IDP Week 7 NFL Fantasy Football 2010 Waiver Wire Pick Ups

Immdediate Waiver Wire Pick Ups (all in order by priority)


LB Bishop GB has the Vikings next week on Sunday Night Football and the Vikings are a team you REALLY want to start your linebackers against. You can start Bishop and Hawk in week 7.

LB Bradie James DAL seems to warm up part way into each year and always finishes strong. Although his 9 solos came against the Vikings (which are a great LB matchup), James has SERIOUS IDP potential and has proven in the past to get as many as 22 total tackles in a single game. I could just as easily list him in the mirage category, he's just got to much potential to do that.

LB Andra Davis BUF vs. BAL week 7. Looking at the NE box score (who just played BAL) you'll see guys who underperformed all year go off. And I mean "go off". Look at all 3 of the NE linebackers who played week 6: Mayo had 18 total tackles, Ninkovich had 8 solos and Brandon Spikes had 14 total tackles. Those 3 LBs combined for 40 total tackles!!!!


SS Whitner BUF - Don't forget about him coming off his  bye week

CB B. Grimes ATL - He became a nice CB gem last year and he went back to work this week with 12 total tackles. This recommendation is only if you must start a CB, but he'll either be on Owens or Ocho week 7 and either one gets a lot of targets.

SS G. Sensabaugh DAL has been warming up and he got 7 solos and a sack on the Viking week 6. Look for 5-7 tackles vs. the Giants week 7 and another potential sack.

DL Pick ups

DE C. Kelsay BUF will face Baltimore in week 6. Looking back at the trends, Kelsay, an LB listed as a DL in most leagues, will have one of his biggest games of the year. Just take a minute and look at what the NE LBs did vs. BAL in week 6.

DE H. Ngata BAL - if you didn't pick him up before and he's still available, he's the guy you really really want. He keeps getting better and now he got 7 total tackles and 2 sacks ain week 6.

DE M. Shaughnessy OAK got 4 solos and a sack week 6. That's 2 weeks in a row. He's a guy you want.

DE B Raji GB  had 7 total tackles and has been steadily getting better with each game this year.

Bye week or Injury fill-ins

SS P. Oliver SD - Solid guy once again with another 6 solos.

SS Kenny Phillips NY
had big week. He's a great athlete, but I don't know if this was just a bump because of matchup or a sign that he's coming into his full potential.

SS S. Jones TB is a nice flyer vs. St. Louis in week 7. I'm missing Pollard on bye week 7 and someone got Whitner already, so I might go S. Jones or maybe Kenny Phillips on Monday Night Football vs. the Cowboys. I'll have to think about it.

TB LBs Ruud, Black & Hayes consistently seem to always get the same numbers and it's hard to predict which one might have the most value. All are good bye week fill-ins if you need an LB.

LB P. Angerer IND is the one you want starting if G. Brackett ever gets injured again. He had 11 total tackles and a sack. This guy has Hawthorne/Bishop back up potential so keep him filed for the future

LB B. Iwuh CHI started in place of Lance Briggs and got 8 solos week 7 vs. Seattle. So keep that in mind next time you see Briggs injured


S E. Weddle SD blew up this week with 11 solos, but he's been so crappy this year, I don't know if you can trust this. He's a boom or bust play right now.

LB Michael Boley NY had 8 solos and an assist in week 6 however the Giants are completely "package" based so you can't trust this from week to week. Similar to Dan Connor for CAR, it all depends on individual game schemes.

LB A. Palmer DET finished with 13 total tackles, which was completely out of the blue.  Weird because Julian Peterson's performance week 5 was completely out of the blue as well. Maybe it's Follett's turn next week. D. Levy sure has been an IDP bust so far this year. I'm sure he'll come back on the radar at some point this year.


SS Q. Mikell PHI - You just can't trust him to be consistent.

