March 14, 2007 Off-Season Fantasy Football News

Latest News:

-Travis Henry to the Broncos: Monk's View: The VERY best scenerio possible for Henry. In antithesis to Sinatra's lyrics, "If you can't make it there, you won't make it anywhere." If Mike Anderson, Reuben Droughns, & Tatem Bell can do it, Henry should make 1000 yards in his sleep. HOWEVER, and this is a BIG HOWEVER, Mike Shanahan has become known for wearing the "number of the beast" in the Fantasy Football world. Don't think for a second, that he won't find a way to muck up this situation with some foresaken RBBC (Running Back By Committee) crap. It's hard to imagine he'll do that with Henry sitting on 12M of guaranteed Bronco money, but he is Mike Shanahan afterall. He giveths and he takeths away.

-Willis McGahee to the Ravens: Monk's View: He'll get the ball plenty. And if the wheels fall off, Musa Smith might be the Mewelde Moore type FF savior of a couple years back. Don't rank him any higher than you did last year though. He got the ball plenty in Buffalo too.

-Jamal Lewis to the Browns: Monk's View: If you think Lewis looked slow behind the Ravens line... (Uhg, slug city) Also, this is why it's tough to be an NFL fan for one team anymore. This reminds me of when Snyder brought in Deion Sanders to the Redskins from the Cowboys. It simply rips the hearts out of faithful fans when you bring in a guy you hated from a rival team. Browns fans are old school like the Steeler fans and won't take a move like this lightly. You think they forgot about the record setting day Lewis pulled on them a couple years back? (And don't give me that "well that's why they should be happy to have him" crap. True fans hold long grudges. Just ask anyone who lives in Philadelphia.) I think Adrian Peterson will be the future here if the Browns can snag him in the upcoming draft.

-Reuben Droughns to the Giants: Monk's View: It was a win/win for the Giants since Droughns came so cheap (giving up Tim Carter for him) This will give Brandon Jacobs a strong backup (stronger than Ron Dayne anyway), but not affect his Fantasy value. In fact, I think this increases Jacob's fantasy value which, by the way, is one of the most difficult values to predict this year. I don't know what to make of the big man. He's a TD machine and that just may be enough for me to rank him in the neighborhood of Deuce McAllister and Clinton Portis or should he be with Laurence Maroney and Willis McGahee. Either way, he's in good company come draft time. Both Maroney & Jacob's are slightly risky because they haven't proven they can carry the full load yet.

-Ahman Green to the Texans: Monk's View: Like it! But who's the man in Green Bay now? Oh yeah, the Texans washout Vernand Morency and who else is a Texan? Everyone's favorite medical exchange student, Samkin Gado. What a weird league!

-Sammy Morris to NE: Monk's View: Laurence Maroney and Ronnie Brown now have even more in common. But who do you rank higher? I think it still goes to Brown, but both have injury concerns. Remember that Wes Welker was brought into to town to alleviate Maroney from kick off return duties. They still may use Maroney's amazing return skills when games are on the line because Tom Brady still needs decent field position in order to pull off a come from behind win with less than 8 seconds on the clock.

-Thomas Jones to the Jets: Monk's View: Will he be just another in the mix in Jet land with Leon Washington and Cedric Houston.... HELL NO!!! This guy is as talented as they come with a "no quit" attitude and one of the best running styles in the league. As long as the Jets don't muddy the waters by trying to get Leon Washington in the mix too much, Jones will strive! Get on the Thomas Jones bandwagon. He will be the steal of the draft and finish the year with the top 15 RBs somewhere between Willie Parker & Clinton Portis.

-Dom Rhodes to Oakland: Monk's View: Rhodes will be suspended for 4 games in 2007. Don't count out LaMont Jordan… 2 former backups don't make a right though.

-Tatum Bell & TJ Duckett to the Lions: Monk's View: Kevin Jones must be hurting pretty bad. Sorry Artose Pinner, you had your day in the sun. That's more than most washed up players can say. I wouldn't touch this backfield with a 10 foot pole come draft day which means these guys could be decent bargins while the other guys in your league are taking risks on the next great defensive unit in round 10.

-Donte Stallworth to NE: Monk's View: The Pats should have paid Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch in 2006. I like Stallworth and the move looks good on paper, but he's as injury prone as they come. I foresee many weekly reports with the words "doubtful" beside his name. Not that this means anything since Brady has be listed as "probable" for 5 freaking years in a row.

-Wes Welker to NE: Monk's View: This guy give's all us white guys hope that we could still make it as a WR in the NFL and then we realize that there's only about 4 other white WR's in the whole league and not a single one is more than a #3 FF WR. Oh well, we still have Steve Largeant. Sidenote: if you play in one of those funky leagues that counts return yards for players, Wes Welker was the #1 WR last year.

-Ashlie Lelie to SF: Monk's View: Lelie has potential, but there's some speculation that the Niners could pursue Darrell Jackson… This is a wait and see. I don't see Lelie being consistent enough to be anything more than a risky #3 WR at this point

-Bobby Wade to Min: Monk's View: 2M guaranteed? Think the Vikings and the Lions get together and compare past WR draft notes… and then cry. I guess their banking on Wade's return skills. Who will be his QB again? It's going to be a long season for the Vikes. Hope they have a good draft and better off-season than this move implies.

-Dennis Northcutt to Jacksonville: Monk's View: see Bobby Wade description and substitute the word Vikings for Jacksonville.

-Drew Bennett to St. Louis: Monk's View: Not bad, a bit of a reach. But with Isaac Bruce climbing in years it was time to get a solid #3 in the house. Kevin Curtis?

-Joe Horn to Atlanta: Monk's View: Well, at least he'll catch the ball... Don't go out of your way to draft him though. He's still very draftable, but just don't reach. Take a Reggie Brown or a Santana Moss over Horn.

-Jeff Garcia to the Bucs (Jake Plummer too): Monk's View: Plummer has retired for now. Garcia and Chris Simms will battle with Simms winning out in the end. Simply because Garcia will face off more than once with the notorious QB hateah Chucky. Simms has already learned Chucky's tendencies and earned Chucky's respect playing through a game despite a life-threatening internal injury.

-Daniel Graham to Den: Monk's View: Good move for the Broncos, but tough on us FF'ers. Just when I had my sneaky sleeper Scheffler pick in my back pocket, Mike Lucifer (I mean Shanahan) goes and does it again. Of course we all want to see the Shannon Sharpe days come back, but will it be Graham, Scheffler or a TE by committee that does it. Cutler and Scheffler were starting to get on the same page by season end. So was Graham brought in for his blocking or receiving. We'll have to feel this one out in training camp and pre-season.

-Randy McMichael to the Rams: Monk's View: Have the Rams ever thrown to a tight end? Oh yeah, I guess Bulger use to throw to that Mt. Malialuma guy because it was fun to hear his name announced, but I still can't recall if he was a full-back or a tight-end. Again, have the Rams ever thrown to a TE? Someone in your league will still think he's a Dolphin. Let him (or her) have him. Otherwise, grab him in the 15th or 16th and smile. P.S. If any of you do have a woman or women in your league, tell me about that. I'm happily married, but I'd still be interested in knowing they exist. An FF lady is alright in my book. Have yet to meet one though.

-Visanthe Shiancoe to the Vikings: Monk's View: See Bobby Wade

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