IDP Week 11 NFL Fantasy Football 2010 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

YEAH!!! We're done with byes!

Note: Just a reminder that this blog is "waiver wire" suggestions. I've noticed lately that people are telling me their lineup and they have McRath & Durant as starters with guys like Derick Anderson & Bradie James on their bench. The old golden rule still applies in "when in doubt, never bench your studs".  All the guys I list below are on the waiver wire for a reason. It's because they are not as good as your studs.  They simply give you another option if you have an injured guy on your team, someone that is performing horrible for many weeks in a row or your guy has a really bad matchup this week and one of the guys below has a GREAT matchup. Other than that, never bench your studs.


LB Ernie Sims PHI vs. NYG week 11. The Giants are an incredible matchup for LBs so Stewart Bradley is my first choice, but I highly doubt Bradley is on anyone's waiver wire. If you're in dangerous spot and need to take some high risk/high reward risks to make the playoff, then try Sims. The Giants just made very mediocre Keith Brooking look like the best IDP LB this week, but we all know it was just the matchup and not the player. The same thing applies here.

Rethinking LB Paris Lenon ARI - I apologize for advising some to drop Lenon with the change to their defense. He continues to be productive and next week, he faces the Chiefs run game so he's very worthy for your roster if 6-7 solos a week is better than your other linebackers.

LB Nic Harris CAR led the box scores for Carolina this week. He finished with 8 solos and 3 assists vs Tampa Bay week 10 and he's gets the very LB friendly Baltimore week 11.  He beat both Beason & Anderson in the box scores. I would not start him over Beason or Anderson, but he has a good chance of leading the box scores for Carolina again. So if you're looking for some help at LB and don't feel good about who you have, Harris is a good risk/reward guy.

LB M. Haggan DEN had a whopping 3 sacks week 10 vs. KC, but that is a complete mirage so don't expect that again. But you can expect 6-7 tackles from him because he's done that in his last 3 games. I don't love the Chargers matchup for an LB so that's why he's 4th on this list. If he was facing a better run team week 11, he might be above Paris Lenon on this list.

LB P. Angerer IND got more playing time with Session out and despite it being a very poor run matchup, he still got 4 solos and 2 assists. He's got a nose for the ball and it's only a matter of time before he has one of those 11 solo breakout games. But we'll have to wait until a Brackett injury to see that happen. In the meantime, he's a LB3 facing New England week 4.


SS Craig Dahl STL does it again. This is the second week in a row that Dahl put up double digit solo tackles against unlikely matchups. Averaging 11.5 tackles a week with a forced fumble and 2 pass deflections makes Dahl the best DB in IDP over the last 2 weeks. If he's on your wire, I think his reward is worth the risk.

SS Courtney Greene JAQ is averaging 7 solos over his last 3 games. And he's a lock for 6-8 tackles vs. CLE week 11.  So if you want a guy that you can plug in and not worry about, then he's you're guy. Him and Dahl would be a great combination in your two DB spots.

SS J. Leonhard NYJ vs. HOU is a terrific matchup as all strong safeties do well vs. them. Leonhard is coming off a 6 tackle game with a forced fumble and the week before that he had 8 solos so start him with confidence.

DB D. McCourty NE finished with 7 solos and 2 assists vs. Pit week 10. He faces the Colts week 11 and should post similar, if not better numbers.

DB K. Hayden IND just had a big week with an INT for a TD and 9 total tackles. Week 11, he gets New England, where Pits CB B. McFadden just finished with 9 solos.

S Michael Huff OAK vs. Pit week 11. He's been playing well, getting sacks & INTs and I like him vs. Big Ben.

Scrappy CB Brent Grimes ATL came on very strong at the end of last year and he has been very consistent these last 3 games. In fact, week 9 & 10, he had identicle numbers. 6 solos and 1 INT in each of the games vs. TB & BAL. Neither one of those are particularly CB friendly games. And at first glance, St. Louis is not either, but Sam Bradford has been in the high end of QB rankings for pass attempts so Grimes will get his chances. 


