2008 Fantasy Football Week 14 IDP Waiver Pickups Akeem Jordan? Why Chavous? Is Takeo Spikes back? Chris Horton the new Michael Lewis?

Week 14 IDP Waiver Pickups

Starting with Sneaky DB pickups:

SS Chris Horton for the Redskins vs. Baltimore
Horton was an absolute animal vs. the Giants last week. He was in or around almost every tackle on the field. If he is available on your waiver, get him now. He will have another good game this week. He has proven himself game in and game out this year. He's averaging 13 points a game in my league. That higher than Urlacher, Joey Porter, Keith Bulluck and even the famous Michael Lewis.

SS Michael Lewis vs. NYJ
He's available on my waiver wire and will be very solid vs. the Jets between Thomas Jones and Keller, Leon Washington and Coles quick slants.

SS Pollard for KC vs. Den
This is a strong rivalry and Pollard has been quietly solid with 69 tackles on the year.

DB Sleeper of the Week: SS Chavous (STL) vs. Arizona Strong safeties have been very strong against Arizona all year and St. Louis spends a lot of time on defense. This makes Chavous a sneaky play. He had 7 tackles against Arizona last time they played and 10 tackles the following week agains NYJ.

Linebacker Pickups for Week 14:

Paris Lenon is once again useful going against Minnesota this week. He doesn't put up big numbers, but he'll be a solid anchor with a guaranteed 10 points or so. You need at least 3 strong anchors on your team so that you can take some chances with boom or bust guys in a couple of your slots.

Winborn or Woodyard for Denver? (I asked this question 2 weeks ago)
And the answer is still the same. How about both!!! This is 3 weeks in a row that both hit double digits in tackles. So who do you want going forward? The answer is still Winborn. Woodyard is filling in for DJ Williams who is expected back this week. It has recently been announced that Winborn has earned a starting roll even if Boss Bailey comes back. Nate Webster is also expected back soon and will resume his middle linebacker spot.

Akeem Jordan OLB for Philly faces the Giants this week
He has looked solid since taking over for Omar Gaither 2 weeks ago. The only thing that makes me the slightest bit leary about this call is that I thought Washington OLB Rocky McIntoch would go nuts against the Giants last week and he dropped a big ole stinker getting me only 4 points and causing me to lose this week by a half point. Ouch! (Not to worry, I already clinched a playoff spot as all of you have as well or else you wouldn't be reading a week 14 artcle.) Jordan is a solid sleeper with upside potential this week.

Linebackers Sleeper of the week: Na'il Diggs of Carolina goes up against TB. He had 9 tackles last time he played them and last week both NO OLBs has stronger games than MLB Vilma when they played the Bucs.

Week 12 DT sleeper of the Week:
Abraham for the Jets gets San Francisco this week. Somehow he's available on my wire so I apologize if he's not attainable on yours. I'll give some deep sleepers below that can hopefully get you some desperation DT pickups.

DE Antonio Smith for the Cardinals gets the Rams this week and is fresh off a 4 tackle 1/2 sack game vs. Philly. It's no secret that the Rams are horrible and they are on cruise control, just trying to finish this season in position to get a high draft pick in April. They will have to pass to stay in this game which gives the pass rushers more opportunities.

DT Richard Seymour gets the Seahawks this week. Did you know that Seymour has 6.5 sacks in the last 7 games he's played in. You don't get more consistent production from this position than that. And with the Hawks guaranteed to be trailing this one, Seymour will get sack opportunities in this one.

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