D'Qwell Jackson Injury -2010 NFL Fantasy Football IDP Rankings Impact

**update September 1  LB D’Qwell Jackson reported that his rehab is on schedule. He’s been cleared to lift weights and hopes to return as early as the regular season opener. He added that there’s “no chance” he will be placed on IR. This should move DQwell back up your board, but let's keep this news a secret between you and me, shall we. Let the rest of your league think he'll be out a bunch of games.

(*update) As of Friday August 13, DQwell Jackson's injury is a strained peck and is estimated to be out 4-8 weeks so worst case scenerio is he doesn't play until week 4 of the season. It's not the same pectoral muscle he tore last year so that's good news. My advice is to scare all the suckers in your league off by quoting this article (http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2010/08/cleveland_browns_linebacker_dq_2.html) like I did. And then grab him for yourself 5 rounds later at a huge value. He's well worth the grab. I believe he's the second best IDP linebacker in the whole league. In the meantime, their projecting Eric Barton to be the starting LB, but that means nothing at this point in pre-season so if you need a sleeper LB, grab Dan Connor of Carolina instead of Eric Barton.

Initial Article done Tuesday August 10th
I'm currently working on my IDP draft rankings that I have received so many requests to do.  But when studying one of my favorite and somewhat sneaky picks this year, I saw that D'Qwell Jackson may have another serious injury that occurred August 10 during Tuesday's practice..  We'll monitor this closely, but according to this D'Qwell Jackson Injury Article, it sounds pretty bad. So my advice at this point is to let someone else in your league take him. (And trust me, that's hard to say)  In the meantime they say Eric Barton and Kaluka Maiava shared time in his place after he left practice.  But David Bowens (one of our sneaky DE/LB finds last year) is also still around, but he was also a little dinged up during this practice so he was also on the sidelines.

Cleveland Browns LB Fantasy Advice:  Avoid the whole situation until we hear that D Jackson is healthy and starting.  If you have to draft within the next few days(like I do tonight - August 10th) and he's available in the later rounds, he's worth a flyer, but do not take him as an LB1.

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