IDP Week 2 NFL Fantasy Football 2009 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

IDP Week 2 - Digging for Waiver Wire Gold

DBs (Corners & Safeties)
Starting out in Detroit with new corner Anthony Henry
He finished with 10 solos 2 assts 1 INT and 1 deflection WOW!!!  So that tells you 2 things. The first is it's always worth a shot to start a decent corner against New Orleans. The second is Henry is worth a pickup regardless. Let's face it. All teams in the league feel they can do anything they want to Detroit so the throwing will not slow down on this team. 

Sticking with the same team, I really like SS L. Delmas for the Lions this year. He's going to get a lot of tackles on Detroit, both run & pass.  Against NO, in his first game as a pro, he got 6 tackles, 1 pd and 1 fumble recovery (for a touchdown, no less!). Not a bad first day of work straight out of school. Next week, he gets Minnesota who SS A. Elam (Browns) did very well against week 1 and Mr. "All Day" will only need to put in a half day against the Lions as C. Taylor will come in & earn his second string paycheck. Farve is a dinker and dunker to C. Taylor, V. Shianco and Harvin so SS Delmas should get the same opportunities that Elam (7-1 & a sack). Delmas is my highest recommendation of pickup and play this week.

The other rookie name that I think is a little better than L. Delmas (for the year, not this week) is Oakland's SS T. Branch. who finished with 8 solos 1 asst & 1 pd against the Chargers week 1. While you're in those same box scores, take a look at CB Chris Johnson's #'s. He's "the other corner" on the Raiders and will be VERY heavily targeted all year long. He finished with 7 tckls 1 asst and 2pd week 1. He'll be on WR Mark Bradley this week, in all probability, who Croyle liked throwing too. I just don't know how much the Raiders will be on D. These teams are pretty evenly matched and I don't see one defense being on the field significantly more than the other. It won't be near as lop-sided as the Det./Minn. game for instance. The Detroit d-linemen are going to need oxygen and I.Vs of fluids hooked up to their "Marathon running" butts Sunday.

So who has New Orleans next week? Philly.  And I recommend picking up Eagle corner Sheldon Brown. He got 2 INTs against Carolina week 1 and New Orleans will try to avoid Assante Samuel. Whether or not he gets an interception week 2,  I believe he'll get the tackles. Keep in mind the goal of this blog, however. I'm recommending guys I believe will be on your waiver wire. If by some miracle Samuel or Q.Mikell are on your wire, grab them first, but Sheldon Brown could be a sneaky play for next week if they are not available on your wire.

DB PICK UP OF THE WEEK is KC safety Mike Brown. The only reason Mike Brown is my "official" pick up of the week over Delmas is because you'll want to use him regularly all year. Though he will be a good play against the Raiders this week, I don't think KC will be on defense as much agaist the Raiders as Detroit will be vs. the Vikings. That's the only thing that gives Delmas the edge this week. Currently, Mike Brown is flying under the radar & you need to grab him if you play with other savvy people in your league. If you do not and your in a neighborhood "yahoos" league. Get Delmas & use him this week and drop him for M. Brown next week.

They cut very good SS Bernard Pollard for him so they must have seen something special (or else that head Coach is just plain nuts. Time will tell on that one because the one issue with Mike Brown is he's been injured more often than Bob Sanders. So keep that in mind.) They made this move just before the season started so there's a good chance Brown is still on your wire.  He had 8 solos and 4 assts week 1. Week 2, he gets Oakland and he will see lots of J. Russell's favorite target Zach Miller as well as plenty of tackles opportunities since KCs defensive line is NOT GOOD and their LBs are bad outside of D. Johnson. He has a decent chance for an INT too this week so the bottom line is you'll be fine between him & Delmas. Mike Brown will have a lot of opportunities this year and had a great nose for both the football & endzone when he played for Chicago.

LBs (Linebackers)

Urlacher down; Hillenmeyer Up - there's a new middle linebacker in "my kind of town":, Chicago. Urlacher is out for the season and that sucks for all NFL fans around the country. However, it brings some hope to the IDP world. Let's all be honest with ourselves in the Fantasy Football world. Although we are all human and do feel bad for a guy who works so hard in the off season to get ready for run at the Lambardi Trophy, all FF's count on injury as part of our game plan.  I won my season league last year riding both of Denver's LBs Winborn and Woodyard. So how will Hillenmeyer do? Good enough that Lance Briggs has already stated that he's staying where he is and feel fully confident in Hillenmeyer at MLB. However, it is a little disconcerning that he finished with the same amount of tackles as backup RB Garrett Wolfe (2). Urlacher went out fairly early in the game and I would have thought Hillenmeyer would have finished with at least 4 tackles. At this point, I would rank him as I would Bengal's Dhani Jones. And just like D. Jones, I would go get Bengal's Maualuga instead and put him on my bench sooner than Hillenmeyer. In otherwords, don't get too excited about this "new toy". He doesn't have much upside. Obviously, watch and see, but my gut says "Pass" on this one. 
Let's start in last years fantasy gold for waiver wire studs - Denver. I'm sure many of you who played last year fondly remember Winborn and Woodyard putting up monster numbers in place of DJ Williams and Nate Webster. The lucky candidate this year is Andra Davis. He's in position to make more tackles than fantasy stud DJ Williams and I fear this may be the case this year (I hope I'm wrong since DJ is on my team).  But doesn't that make Andra a very worthy guy to snatch and watch?