DE Chris Clemons SEA has reached stud level at his position. He must be rostered and started each week despite the matchup.

DE M. Shaughnessy OAK
has a good shot at getting a sack on Big Ben week 11. I'm looking at starting both Shaughnessy and Tommy Kelly for my Defensive line spots next week.

DT Tommy Kelly OAK has had a sack in the last 5 games he's played in. That's right, 5 in a row. And guess what... This just in... Big Ben takes a lot of sacks. I like Kelly's chances here.

DE D. Bowens CLE is an LB listed as a DE in most leagues. He makes things happen when he's in there and week 10, he got 6 solos and 2 assists. Going against the Jaqs next week is a nice matchup, but Bowens is on the injury report a lot so be sure to check that later in the week to see if he's playing

NT Paul Soliai MIA - For those of you in DT required leagues, Soliai is a nice sleeper vs. the Bears in week 11. Whether he gets a sack on Cutler or not, he's rancking up a decent amount of tackles and pass deflections for an interior defensive linemen.

DT G. McCoy TB is finished with 5 solos week 10 and gets San Fran week 11. He's worthy of a roster spot in DT required leagues.

LB A. Curry SEA had a huge game with 7 solos and 2 sacks, but this was completely out of the blue

CB Glover Quin HOU
with 13 tackles vs. the Jaquers, but that was totally random and doesn't make any sense.

If anyone went with my recommendation to start both Ray Edwards and Jared Allen, it worked out (barely). The reason I reommended starting both at the same time so you were guaranteed to get at least 1 sack from at least one of them. It happened with Allen getting 5 tackles and a sack. But it was a nail biter with the Bears protecting Cutler the best they have ALL year long.  It sure helped that stupid Bret Farve and they're dumb receivers didn't even make the game close. Cutler wasnt' forced to throw all game since they always felt in control.  The Bears are still a team you want to start your DEs against. That's Miami DEs next week.

DE Abraham ATL has been strong and with 4 solos and 2 sacks vs. Baltimore, he's a guy I wish I had on my team.

LB Levy came back down to Earth with 3 solos, but LB J. Peterson had the better with 5.  That's why I avoid that Detroit LB situation.

HEY, a Bryan Scott sighting with 7 tackles and a sack. He was such a stud for Buffalo last year. So frustrating that you can't predict when they'll use him from week to week.


Anonymous said...

DL question for you:
How would you rank these DL for the rest of the year?
Umenyiora, Mario Williams, Clemons, Mathis, Abraham, and James Hall?
Thanks in advance, and love the advice!

Ryan said...

Hey Monk! I've got to cut one defensive back/lb player for the rest of the season now that byes are over. I have Tulloch, Chung, Pollard, Bell, and Woodson. I can only start 4 each week. Do you have a recommendation? The league is based on Yahoo default scoring with a few tweaks here and there.

Eli said...

Hey Monk!

Ok so i need help for LB this week.. i start 2 as u shud know by now.. i have rostered timmons, poz, tulloch.
On the wire there are ppl like bradley, bradie james, haggan, lenon.. which shud i start? shud i pick any of these up?

DE- I am starting john abraham and trent cole.. is that goood? do u like abraham next week?

Anonymous said...

Hey Monk,

I need to start 3 from the following: Ray Lewis, James L., Zac Diles and Desmond Bishop. All 4 of them have pretty descent matchups.


J said...


tackles/defensed=1 pt, sacks/ints=3, assisted tackle=.5

What are your thoughts on Chung, T. Branch and Whitner. I currently have Whitner but am thinking about picking up either Chung or Branch.

Also will toler play again after his benching? I could drop him for Richard Marshall.


Anonymous said...

Hey Monk need some help bad coming down to the wire.

Start 2 at each position

LB Poz,Bishop,Djohnson,Rudd,D Harris

DB Chung,TJ Ward,Whitner,weddle

DL Mario Williams,Shughnessey,Clemons,ray Edwards,BJ raji,Sedrick Ellis

Anonymous said...

