IDP Week 13 Waiver Wire Pick Ups In Review

You'll have to forgive my "human" side for a moment while I review my picks from last week.

I'll be the first to admit I make some bad calls here and there and I think most of you who know me over the years rarely ever see me brag about any of my picks. So that's why I ask you to forgive me for this rare moment of showing "Mr. Your Picks Suck" how I did last week.

In addition to my week 13 picks I made, I also recommended Brent Grimes & Abram Elam to some people via email & on the blog comments.  Grimes had an INT, 7 tackles and 6 pass deflections this week and Elam of Cleveland had 7 tackles and a pass deflection.

My Week 13 Picks from Last Week in Review:


Reed Doughty WAS had 7 solos 3 assists

T. Newman DAL had 6 solos

D. Patterson PHI had 6 solos

Tracy Porter NO had 5 solos 1 assist 1 pass deflection
or Greer who had 4 solos 1 assist, but I recommended Porter over Greer


I said Shanle of New Orleans had a bad matchup, but was worthy of a pick up from his previous 2 weeks. His lousy matchup did come true and lead to a lowly 4 tackle game

I recommended Geno Hayes of Tampa Bay or Quincy Black of TB and Black had 7 solos & Hayes had a mediocre game with 4 tackles and a pass deflection, but passable for a waiver wire guy


Giants Pierre Paul had 2 sacks, 3 tackles & a pass deflection
Avril DET had 3 sacks and 4 solos tackles

At the time of writing this, Baltimore & Pit are at halftime and my two picks below have the following so I'm not sure how they'll end up at the end of the game.

T. Suggs 1.5 sacks, 5 tackles

H. Ngata .5 sacks, 4 tackles


I'll have my normal Waiver Wire picks for week 14 posted during sometime after the Monday Night Football game.


I'll have my normal Waiver Wire picks for week 14 posted during sometime after the Monday Night Football game.


SS R. Doughty WAS has the Giants week 13. However, he'll be benched if Landry is back from his heal injury so you have to watch that closely. But if Doughty is starting then he's the first one I'd want from this week. He led the Redskins in the box scores week 12 and his matchup is as good as it gets week 13. He has the potential of a 12 tackle week and he had many big games like that last year so he's fully capable to have a big game vs. NYG.

CB Terrance Newman DAL is coming off another big week against the Saints and next he gets the Colts. He should get another 7 or more tackle performance.

CB Dimitri Patterson PHI had a slow week, but he had been on fire prior to his week 12 matchup.  Week 13, he gets Houston they should be firing the ball through the air a bunch to keep up with the Eagles. That bodes well for Patterson and I see no reason he shouldn't get back to his 7 tackles a game again.

CBs Tracy Porter NO & J. Greer NO should both have big weeks.  I believe the Saints will be WAY up on the Bengals and Palmer will have to throw a ton in catch up/junk-time. That will lead to tackles & INTs for one or both of them. If I has to choose one, I'd go Porter on a hunch, but I like both.


LB Shanle NO is for real. I know I'm slow on the draw on this one, but I didn't expect him to be as good as he was in a matchup vs. the Cowboys. I will warn that Cincy is an even worse matchup for LBs, but not much worse than I thought the Cowboys were so he's the best of the LBs on the wire.

LB Geno Hayes TB is another good matchup vs. Atlanta. He did well vs. the Ravens as expected and you should expect the same vs. the Falcons.

OLB Jarret Johnson BAL gets Pit week 13 where emotions always run high. The Steelers will work hard to establish their running game and Johnson should continue his 6 tackles or more trend he's been on.

LB S. Weatherspoon ATL is back and although he did very little against Green Bay, he's up against Tampa Bay week 13 and I estimate about 6 solos and a couple assists. If that's enough for you, than pick him up, but he will still be sharing reps with Nicholas here and there.


DE J. Pierre-Paul NYG is coming off a 2 sack week and get the Redskins who are giving up 5.5 sacks a week. I like his chances

DE T. Suggs BAL is a given against Pit. He should not be on your waiver wire, but his matchup is so good, I'm mentioning him as a reminder.