From there, we go to whoever is playing the New York Giants. Next week, it is the Cowboys where Keith Brooking is playing the role that Zack Thomas played last year on the Cowboys (the pre-retirement home for Linebackers). And he put Z. Thomas like numbers up week 1. Next week, he will do VERY well against the run first Giants. If Keith Brooking is available on your wire, grab him and use him this week. Look for him to put up LB #3 type numbers. (7 solos 2 assts 1 pass deflection)

DO NOT PICK UP Bills SLB K. Ellison who finished Monday nights game with 11 tackles and 5 assists. HUGE NUMBERS! Unfortunately, SLBs always do well against the Pats and Ellison's history since 2006 dictates that this is just one lucky game out of many, many mediocre starts.  He's very worthy to keep an eye on, but I'm afraid this may be just a one week wonder against a team that runs heavily to the strong side.

Another run heavy team, the Dolphins helped all 3 Atlanta Falcons LBs put up good numbers week 1. So instead of concentrationg on Falcons LBS, I'm going to look forward to who has Miami next week and that is Indy. This is where we'll find my LB PICK UP OF THE WEEK, Clint Session. Last year, he was very good at SLB and this year he moved over to the more tackle heavy position as WLB. He put up 5 solos 1 asst at Jacksonville and I could see 10 total tackles and a couple pass deflections from him next week. He also has a good knack for INTs.

DLs (Defensive Linemen)
Arizona's Campbell finished with 6 tackles and a pass deflection. Go get him if he's there!

Baltimore's Kelly Gregg, who led the Baltimore D in tackles week 1 from Nose Tackle, is one to go get

DL PICK UP OF THE WEEK is Chicago DE A. Brown if he is still on your wire. Why? Three great reasons! He plays opposite of sack master Ogunleye so he gets less attention. Two, he had 3 tackles and 2 assists week 1. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, they play PLEASE SACK ME "BIG BEN" next week. When a QB apologizes to his O line for taking the wrap on allowing so many sacks because he holds the ball so long, you gotta like your chances as the owner of a DE facing "the Burg".


MVP said...

Hi, I found your blog on ffcafe and I think the article is really well written and very useful.

I lost in my IDP league in Week 1 and I'm wondering if you could give me advice on my players for Week 2:
D Patrick Willis, DB Eric Weddle, DB Anthony Henry, DL Osi Umenyiora, DL Kroy Biermann.

- In Week 1 I had Chris Gamble but he did not perform so I recently dropped him for Anthony Henry.

- Should I drop Eric Weddle (or Anthony Henry) for Mike Brown?

- What do you think of Osi Umenyiora? Is he likely to perform well again in week 2?

- What do you think of Kroy Biermann? I got him from the free agent because he performed quite well in Week 1. I read in rotoworld that he'll be the starting lineman. Will he repeat his performance in Week 2?

- Here are some DL free agents in my league that perform well in Week 1: Aaron Schobel, Darren Howard, Ray Edwards, Cullen Jenkins, Adewale Ogunleye, Antwan Odom, Tamba Hali, John Abraham, Antonio Johnson, Calais Campbellm Tank Tyler, Brett Keisel, Greg Ellis, Andre Carter, Kelly Gregg, Quentin Groves

- These are the DB free agents that had 8 solo tackles or high points in Week 1: Maurice Leggett, Terence Newman, Tyvon Branch, LaRon Landry, Piscitelli, Abram Elam, Al Harriss, Dominique Barber

Thanks in advance

WRArtMonk said...

Sorry, I read your other post and commented before I read this one.

Sorry you didn't have Biermann or A. Henry last week. Ya know, I think you did everything perfect.

