Monks IDP 4 Week Fantasy Summary - Will the Real Studs Please Stand Up?

The Numbers Don't Lie Through Week 4

What makes this list interesting below is these guys are "unsorted" by their position.  I used a universal standardized scoring system to do the best I could to compare how some of these safeties, corner backs and defensive ends are scoring at the same level as some of our "elite" linebackers. ("big play" scoring leagues would yield a different result. A guy like C. Woodson would be much higher in that type of league)

The "Elite" List (in order by scoring so far this year. Anyone who did not get a DE, S or CB next to their name is an LB)

James Anderson
Lawrence Timmons
Patrick Chung S
Paris Lenon
Jerod Mayo
Paul Posluszny
Greg Toler CB
LaRon Landry S
Michael Griffin S
Shaun Phillips (remember he's here because on 1 VERY HUGE game in week 4)
DeAngelo Hall CB
Clay Matthews
Bernard Pollard S
James Harrison
London Fletcher
Charles Woodson CB
Rocky McIntosh
Curtis Lofton
Brian Urlacher
Sean Considine S
Chad Greenway
Yeremiah Bell S
Kevin Burnett
T.J. Ward S
Lance Briggs
Tamba Hali
Patrick Willis
Charles Godfrey S
DeMeco Ryans
Sean Weatherspoon
DeMarcus Ware
Derrick Johnson
Stephen Tulloch
Eric Coleman S
Keith Rivers
Justin Tuck DE
Zac Diles (replace him with Brian Cushing & expect Cushing to be around the same slot as Rocky MacIntosh on this list)
Lawyer Milloy S
Mario Williams DE
Osi Umenyiora DE
Louis Delmas S
Kerry Rhodes S
Ray Lewis
Antoine Winfield CB
Roman Harper S
D.J. Williams

Close Behind - The guys below are not too far behind the "Elite" list and could jump back up to elite status at any time.
Trent Cole DE
Barrett Ruud
Earl Thomas S
Keith Brooking
Daryl Smith
Jon Beason
Will Witherspoon
James Laurinaitis
Haloti Ngata DT
James Hall DE
Tyvon Branch S

Steady (Middle of the Pack "bye week" or "deep league" guys)
Dhani Jones
Dan Connor
Charles Tillman CB
Antoine Bethea S
Scot Fujita
Geno Hayes
EJ Henderson
Jason Babin DE
Quincy Black

Studs that are Duds so far and KILLING fantasy owners:
Jared Allen DE
David Harris
Brian Dawkins S
(Beason is an honorable mention on this list)

On the Rise - These are guys moving up the list in a hurry:
Kareem Moore S
Donte Whitner S
Clint Session
AJ Hawk

4 weeks is still too early to give up on guys like David Harris and J. Allen, but it doesn't mean you can't bench them (which you may already be doing)  Although I love the matchup for David Harris on Monday night vs. the Vikes, it's easy for you to justify why you would start someone else you like more from the elite list.

So, although you can't panic and start dropping studs (if you are sure you won't get them back off the wire), you also need to "go with the flow" and adjust your thoughts to guys like James Anderson being a much better start than Jon Beason or starting James Hall over Jared Allen certain weeks.

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Michael Monk said...

@ Eli

Jared Allen got me nothing as well. To his defense, Romo is extremely difficult to sack, but he's still be SUCH a let down this year.

I think we have to say he's "just a guy" this year. No one really understands why or if his Chef is no longer slipping "juice" into his juice (if you know what I'm saying *wink *wink). Personally, I think it's because he cut his mullet to get married and just because he grew it back, the psychological damage was already done.

That is AWESOME with Tommy Kelly!!! What a great feeling that is to see something that know one else saw and then have the balls to pull the trigger on the move. I say stick with your boy. Don't switch for Raji. I'll look into him and try him on my team. Thanks!

What a very tough decision, but I would go Cushing over Anderson for the rest of the year. The Texans lost Demeco Ryans and more is going to be put on Cushing. I consider Cushing as good as Poz in IDP and if Poz get's injured like he does then you'll have Cushing & Timmons starting. But I would start Timmons & Poz until either one gives you a reason not to.


@ Team Discovery Channel

Thanks for the very nice compliment!

Your question is if I like Toler and Rhodes better than Hall, Sensabaugh or Grimes

My ranking of those guys in order is Toler, Hall, Rhodes, Sensabaugh & Grimes. (But Hall & Rhodes are VERY close)


@ Ryan
I like Pox over Davis vs. the Ravens.


Your question:

I have James L., Osi, Paris Lenon, Desmond Bishop and Ray Lewis. I need to start 3. Thanks for all the help this year.

I would start Bishop, Lenon & Osi if your a big risk taker or Lewis if you want to play it safer.


@ Simonsays

Your Welcome! Thanks


@ Ttrang

I would start Chris Kelsay over Mathis as a DL. YES. Kelsay has a fantastic matchup

I would drop Delmas for Whitner, but it is close.


@ Will
Your Question:
Which TWO would you bench for week 7, 2solo, 1assist, 3-pick,fumble etc.

AJ Hawk
Andra Davis


I would bench Hawk & Davis

And I would bench Whitner & Ward & start Chung, I love Chung & Ward combo


@Long Live The Fade

Thank you for being such a loyal follower and the very kind compliments!

I should have listed Spikes as a mirage. At least until we see some more consistency. I like Andra Davis better than him this week if you can't get Bradie James.

The LBs I do get excited about for the second half of the season are Bishop, Bradie James, Angerer (if Bracket stays injured or gets injured again) Obviously Cushing. I'm feeling like D. Harris & Jon Beason will warm up & don't forget about Demorrio Williams if D. Johnson ever goes down or Hillenmeyer if Urlacher ever goes down.