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Just a reminder to all who are asking for weekly rankings. They are not posted on the blog. The weekly rankings/start sits are sent for FREE directly to your email. So sign up for email to the right and get EXCLUSIVE weekly rankings. 

Not to worry, my motives for sending email are not to collect your email for some "dasterdly deed" for a future plot to take over the world through spam. 

They are 2 fold. One, is I get published elsewhere for this content so I'm not fully comfortable posting it on my blog. Instead I offer it to you guys (my original loyal fanbase) free in emails. The other reason I do that is because my "day job" blocks Blogger at work so I can't post as easy and I can over the weekend at home. Sending you an email through my phone while at kids dance or soccer practice works best for me. 

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phatjonny said...

I'm sure others will agree with me, WE appreciate all that you do for us during the Fantasy Football season! Your IDP knowledge and articles are "top notch!" so continue to do what you do best.....and that's helping us kick ASS in our IDP selections every week!

Michael Monk said...

Thanks Jonny! All except my wife, who I temporarily divorce a few evenings a week during football season. Let's just say she's NOT a fantasy football fan.

Harry from Albuquerque said...

Good evening Monk,
So I do subscribe to your emails, but am not seeing any rankings. The emails I get simply tells us which guys from which games are preferred (aka no brainers). Am I on the wrong email list?

Michael Monk said...

Harry, that's true. I list the people to definitely start and give reasons why to make decisions on some and to sit others. Scoring systems have such a HUGE range that I couldn't possible rank correctly for all. Some leagues have JJ Watt as the number 1 IDP this week based on their scoring system and some would have Alterean Verner based on his matchup and abilities. So I try to take that all into consideration and found this way to be the best to help the most amount of people. I follow 8 different IDP ranking lists and they all are so different. One of the trusted one's i like has Troy Polamalu list number 12 overall out of all IDPs this week. They are on bye. They also have all Terrell Suggs listed and Colts players. The problem with lists like that is they are based on numbers. My article is custom and I factor in rivalries, how they did last time they faced that team, if they are playing their old team or going back to their hometown to play. It takes me 11 total hours to compile & research this preview and I try my best to look at every angle I can within my time parameters. I'm right a lot if you go back and read past posts. You can look at ranking lists, but I found that got me know where as it looks like the rankers get lazy, just as i use to because it's too overwhelming with all those names. My way, I only really concentrate on the players you need to worry about and let the final decision up to you. Afterall, that's the whole thrill in the end, knowing that you ultimately made the decision based on the research you did.