2011 NFL Draft for IDP Fantasy Football Coming Soon!

2011 NFL Draft Analysis Team by Team breakdown for IDP Fantasy Football Coming Soon!


Maze said...


I decided to check your site on a lark and I am so looking forward to your IDP Preview. As always, thanks for the hard work.

I encourage you to break down fantasy value by specific position and not just DL, LB, DB. My league uses specific positions like CB, DT, S, LB, DE

I keeping my eye on:


Prince Amukamara (NYG): Does he have value? What will it do to Terrell Thomas's value?

Patrick Peterson (ARI): Will the starters be him and DRC? Is Toler worthless, you think?

Ras I Dowling (NE): Will he start right away? How does his prescence effect Devin McCourty?


Nick Fairley (DET): Does Suh's production go down? Does he increase the value of Kyle Vanden Bosch? Does he have value at the DT position himself or will he only play a fraction of the snaps?

Marcel Dareus (BUF): Is Buffalo running a 34 anymore? Does he decrease the value of Kyle Williams? Increase the value of Chris Kelsay?


I understand a lot of this will depend on which position players are listed at. For instance, I think Von Miller has a ton of value as a DE, but very little as a LB.

Robert Quinn (STL): 43 end right?

Von Miller (DEN): Will he play mostly 43 end, or are they trying to play him at LB?


Are there any Safeties that have value as rookies like T.J. Ward did last year?

I am also curious as to what you think of some of the offseason moves some teams have made such as New Orleans bringing in Shaun Rogers, New England getting Marcus Stroud, Washington getting Atogwe.

That's all I can think of right now, but I look forward to your answers.


Big daddies said...

your post left out the kitchen sink, LOL. Good stuff

looking forward to following you.


Long.Live.The.Fade said...

Hey Monk,

Hope there is a nfl season this year.. can't wait to see your per-list of sleeper picks for 2011 season.. and perhaps some thought on the 2011 draft picks.


Long.Live.The.Fade said...

Hi Monk.

Following you over the years I have learned a thing or two about IDP and the value of having Buffalo's SS. Now that Donte Whitner is gone from Buffalo.. in your opinion who is the SS to grab from that team is it George Wilson or Rookie Da'Norris Searcy?