2013 NFL Superbowl Prediction is Broncos vs. 49ers

From a sentimental standpoint, I'd like to pick the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Denver Broncos to extend Ray Lewis' last run. But the fact is, the Ravens still can't stop the run as they allowed 152 yards on the ground by the Indianapolis Colts.  I feel confident the Broncos will get past the Ravens.
I also feel confident that the Patriots will take it to the Texans, despite the Patriots "revolving door" defense because the Patriots will simply out score them in the end.
Football fait is too predictable and sometimes almost feels "rigged", but somehow every NFL fan just knows they will see a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady matchup this post season.  So who will get that victory?  Wow, that's fun to think about and impossible to predict with any certainty so I'll just say who I want to win and that's Peyton Manning.  I think his surgeon like precision with pick apart that gapping Patriot defense and the Broncos run-game with sustain the drives to keep Brady off the field. Broncos move on to the Super Bowl.

Seahawks/Falcons game comes down to 2 things for me. Number one is Marshawn Lynch running over the Falcons run defense and number two is the incredible size of those Seahawk corners matching up nicely against against the size and skill of Roddy White and Julio Jones.  The loss of Chris Clemons definitely hurts the Seahawks, but I still feel the Seahawk CBs by enough time to allow the pass rush to get to Matt Ryan. Seahawks move on in a very close game.
Packers/49ers game will be played in San Francisco and that 49er defense is going to eat them alive. With no run game and a shaky defense, I just don't see Aaron Rodgers doing this all on his own, which is what it will take for the Packers to win.  49ers move on and will have a harder fight then some might think vs. Seattle, but ultimately see the promised land on February 3rd in the Big Easy.

The Big Game:
Although I wouldn't be surprised at all to see a Patriots/49ers Superbowl, I like it to be a Broncos/49ers Championship and I see the 49ers pulling out the victory with some very impressive defensive play.

Your 2012-2013 Superbowl Champs will be:
The San Francisco 49ers

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