels like burning some time, but drops you like a pair of pants and leaves you naked & shivering in the dead of winter.

The Chowfather said...

do you like Rolle over Grant?

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk,
I just completed my first IDP draft. I wanted your opinion on my picks and who is droppable for WW pickups.
Donte Whitner
Robert Mathis
James Anderson
David Harrison
Mario Williams
Start 5, any combo of DL,DB,LB
1pt tackle, 3pt sack, 3pt int

Michael Monk said...

First, I need some clarity on your scoring and the player you meant when your said "David Harrison". Is that David Harris (jets), Jerome Harrison (steelers) or did you mean to put David Hawthorne there?

David Harris is the least of those 3 and that's my guess for who you're talking about.

And you say 1 point tackle, but usually it's 1/2 point assist too. I'm assuming that's the case here as well. If it truly is 1 point tackle and no points for assists, then you may have done better than I think.

Unfortunately, at first glance, you made a lot of beginner mistakes here. It's a nice try, but because you're not required to have a DL or DB and it can be a combination of any 5 IDPs, you really shouldn't bother with DLs in this type of league (unless Tuck or Cole or maybe Jared Allen maybe). However, you did get Suh, who has potential, but he's still a bench guy in a "start any IDP" type of league. Unless your league size was like 16 or 20, you're IDP draft didn't go very well.

The plan for an ALL IDP draft is go linebacker for as long as you can until it gets to a point in your cheat sheet where some of the DBs are now worth more points than you LBs.

For instance, I would pick from the following cheat sheet until about Karlos Dansby and once he's gone, I'll look over to my DB cheat sheet for guys like TJ Ward, Tyvonne Branch, Eric Berry, Y. Bell, Charles Woodson and depending on the amount of points you get for Pass Deflections, maybe a Brent Grimes as my 6th or 7th backup IDP.

So if I'm realistic,

I would want to come away from your draft looking like this & because people are still taking RBs, WRs & TEs in these rounds, I can realistically come away from a 12 man draft with an ALL IDP team that looks like this. I know I can because I just did it last night in a draft:

Patrick Willis
Ray Lewis
DeMeco Ryans
Derrick Johnson
Jonathan Vilma

IDP Bench
Karlos Dansby
Brent Grimes

Patrick Willis, SF
David Hawthorne, SEA
James Laurinaitis, STL
Lawrence Timmons, PIT
Jerod Mayo, NE
Jon Beason, CAR (inj)
Barrett Ruud, TEN
Desmond Bishop, GB
Ray Lewis, BAL
London Fletcher, WAS
Paul Posluszny, JAX
Brian Urlacher, CHI
James Harrison, PIT
Derrick Johnson, KC
DeMeco Ryans, HOU
Chad Greenway, MIN
Nick Barnett, BUF
Curtis Lofton, ATL
Jonathan Vilma, NO
Daryl Washington, ARI
Karlos Dansby, MIA

S T.J. Ward, CLE
S Yeremiah Bell, MIA
S Tyvon Branch, OAK
S Eric Berry, KC

D.J. Williams, DEN
Rolando McClain, OAK

Brian Cushing, HOU
Stephen Tulloch, DET
David Harris, NYJ
Lance Briggs, CHI
DQwell Jackson, CLE
Rey Maualuga, CIN


Great eye! I'm watching the same thing very closely because Greg Toler was a very productive IDP find and I don't believe it was all him. I think a lot of it was the position. I am really, really interested in Peterson, but can't bring myself to waste a roster spot on him so I'm watching closely. The same goes with Richard Marshall. Both are high on my watch list, but only watches for now. In now way are they better than Tilman or Mikell, no.



Definitely Rolle at this point as we know he's a good athlete and will start no matter who else is brought in or how much shuffling is done. But Grant is a complete unknown who is just a watch for now. I wouldn't draft either one unless you're in a really deep league. They're just interesting to watch at this point.

Anonymous said...

Yes that is David harris (NYJ), sorry. So it looks like I can get rid of whitner and mathis and hope fully look to you for ww tips thru out the season. Also it is 1/2pt for assists.