LB Vilma NO will do well against CLE in week 7. Linebackers have bigger games vs. CLE

SS K. Phillips NY had a nice week 6. Let's see a few more of these and we'll talk about starting him on a regular basis.

LB J. Mayo had himself a HUGE week 6 with 11 solos and 7 assists. 18 total tackles. WOW!

LB Dansby MIA got bad real quick as an IDP candidate and I don't quite understand why, but I'd only use him against run heavy team matchups moving forward.


Eli said...

Hey monk!

Well i was right bout Tommy Kelly as my DT got me 20 PTS for a dt that's sick! Wat do u think shud I scoop up Bj raji, stick with Kelly?, or play the matchups each week?

Jared Allen!!! Wat do I do?? He got me 1 point!!!! This is insane! Sumtim must be done! Please tell me wat u suggest I do!

Three lbs I have are Anderson, poz, and Timmons. I strt 2 shud I continue rotating between these three or is there someone else better that I shud rotate with. Bishop, Cushing etc. Timmons to me is a must start he got me 39 PTS!!!
Thanks monk!

Team Discovery Channel said...

Man!!! I love your blog. I've play Fantasy since I was 18, but this is my first year playing IDP.

I was doing to start the season, but I was struggling /w byes and injury subs (not to mention David Harris) until I found your blog.

AWESOME! Thanks for the great advice.

Anonymous said...

I have G.toler and kerry rhodes available. do you prefer them over D. hall, sensabaugh or grimes.


Ryan said...

Should I go with Pox or Davis vs. the Ravens next week?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advice of Desmond Bishop last week. I started him over James L. (who has been under achieving this year. Could you please help me with this weeks lineup. I have James L., Osi, Paris Lenon, Desmond Bishop and Ray Lewis. I need to start 3. Thanks for all the help this year.

simonsays2 said...

Big props Monk on Bishop. The 7 solos helped with the win this week. He'll be in the lineup again vs. All Day. Cheers.

Ttrang said...

hey monk,

Your blog/advice is a savior, and makes me look good in my leagues! Thanks a bunch.....

League Settings:
-Sack 1pt
-Tackles: 1pt
-Assisted Tackle: 0.5pts

-would u start chris kelsay over, robert mathis this week? I know DL are a real crapshoot....

-Should I drop one these Delmas/Branch/Yeremiah Bell, for Donte Whitner?

-And Laurinatis has been frustrating thus far, should I pick up Derrick Johnson and Drop Laurinatis?


Anonymous said...

Which TWO would you bench for week 7, 2solo, 1assist, 3-pick,fumble etc.

AJ Hawk
Andra Davis


Thanks for your help again!!!


Long.Live.The.Fade said...

Hi Michael, Love your site and especially love your insight. Thanks for the time you spend on it (the site). Both Bishop and A. Davis are taken in my league as far as LBs are concerned. I will try to score B. James because he is still available but in case I don't score James... what do you think of NEP LB Brandon Spikes going forward.. is he worth an add? Also what LBs are on your radar.. might be a tough question.. but who do you like or think might have more of an impact in the 2nd half of the season compared to the 1st half.


Long.Live.The.Fade said...

Hey Michael,

What do you think about Charlie Peprah? Bishop is taken... Peprah had a good game too.. 11 total tackles (9 solos and 2 assists)...


Anonymous said...

Rant warning: I'm officially dumping Jared Allen. He's a bum! Patrick Willis - you need to turn it around next week or you're next. I will *never* reach for another defensive player.

RJ said...

2 D spots, 1 LB spot, and 1 DB spot for a total of 4 spots to fill from these 7. Here's my platoon:

James Anderson
Paris Lenon
Jerod Mayo
Desmond Bishop
Derrick Johnson

Donte Whitner
Patrick Chung

Anonymous said...

Hey monk, does zac diles become relevant again with ryans out for the season?

Anonymous said...

Any chance Bishop doesn't play as many snaps with Chillar coming back from injury?