DE Haloti Ngata BAL has not done anything lately, but it's important to note that the last time he played the Steelers week 4, he had 11 total tackles and a sack. Even if he gets half of that production, it's better than both of my DEs that I start.  I'll definitely be giving him a try week 13.

DE C. Avril DET is worth a flyer vs. Cutler and the Bears week 13


Swill25 said...

Monk I can start two dl.. I have Suggs as one who would you take as the second between Kyle Williams or Charles Johnson ? I'm in second in my league looking to make up some ground on 1st..

Anonymous said...

should i drop deangelo hall and greg toler for the guys on your list?

Anonymous said...

Hi Monk

I have been offered Trent Cole for Posluzsny in my dynasty league.

I have Poz, Cushing, Laurinaitis & D.Johnson at LB (3 starters)
and J.Allen, R.Edwards & G.McCoy at DL (3 starters)

Hawthorne, Angerer, Shanle & McIntosh is on the waiver wire.

Is the trade worth it? and who would you pick from the waiver?

Best regards from Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

your pics are junk

Eli said...

Hey Monk!

So questions for this week are:

LB's- Pick 2


I like tulloch matchup VS JAC more than willis's vs GB wat do u think??


Charles Johnson
Jared Allen
Jason HUnter
Trent Cole

Mcfadden is injured and may play shud i drop him/stash and pick someone else up??

btw just wantt to say whitner is a BEAST!!! 37 pts for me!!!
gotta love it!

thanks buddy!

Sarah said...

Hey Monk! Should I stick with Dimitri Patterson this week or switch him out for Jabari Greer, Glover Quinn, Tillman, or Greg Toler (if healthy/starting)? Thanks so much!

Michael Monk said...

@ Swill25

I like Charles Johnson


Your question about dropping DeAngelo Hall and Toler for anyone on the list

I think you truly are in matchup mode. Those are both talented players you're talking about, but you do have to look at the matchups. I do like both Hall and Toler's matchups for week 13 so stay put. But week 14, I might swap out Hall vs. TB for a Rams CB who are facing New Orleans. I just used Brent Grimes vs. GB week 12 and it paid off for me well. So maybe Alfonso Smith (if he's still starting) vs. GB week 14 is another option over Hall. They will pick on him a ton and you'll get rewarded well choosing the weak side CB on good matchups vs. teams like Houston, GB & NO.

But Hall & Toler are starters with better potential than any of the guys on the waiver wire.


I would do the Cole For Pos deal. I feel good about Angerer to fill his spot in dynasty. Your other linebackers are strong too and Cole is so rare at his position.


Your comment: "Your Picks are Junk"

I completely agree that some of my picks are junk. They let me down occasionally too. But I'm clinched in my playoffs in all 3 of my leagues and I've had a lot of guys tell me I helped them get to their playoffs. So I get disappointed in my picks at times too, but until another site out there proves to me that they are better, then I'm going to keep pickin and using my own picks to win.

I have always been very honest about my terrible picks on defensive linemen. I can only point out the obvious starts against the Bears, Steelers, Washington and any rookie QBs that are starting out there like in Carolina. But I feel good about my DB Patrick Chung pick I did way before the season started, as well as TJ Ward/ Whitner & the Desmond Bishop pick and even Angerer before anyone else was talking about them. So I try dude. I don't think it's too bad for a Dad with 3 kids, 2 jobs and more church committees then I can keep track of.

I do appreciate your opinion though and I will try my best to get you better picks.


@ Eli

I really don't like Willis vs. GBs non existent running game and Tulloch has been on fire. The Poz matchup vs. Minnesota is good, but we have to watch see if AP is playing in that one.

Willis has proven to have some bad games vs. bad matchups so I'd have to go Stephen & Paul in this week.

I like Cole & Allen

No McFadden, try Brent Grimes this week. I am!


I like Dimitri P.

Long.Live.The.Fade said...

Hey Michael,

Do not worry about that clown, saying your picks suck. I love your picks and value them each week! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!