You got aggressive and went out to get players to make your team win. Henry is tough, I'll admit. He definitely put up very big numbers, but will Minn even need to throw in this game? If he does, won't it just be safe passes to C. Taylor & V. Shianco. Or, do they use this game as a practice game for Farve to get his confidence up and see if he and Berrian have a connection deep? I can tell you what I did (which mean little because we're all just guessing here in week 2). I grabbed Detroit SS Delmas this week. You know Minn will run with both Taylor & Peterson. You know Farve will dink & Dunk to C. Taylor, Shianco & Harvin. All of that stuff says big day for the SS to me. But Mike Brown is also an EXCELLENT pick up against the Raider, but it comes down to 2 things for me to choose Delmas over Brown. The first point rides in your question to drop Weddle. The answer is definitely not to that, by the way. But the fact you're asking and they just went up against the Raiders, who Mike Brown has this week is my first decision to lean toward Delmas. My second is A. Elam for the Jets. Everyone is running out to get him on the wire this week, but who did he just play last week? The Vikings. Who does Delmas play this week? The Vikings. The key to FF is not to pick up the guys who just had a big week, but look at who they just played and see who is going up against that same team the following week. It's the only thing you can go on after only seeing 1 week of football. Don't get me wrong, if Delmas is not there, than Mike Brown is a solid 5 tackle, 1 asst guy. I just believe Delmas is a 7 tackle 2 asst guy this week on a team that will be on Defense ALL game long vs. the Vikings. You can't say that about KC because the Raiders O is still not very good. Though there is a good chance Brown picks off one of Russell's forced passed to TE "Zack Attack" Sunday. You're safe either way, but I don't see A. Henry putting up 11 tackles again this week.

WRArtMonk said...

Correction. I meant to say Elam Browns not Jets

MVP said...

Delmas and Mike Brown are no longer in my waiver wire, so hopefully Anthony Henry will do just fine. I hope since it's the Lions that they are facing, the Vikings will go easy on its running game and test out its passing game more.

Andrew said...

Hello I am in a very competitive league where having the right
IDP's can make the differance in winning and losing. I guess all FF
leagues hinge on the performance
of IDP.

Can you suggest if its worth getting DE A.Brown of the Bears
over Pittsburgh's Steelers
Lamar Woodley.

I followed your suggestion and
picked up Delmas and Brown. I already have David Harris of the Jets who seems to be one of the most consistent guys around.
With Rex Ryan getting their team pumped up I like the chances for Harris to continue posting good numbers.

WRArtMonk said...

@ Andrew - I do not recommend A. Brown over Woodley. Using a DL over a LB is never a safe strategy. I have done this in the past with super studs DE's and have still be let down. Because there's always a chance that a DL gets 1 or 2 tackles with no sacks. That's rarely the case with a LB. Especially an LB like Woodley who's known for his sacks. Pitt has Chicago this week and Cutler is difficult to sack, but they are also going to run a lot thanks to Cutlers 4 INTs last week. Bottom line is Woodley will get his numbers.

Danny said...

what's up Monk? I stumbled upon your blog off of google and i must say your idp advice might b the best yet. I've been in an idp league for the last 10 years and have had much success concentrating on tackles. everything else r just bonuses to me. In my league u r awarded 2 points a solo and 1 point an assist, 4 for an interception, FR,FF, and a sack. u seem to concentrate on the matchup and not the name, just like me. numbers are all that count. anyway, enough of that. I need some advice.

I start 3 LB's out of D.J. Williams, Brackett, Stephen Cooper, Brady James who do i leave out? to me it would b james but he has a great matchup with the giants. what do u think? and i just picked up demmorio williams from KC and hes playin oakland.

and also would u start nick harper @ houston or nate clements @ seatttle at DB?

Michael Monk said...

@ Danny You have to start Bradie James agains the Giants. Trust me on that one. He's your #1 out of your LB group this week. When ILBs go against the Giants or Baltimore, tackle #'s almost double, historically. Out of your LB group (and this is very hard to say), but I would sit DJ this week out of your group. Don't worry about Bradie this week though. He'll be very solid.

Regarding your corners. Is that all you have to choose from? Those guys don't even rank. If you can get anybody on the list below, I wouldn't blink twice dropping clements or harper, but if you must make a choice between those 2, I'd go Clements (with a gun to my head):

Roman Harper @ PHI

Chris Horton vs. STL

Tyvon Branc @ KCC

Brandon Meriweather @ NYJ

Louis Delmas vs. MIN

Kerry Rhodes vs. NEP

Abram Elam @ DEN

Charles Tillman vs. PIT

Erik Coleman vs. CAR

Richard Marshall @ ATL

Nick Collins vs. CIN

Anthony Henry vs. MIN

Quintin Mikell vs. NOR

Chris Gamble @ ATL

Leigh Bodden @ NYJ

Kenny Phillips @ DAL

Terrence McGee vs. TBB

Michael Lewis @ SEA

Cortland Finnegan vs. HOU

Michael Griffin vs. HOU

Dominique Barber @ TEN

Jarrad Page vs. OAK

Sabby Piscitelli @ BUF

hoppie said...

Drop Chris Long for Alex Brown?


Drop Roman Harper for Delmas?

Michael Monk said...

Alex Brown for this week, I would as long as you feel pretty good about being able to pick C. Long back up in your league again.

I'd stay with Roman Harper over Delmas because we know who Harper his, we've only seen one week of Delmas so far.

MVP said...

Hey Monk, thanks for the advice, Alex Brown was superb this week. Great call!!! will definitely follow this blog every week. I can't wait for your for your Week 3 Pickup of the Week.