Anonymous said...

these are the top 15 LB's for my league. Should I drop Whitner or Mathis for any of these guys?
Brian Cushing HOU
Sean Witherspoon ATL
Shaun Phillips MIN
Justin Durrant DET
Jonas Mouton SD
Anthony Spencer DAL
Cameron Wake MIA
Stephen Nicholas ATL
Michael Boley NYG
Casey Mathews PHI
Stephen Cooper SD
Clint Session JAC
Rocky McIntosh WAS
Martez Wilson NO

Eli said...

Hey Monk,

Just wondering what do you think of patrick peterson now that greg toler is out for the season?? teams will prob pick on him like they did with revis his first year and he is playing opposite richard marshall.. what u think? is he better than tillman or mickell?

Michael Monk said...

@ Anonymous
You gave me a list of the top 15 LBs, and I would definitely drop Mathis, but instead of Whitner, I'd definitely drop Mario Williams. Keep Whitner as he's one of the higher ranked DBs and will come in handy for you.

So you already have James Anderson, David Harris, Donte Whitner and Suh. Definitely get Brian Cushing and the other underated guy on this list who's VERY solid is Rocky McIntoch. He'll be playing ILB next to Fletcher and they'll be blitzing a lot. I would say Casey Matthews, but he's going to be taken off the field a lot to be replaced by Rogers-Cromartie in the nickel packages so he not a true MLB. So start the season with that team. Other guys from this list that could come on strong to watch and compare to your team are Sean Witherspoon & I've always like Justin Durant's skills, but we'll see. Another guy who you didn't have listed that I like a lot as a "watch" guy is Quincy Black. He's a very solid LB and has the potential to be an LB4 or even and LB5. You may find that Suh doesn't hang in a league like this, but if he goes sack crazy, he may be your leading scorer some weeks too. I generally don't trust any DEs in the type of IDP league you're playing in so be prepared to add and drop a lot this season.

@ Eli

I answered you question up above. Sorry I realized after the fact that you posted the question in my other Christian post, but I accidentally answered here. So your answer to Cardinals DBs is above a few threads.

phil said...

Mr Monk thank you!! Didnt see that I could actually put my name. I think with ur recommendations and WW advice I can at least be competative. It must be tough playing in a league with you though, you know all the best p/u's before eveyone else.

Michael Monk said...

Anonymous said...
Hi Monk,

Thank you for all your hard work. As far as deep sleepers go, who would you rather have: Paris Lenon (afraid he may not have as many tackles playing with Daryl Washington), DeAndre Levy, or E.J Henderson?
Also for DB's, would you rather have Roman Harper, Finnegan or Winfield?

Thanks again Monk!

September 1, 2011 9:19 AM

Michael Monk said...

You're welcome, it's a pleasure.

You asked which deep sleepers I would go out of: Paris Lenon (afraid he may not have as many tackles playing with Daryl Washington), DeAndre Levy, or E.J Henderson?

Answer: The order would be E.J, Levy & then Lenon (paris will lose snaps to Stewart Bradley as well)

Your question for DBs is exactly the order you had them in: Harper Finnegan & Winfield. (I think I actually like Cedric Griffin better than Winfield playing opposite him. I'm down on Winfield between injury history and QBs choosing to throw away from him)

September 1, 2011 9:45 PM

Anonymous said...
Thanks Monk for your input on the deep sleepers. One last questions, would you rank Pat Angerer any higher than E.J or Levy?

September 1, 2011 10:32 PM

Michael Monk said...
Pat Angerer is just a "watch list" guy at this point, but let me correct myself on what group I feel are LB3 guys with upside now that I've taken a little bit to research harder.

Here are my LB3 guys in order:
Thomas Davis
Brian Cushing
E.J. Henderson
Donald Butler
Lance Briggs
Sean Weatherspoon
Von Miller

To me, these are the guys you start looking for after David Harris & Karlos Dansby are gone and after those top 3 or 4 DBs are gone. That's when you hit this DL3 with upside group

September 1, 2011 11:28 PM

Michael Monk said...
Levy falls into the LB4 group below

Vince said...

Hullo Monk,

I have a question regarding CBs. What are your thoughts concerning T.Jennings (CHI)? Do you think it's safer (relatively speaking) going with an unproven tampa 2 CB or going for one of the starting rookies like J.Smith (BAL)?

Or I could strike a deal where one of Ronde(TB), Tramon(GB), or McFadden(PITT) get packaged my way. But it feels better finding the leftover gems, as I think you know.

Thanks as always.