Hi Monk
I have below lineup, Do you think i should replace any one of them with my bench guys based on matchup. who can I drop among these based on long term returns.

D-Zac DIles,
D-Eric weddle
DB-Greg Toler
DB-Deangelo Hall
DE-T cole
LB-Paul Posluszny
LB - D bishop

bench- G Mcrath, L briggs

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...


In a league that starts 2 LB, 2 CB, 1 safety and 1 defensive flex I'm in a bind.

I've got
LBs: Beason, Timmons, R. Lewis, Desmond Bishop
CBs: Toler and Winfield
S: Whitner

T. Branch, Chung and R. Marshall are on waivers. Who do you think I should pick up? If you had to drop 1 person who would you drop?

tackles/p defensed=1. sacks/ints=3, tackles assisted=1/2

Anonymous said...


Please tell me which LB, and DB you would bench this week? Points 2tackle, 1assist, 3ff/fr, 1pass def ect.


Whitner, Ward, Chung



Thoracic Outlet said...

Hi Monk

Just wanted some advice on my roster (Starting DE,DT,DE,LB,LB,LB,CB,CB,S,S,D; Scoring: Tackle Solo 1,assist 0.5,sack 4, Int 5, FF 3, Pass defended 1,TD 6) right now I have
DE:Cole,Allen DT: Dockett, LB: Diles, Beason,Bishop, B James, Hali, CB:McCourty, Ike taylor, tramon williams S: Godfrey, Fransico

Taylor was a bye week fill in so ill probably cut him, Godfrey hasnt produced any big plays since early in the season so I would like to replace him at S

-AJ Hawk got cut last week,should I pick him up at LB (he may have more big play potential than diles)?
-Should I pick up alphonso smith at CB over either of tramon and mccourty?
- Courtney greene or dahl to replace godfrey or would you recommend sticking with godfrey?


Eli said...

Hey monk,
so abraham may not play.. he did practice. shud i look to play someone else?
these are the players available.
Calais Campbell
Charles Johnson
Glen Dorsey

All have done well the past few weeks and have great match ups too (KC, BAL, ARI)

Suzanne said...

Hi Monk!

I need to choose one LB and one DB. I am having trouble deciding -- we have so many on the waiver wires! Who would you go with this week? (Tackle and assists =1, Sacks and INT = 3)

LB: DJ Williams, Bradie James, Desmond Bishop, Clay Matthews, Dhani Jones, Zac Diles, Jon Beason, B Urlacher, Lauranaitis

DB: Charles Woodson, Y Bell, Kelvin Hayden, Earl Thomas, R Marshall, B Mcfadden, Huff, Berry, Tillman, clover quinn, trufant

Sorry for giving you so many choices...

Your advice is invaluable!! Thanks!


Michael Monk said...

Hi Gang,

Unfortunately, I got in fender bender and wrecked my back this week so I've been out of commission. I'm on pain pills so I can't focust enough answer many questions and I'm probably too late for many of you today.

Some things I can tell you is Zak Diles is questionable today due to illness.

I think I can answer a lot of peoples questions by telling you Diles has been sick so might not play that well today. The other question I saw a lot involved Poz Willis. They are MUST starts today.

The rest of those questions were a lot with Bishop & Bradie James & Ray Lewis & Timmons

They are all very close, but if I were to put them in order this week, I'd go Ray Lewis, Bradie James, Bishop and then Timmons, but they are all VERY close so you really are fine no matter what you do. Note that D. Johnson & L. Laurinitis, Jerod Mayo rank above the Ray Lewis group and slightly below the Willis & Poz group.

Quite frankly, all these guys are MUST start guys, but I understand that many of you are in shallow leagues and some of these MUST start guys can be found on your waiver wire.

I can also tell you that I believe Courtney Greene is a top 5 DB this

I like all your oakland linemen vs. Big Ben and love Baltimore's linemen (especially Suggs) vs. Carolina's practice squad QB today.

Again, sorry all this is out so late. Hopefully I'll be able to write my waiver article tonight. If not, then tomorrow night. Good luck to all this week!