IDP Impact of Kirk Morrison, Terrell Thomas and Marcell Dareus

Linebacker KIRK MORRISON SIGNS WITH BUFFALO: The money doesn't lie if you're wondering if this hurts Nick Barnett. They paid Barnett very well with an extended contract so this move is really about fighting for that spot next to Barnett. So this has more of an impact on Shepherd & Andra Davis.

No doubt that he does have some IDP value if he starts. Don't pick him up, but keep a close eye on him as a waiver wire grab this year.

Terrell Thomas (CB, NYG) being out for the year with an ACL tear definitely opens up some IDP value somewhere behind him. Your guess is as good as mine in who will step up, but Aaron Ross will definitely be picked on by teams if he is the one. As we've learned, sometimes being bad in real life equals being good for fantasy.

Defensive end Marcell Dareus (Buf) injured his ankle and was on crutches on Wednesday. We're waiting to hear exactly how long he'll be out and how serious is this injury.


Anonymous said...

Monk, love your site. I am fairly new to IDP and need some advice for a keeper league. My league has the following positions: DB, DB, DB, LB/DL, LB/DL, LB/DL, DB/DL/LB. Also has 5 bench spots.

I've got the following on my team:
DBs: Landry, Woodson, Earl Thomas, D Hall, Charles Tillman. LBs: Harrison, Urlacher, Farrior, Chaney.

Daryl Washington is available and I'm considering dropping a DB for him (I am assuming Chaney still has upside potential?) Do I drop D Hall (has homerun potential any given Sunday, Tillman, or Thomas? Any advice is appreciated.


Michael Monk said...

@ Gabe

You have a few areas of concern on your team. I love Landry (assuming you mean LaRon Landry and not Dwan Landry), but keep your "trigger finger" ready to grab Reed Doughty off the wire in case Landry can't go game 1.

As far as Chaney. Absolutely drop him for Daryl Washington right now. As in Immediately. (Go ahead, I'll wait.) Seriously, that's a complete mess there in Philly and it's best to avoid it. Especially if Washington is there to get now.

As far as your DB to Drop, I'm not in love with Earl Thomas this year for fantasy and I'd drop D Hall depending on who else is out there as well. So hard to recommend without knowing your scoring system since some leagues emphasize pass deflections more which makes Brent Grimes more valuable and some emphasize tackles, which makes a sleeper stud tackler like Seattle's Kam Chancellor or even Philly's Kurt Coleman who's nailing down the starting safety job with the Eagles and lighting up the box scores with his sure-fired open field tackling. These are guys you can wait on though and get off the waiver wire. Definitely get Washington over Chaney though.

Amy said...

Monk, I also love your site. It helped me with a lot of decisions last year. I have three IDP players on my 12 player team - D, DB, and DL. I also have 4 bench spots.

I have
D-Steven Tulloch, DB-Donte Whitner and no DL at this time.

The main points are: one point for a tackle solo, half a point for a tackle assist and 2 points for a sack with ff, td and safety also being scored. I'm honestly feeling lost in my 12 team league.

LBs Greenway, Laurinaitis, James Anderson, Beason, Lofton, Burnett, Barnett, Ruud are all available.

DB Chung, Woodson, Harper, Huff, Toler, Mikell, Winfield available.

DL Babin, John Abraham, Shaughnessy, Pierre-Paul, James Hall, Kyle Williams, Umenyiora, and multiple others available.

I feel like I blew the draft and I would appreciate whatever help you can give me making the best of this situation. If there are any obvious new changes in situations creating players that would be better than what I have it would help to know too.


Michael Monk said...

@ Amy

Thanks Amy. Glad I could help.

So 3 starting IDPs D, DB, and DL. You have 4 bench spots.

You currently have
D-Steven Tulloch, DB-Donte Whitner and no DL at this time.

No worries about blowing a draft this year on the IDP side. The waiver wire is going to be more packed with talent than every this year and if your list below is available players, then hallelujah

So your current LB is Tulloch and he is DOWN this year as he won't be staying on the field for passing situations and they're still playing with Levy in the middle in some packages, but he's easy to replace with Laurinaitis. I would say Beason, but his ACL injury is flaring up and I really, really like Laurinaitis this year.

Next guy is replacing Donte Whitner who switched teams to the 49ers this year and based on your league settings, I would either go Chung or Woodson. So let's go with Patrick Chung because you'll get higher tackle numbers out of him.

Last is your DL lets go Shaughnessy. I love him this year. I was thinking about going with both Piere-Paul & Umenyiora. You'd start the season with Paul until Umenyiora came back from injury, but then the rotation would get muddy from there. And we'd be wasting an extra bench spot that you could use for a back up RB like a McGahee or a Reggie Bush.

You're going to be golden if you go with "Check my throat cuz I got a bad case of Laurintis", "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" (dont Chung your Wang though, that leaves a mark) and "Pardon me Bartender, but could I get a Shaughnessy & Red Bull?"